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Special Report on

Secular Stock Markets and Investing

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we outlined the major investment themes for 2009. This article will expand on the primary drivers of asset prices and secular investment trends. These topics can help investors successfully manage their portfolio during the transition from current concerns about deflation to future concerns about inflation. Recapping 2009 Themes Expansion of the money supply / fiat currency concerns / inflation Commodities, clean energy, and water Economic shift from United States to Asia Infrastructure & government programs Baby boomer’s transition from consumers to savers / consumer deleveraging Other Important Themes and Concepts The ...
accompanied by an equally rapid accumulation of a large fund of savings, created the need to invest those savings profitably. The Dutch financial sector, both in its public and private components, came to provide a wide range of modern investment products beside the possibility of (re-)investment in trade and industry, and in infrastructure projects. Such products were the public bonds, floated by the Dutch governments on a national, provincial, and municipal level; acceptance credit and commission trade; marine and other insurance products; and shares of publicly-traded companies like the VOC, and their derivatives. ...
Taking The Gloves Off On The Discussion of Rational Investment ...
Because of other business items, a semi-vacation trip I am taking this week, and other interruptions, I am going to continue to provide some additional shades of meaning to the dilemma of how returns in the stock market are generational in nature (that is, they go through cycles that can last a generation). I will also discuss, via the works of Ed Easterling of Crestmark Holdings, LLC, how volatility can skew compounded returns (the only way to measure real growth in equities) to numbers far lower than are reported, and how those volatility cycles can be exacerbated by, of all things, life happening to investors (college, home, ... market research, surveys and trends
E-commerce stock Stock Market Cycles Key to Profitable Investing
The ebb and flow of stock markets present opportunities to profit if an investor understands these cycles. Since 1900 we have had 27 bull markets with corresponding bear markets to make things interesting. Presently, we are experiencing the 6th longest and the 5th weakest stock market rally as measured by the Dow. While this is interesting, it would be more helpful if we could better understand these cycles in the market. Well, the stock market does tend to move in cycles, short term (also called cyclical), and long term (also called secular). Secular markets typically can last between 10 to 20 years, while cyclical markets ... market research, surveys and trends


FPA Journal - Understanding Secular Bear Markets: Concerns and ...
More active investing is called for during a secular. ... During secular bear markets and secular bull markets, there are often counter-trend .... of the economy, real stock returns will probably be roughly 2–4 percent, .... Advisor Benchmarking of 356 advisors with median assets under management of $105 million . ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Cyclical Stock Market Highs – Secular Trends – And The Sinking Of ...
along these lines was foretelling what we should expect back at millennium's turn, one might be quite surprised today. Below is a commentary that originally appeared at Treasure Chests for the benefit of subscribers on Tuesday, June 5 th , 2007 . Here, the broad measures of stocks are back at all time highs and making new ones almost everyday (more like a secular move than cyclical), which is of course contrary to expectations on the part of most market observers up until recently, even the venerable ones like Richard Russell. And the surprises don't end there, not in this day and age, where based on historical ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
GCC Focus: Crude oil and Saudi stock market
The kingdom, after all, is the world�s largest, lowest cost oil exporter, the central bank of oil. Oil prices have dropped $10 as US private payroll growth, European austerity and Chinese GDP growth all suggest that the global business cycle�s momentum has clearly decelerated since May. However, OPEC compliance with the most draconian quota cut in its history since 2008 have kept prices in a $65 � $85 range last year. This range is the one that is most consistent with the political and economic strategic interest of Saudi Arabia, as Oil Minister Naimi has reiterated at successive OPEC conclaves in Vienna. The role of billion ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Economic Times Demand Strategy
There’s no sugar-coating it — slow economic growth, diminished investment returns, higher unemployment, tighter credit, the threat of inflation and higher taxes is “the new normal” for investors. While facing an investment world with plenty of uncertainty and limited upside is difficult, here are seven strategies to help make the adjustment: 1. Don’t follow the herd. About every decade, talking heads tell us that the investment world has changed for good, but don’t believe it. During the “New Economy” of the late 1990s, popular opinion said technology stock valuations were no ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Stock Market Perspective: Investing in “Secular” Bear Markets
Stock Market Perspective: Investing in “Secular” Bear Markets. The normal meaning of secular is not ... during the surrounding bull markets, and it took ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
A “Market of One” - Commodities and Equities: A “Market of One ...
Amidst a sharp rise in commodity investing, many have asked whether ... commercial traders to extreme stock market movements – in particular, if sharp .... evidence of a secular increase in correlations in the last few years. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Chicago Booth news — Look at Credit Market, Not Stock Market
In such a climate, investors should take an increasingly selective approach, he said. Earlier this year a “fire sale” was occurring in the credit markets, but now those markets are tightening, Kiesel said in a keynote speech to the Investment Management Conference November 11 at the University Club of Chicago. The student-led Investment Management and Hedge Fund groups sponsored the event. Corporate bonds will continue to offer attractive risk-adjusted returns relative to equities, Kiesel said. “I still think money will flow into credit, but it’s going to be less aggressive.”  Despite stock prices climbing 50 percent ...
How does "10: The essential rules for beating the market " by ...
if there were truth in this he'd be richer than Warren Buffet. it's like racing tipsters ...the win comes from the suckers who buy not from the tips themselves posted 8 months ago Senior Manager at AT&T see all my answers Suggest that you research: efficient-market hypothesis before investing your hard-earned money into someone else's stock picking strategy. In summary: it's impossible to consistently outperform the market by using any information that the market already knows. Also, consider reading: "Where Are the Customers' Yachts? or A Good Hard Look at Wall Street". Buyer beware, good luck! posted ...
Why is the stock market crashing every week? - Yahoo! Answers
The Dow & Nasdaq is down 3% again. Why is all the major plummets? I've noticed that each month this year (except April) we've had 2 or more stock crashes. I thought we'd make it to 12,000 Dow Jones by years end. I also want to point out this is my 660th question. In a word, uncertainty. Today its the unemployment report which wasnt very good. The Euro crisis still hasnt been resolved yet, It may get worse and affect the US economy. Its a new twist on the same problems each week basically. We are in a secular bear market and this is going to go on for a couple more years. The market will go up ...