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Selecting your investor profile

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Be sure to provide a link that proves the backing you’ve received from an angel investor, venture capital firm, incubator or university (press release, blog post, etc) After review, we’ll add approved startup profiles to ChubbyBrain If you believe you can leverage our data and information in creative, profound ways, we’d love to hear from you. We provide select data and content to our partners on a co-branded or private-label basis. Some of our notable, publicly disclosed data syndication deal are with ReadWriteWeb and the NY Enterprise Report .  Stay tuned for many more soon to be announced. We also collaborate with ...
Tax free income of £38000 a year from ISAs | Personal Investor ...
If you are thinking of giving ISAs a miss this year, consider this.  Had you invested the maximum amount in Peps (ISA’s predecessor) and ISAs every year since they first became available 23 years ago in 1987, you could now have £165,600 sheltered from Capital Gains Tax - and potentially income tax too if you hold gilts or corporate bonds in your account.    A couple could have stashed away £331,200. Had the money been invested in an index fund linked to the FTSE100, which hit a low of 978 in 1987, it could easily now be worth as much as £950,000 taking into account the fact that the money would have been invested in annual ... market research, surveys and trends
63 Participants from 31 Countries Got Jatropha Hi-Tech Training ...
PortraitsbyEric is the newest component to Progressive Graphics, a design and printing company. After photographing and designing real estate brochures for several years, Mr. Wagner recently decided to broaden his business with event photography. Wagner says, “We take pride in our work and have invested in professional equipment to guarantee our quality.” Wagner has been working in the printing/photography field for over 20 years and knows quality work and how to meet the clients needs. “On-site digital portraits add a nice touch to any event,” says Wagner. What better way to say “thank you” to employees or those supporting your ... market research, surveys and trends


INVESTOR PROFILE-MFS's Shaughnessy ignores her index | Reuters
BOSTON, Dec 23 (Reuters) - Maura Shaughnessy, manager of the MFS Utilities fund, has bicycled across New Zealand and Italy and in the Grand Canyon, not to mention completing an annual 192-mile charity ride in Massachusetts 16 times. She's just as relentless in her investing. The $2.7 billion MFS fund, which she has led since it opened in 1992, is the top performer in its category over the past year, three years and five years, according to Lipper data. In 2009, the fund is up 32 percent, compared with 15 percent for the average utility fund. Shaughnessy's tenure has been defined by steely contrarian bets amid market ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
How to Invest in Mutual Funds - PART I The Value Line Mutual Fund ...
billion. The next row includes funds with average-weighted market caps of $1 ..... it can be expected to move two percent for every one-percent move in the .... allow readers to make informed decisions when selecting mutual funds. ...... your investor profile. Consult the grid below to identify the model ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
A Fascinating Indian Art Gallery Inspires Art as an Investment Option Online
Art Invest Gallery has been carrying out a noble job by encouraging numerous contemporary Indian artists to exhibit their masterworks through its website. Its job is not limited to offering a solid platform for these artists only. Moreover, it makes sure that their artworks are purchased by art lovers worldwide. Making an investment in captivating artwork can be an extremely satisfying effort. You can put in a marvelous piece of art in your dwelling while at the same time endorsing the artworks of new generation of contemporary Indian artists in general simply by buying something that you adore. Investing in art ensures ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
To sign up for our free newsletter or to be added to our Quarterly Investment Magazine visit Also, you can receive up to the minute stock alerts via our Twitter/Facbook page. or ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Visit: About Force Fuels, Inc. Force Fuels, Inc.'s primary focus is in the field of regulated and standardized energy based products. Regulated energy ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


ASB KiwiSaver
To help you select an investment fund to meet your needs you can use our ' Selecting your Investor Profile' questionnaire from your ASB KiwiSaver Investment ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Determining your investment mix
Generally, choosing an appropriate investment mix for the long term and ... There are three major components that make up your Investor Profile ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
each profile is provided on page 5. Your Investor Profile will be based on all of ... Identifying your responses to 7–9. 3. Selecting the correct scoring ...
WikiAnswers - How do you change your profile picture on MySpace
From your home page click on add/edit photos. You will then have the option of uploading photos or selecting an album or pic you already have. Once you select the pic just click on "set as default". First answer by ID1174375731 . Last edit by ID1174375731 . Question popularity : 5 [ recommend question ]. Can you answer these MySpace questions? Related answers: How do you put pictures on to your MySpace profile ? How to psot pictures on your myspace. Login onto your profile.Then click on add/edit pictures.Click on browse. How do you put your pictures on your MySpace profile ? first log on to myspace ...
Managing a Business: finance, venture capital investment, venture ...
discuss the concept of venture capital. analyse the factors which the entrepreneur should take into account while selecting a venture capitalists? Answer SUDEEP, HERE  IS SOME  USEFUL  MATERIAL. REGARDS LEO LINGHAM =========================================== discuss the concept of venture capital Introduction The venture capital investment helps for the growth of innovative entrepreneurships. Venture capital has developed as a result of the need to provide non-conventional, risky finance to new ventures based on innovative entrepreneurship. Venture capital is an investment in the form of equity, quasi-equity and ...