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SSRN-International Portfolio Investment

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(buys and sells) the fund's investments in accordance with the fund's investment objective. In the U.S., a fund registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under both SEC and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules must distribute nearly all of its net income and net realized gains from the sale of securities (if any) to its investors at least annually. Most funds are overseen by a board of directors or trustees (if the U.S. fund is organized as a trust as they commonly are) which is charged with ensuring the fund is managed appropriately by its investment adviser and other service organizations and ...
UK Debt - Is it a problem?
Note: I have made an error below - the second comment was not Arlo, but another person. Apologies to Arlo and the other poster for the confusion. I have left the post as it stands, however, as I was trying to address the themes in both comments (I have to admit that the two perspectives did not quite tally, so should have realised). Original post below... I have had two comments from a 'Arlo' in my post ' UK Bankrupt? ' which I think I should respond to (apologies for the time taken, but my 'real life' is rather hectic at the moment). Arlo has made two challenging comments as follows: 'This ... market research, surveys and trends
first look: march 17, 2009
Each week First Look summarizes new working papers, case studies, and publications produced by Harvard Business School faculty. Here readers will be able to get a "first look" at cutting-edge ideas before they enter the mainstream of business practice. For complete details on faculty research, see our Working Papers section. Do commitment savings products—such as accounts that restrict withdrawals until a pre-set goal has been reached—help women to improve their status in the household? Yes, according to new research by HBS professor Nava Ashraf and colleagues. Their working paper, "Female Empowerment: ... market research, surveys and trends


International portfolio flows and security markets
$1 billion a year discounted at the rate of 20 percent. ...... Brennan, M. J., and Cao, H. H., 1997, International portfolio investment flows, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Eastward, Ho - Global Recession and Foreign Direct Investment in ...
How will the credit crunch of 2007 affect foreign direct investment in Central and Eastern Europe? What if it develops into a full scale recession in the West and especially in the USA? It is instructive to study the effects on the region of a previous recession at the beginning of the decade (2000-2002). The brief global recession of the early years of this decade - which was neither prolonged, nor trenchant and all-pervasive, as widely predicted - had little effect on Central and Eastern Europe's traditional export markets. The region were spared the first phase of financial gloom which affected mainly ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Determinants of International Portfolio Investment Flows to a ...
informational disadvantage as compared to domestic investors, international portfolio investment flows will be positively related to the current return on ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
FRB: The Performance of International Equity Portfolios
NOTE: International Finance Discussion Papers are preliminary materials circulated to stimulate discussion and critical comment. References in publications to International Finance Discussion Papers (other than an acknowledgment that the writer has had access to unpublished material) should be cleared with the author or authors. Recent IFDPs are available on the Web at . This paper can be downloaded without charge from the Social Science Research Network electronic library at . Abstract: This paper evaluates the performance of U.S. investors' portfolios in ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Understanding International Portfolio Diversification and Turnover ...
Does Familiarity Breed Investment? An Empirical Analysis of Foreign. Equity Holdings. SSRN Working Papers Series. _____, 2004b. International Portfolio ...
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Question: Currency exchange controls and devaluations
Economies with foreign exchange controls tend to develop, in parallel to the official exchange rate, a black or parallel currency market. In times of crisis - for example when the currency is under attack by speculators - the spread between the official and black market rate increases. What is the historical record of the effect of a devaluation of the official exchange rate on the (parallel) black market exchange rate? Does the official to black rate spread decrease? Does it remain the same? Does it increase? What is the rational behind the dynamic of the change of the official to black exchange rate? Please ...
Is it better to buy stocks at the beginning or end of the month ...
I have a sharebuilder plan set for the 4th Tuesday, but I'm not sure if that is the best time of month to purchase. Look more closely at the papers mentioned by William W. Those papers say that there is a higher than average return during the last three days of the month. William's conclusion is that this is the best time to buy. He is wrong. You want to buy before the market goes up, not after it does. Therefore, it would seem that the best time to buy is just before the end of the month. But the truth is that if the money is available earlier in the month, it is better to buy then -- as long as the ...