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Rocky Mountain News

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Regular readers of this blog have been through all of this before, but Saturday's Rocky Mountain News features a quick overview of the newspaper industry troubles and its effects on the Denver partners. Perhaps ironically, the story had to be cut down for space, so I offer you the "extended version" ...
Our Most Memorable Stories of 2009 | Newspaper Death Watch
As 2009 draws to an end, about the best thing anyone in the US newspaper industry can say about it is, “Thank God it’s over.” This was unquestionably the worst year in the history of the business. Circulation plummeted to pre-World War II levels and advertising revenues hit regions not seen since ... market research, surveys and trends
TEMPLE TALK: Lessons from the Rocky Mountain News - Text and video ...
The death of the Rocky Mountain News in February rippled around the world. Many want to understand what happened and what we can learn from the loss of Colorado's oldest newspaper. Today I kicked off the UC Berkeley Media Technology Summit at Googleplex (the company's headquarters) in Silicon Valley. The ... market research, surveys and trends » Blog Archive » Taking stock
Has anyone looked into whether the TSA manual leak was in any way connected to the hot pants bomber? I haven't even seen any fearmongering 4 hours ago It’s Dec. 31, which means I’m parked in front of my television starting my annual personal Twilight Zone marathon. Though I stole the idea from the ...


Would Obama give 95 percent of us a tax break? : Rocky Truth ...
Obama's "Make Work Pay" plan would give tax credits to an estimated 150 million workers: $500 per person or $1,000 per working family. The Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan tax education nonprofit, has analyzed both candidates' tax plans. It says already about 44 million people have no tax burden. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Poll Shows Amendment 46 Support At 53 Percent In Colorado ...
A new CBS4/Rocky Mountain News poll finds 53 percent of registered voters in Colorado support Amendment 46, which would essentially end affirmative action in the state by prohibiting governments from granting preferential treatment to anyone based on sex, race or ethnicity in public education, employment or ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Did I Attribute the 98 Percent Brandishing Number to Others? : Deltoid
[Note: This is a copy of a document found on John Lott's website on April 6, 2003. I have added critical commentry, written in italics like this. Tim Lambert ] ------ Forwarded Message From: "Dave Kopel" Date: Sun, 9 Mar... « Statements by those who have made general statements about the 1997 survey | Main |
Why is local TV news ignoring Buck's views on abortion?
For people like me who still miss the Rocky Mountain News, I decided to ask two former Rocky media critics why local TV news in Colorado hasn’t covered U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck’s position that abortion should be banned, even in the case of rape or incest. It seems to me that it’s the kind of political tidbit that’s understandable to a wide audience, and so it might make good TV, especially because there’s a video of Buck saying it. Former Rocky media critic Greg Dobbs first doubted that I could assert that there was no coverage of Buck’s stance. He emailed me: “First, if you’re certain that local TV news hasn’t reported ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The Return of Tancredo
om Tancredo is back in the news. Tom is a man whose ego is so much larger than his intellect, that if he were a touch brighter he would be embarrassed to put either on public display. Tom is in the news in Colorado because he demanded that both of the Republican candidates competing in the upcoming primary to be the Republican candidate for governor in Colorado withdraw from the race by high noon on July 26. Tom’s demand was triggered by revelations that one candidate, Scott McGinnis had been paid $300,000 by a foundation for articles he had written that were largely plagiarized and the other, Dan Maes, using campaign ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Speakout: A&W sign dispute touches root issues
Feb 2, 2004 ... Rocky Mountain News. Click here. Multimedia. Video, 360-degree photography and other ... Rocky Mountain News: Opinion. 2/2/2004 ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
RMP 2007-IV-01
behavior research center, inc. RESEARCH IN PUBLIC OPINION, PUBLIC POLICY & CONSUMER BEHAVIOR p.o. box 13178 • phoenix, arizona 85002 ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Rocky Mountain News - Denver and Colorado's reliable source f...
By Jeff Kass, Rocky Mountain News. April 4, 2007. Professor Del Elliott said Tuesday he doubts he will undertake a study into the causes ...
Rocky Mountain News: Energy & mining
URL:,2777, DRMN_23914_5605733,00.html ... or 303-954- 2976 ...
Rocky Mountain News: Technology,1299,DRMN_49_2729815 ... investigative reports from the pages of the. Rocky Mountain News. ...
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Who Really Killed the Rocky Mountain News denver ?
That's all E.W. Scripps Co.'s Cincinnati, Ohio–based executives could mumble last week in closing Colorado's oldest company, the 150-year-old Rocky Mountain News. In shuttering an operation sprung in 1859 from a gold-mining camp just blocks from its downtown Denver home, Scripps directly or obliquely ...
Where did Ben Nighthorse Campbell study? | Smart QandA: Answers ...
Share this credible answer with others. Simply paste this code into your blog or Web page: Where did Ben Nighthorse Campbell study? ... in 1957 graduated from San Jose State ...
This movie/documentary was well done, looking for a copy of it, not sure where to find it - anyone with info would be most appreciative. I scored only a 13. Its a test of how you observe everyday things. As in, does it really make a difference if you buy a movie from ...