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Special Report on

Stock Market Sentiment Indicators

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As we have chronicled, investor sentiment has not been a very useful tool for timing the market the past 6 months. The "Dumb Money" indicator has been extremely bullish since the end of July, yet the S&P500 has tacked on - albeit begrudgingly - about 14% since that time. Looking at the sentiment picture from the perspective of company insiders, insider selling has exceeded insider buying by historic amounts since May, and company insiders continue to sell significantly despite the strong gains. So what does it all mean? Are the sentiment indicators useless? I would still contend that the sentiment indicators are valid tools for ...
Recessions are generally believed to be caused by a widespread drop in spending. Governments usually respond to recessions by adopting expansionary macroeconomic policies , such as increasing money supply , increasing government spending and decreasing taxation .
Bullish and Bearish Market Sentiment: The Linesmaker's Tool ...
this past week, which suggests that we may be near a short term top.  What exactly are sentiment indicators and how do we use them in the Emini Casino? When linesmakers set the initial betting lines on sporting events, the line isn’t set based strictly on who they think will win the game, it’s based on the public’s perception of who will win the game.  Their primary goal isn’t to pick the winner of the game, it’s to attract even money on both sides of the betting action.  If the public heavily backs the hot team, then the public will have to pay up for the privilege by accepting a higher line/price ... market research, surveys and trends
Gold Wrecking Ball & OTCD Valuations
1. "Talk is cheap." *unknown author. I would argue that talk is expensive and costly. Costly to you. As I write this piece at 4am Tuesday morning, gold is in upside astroblast mode. The bears talked while I bought price weakness into gold 1045. Those who listened to the "stand aside" bears, paid a heavy cost. It will get heavier. The deflationists, the micro trend traders, the economists, and just the plain scared, they all talked and talked and talked into gold 1045. They told you to sell gold, to short it, to run home to mommy. The massive bail into 1045 ... market research, surveys and trends


Investing Themes: July 2006
"Unless somebody discovers something very quickly and very accessibly, we're all going to be dumbfounded at how high the price of oil will go, including me." Francisco Blanch, head of commdities research at Merril Lynch, said in a July 17 interview: "It's unlikely we will see another price rally from here, unless the current conflict expands beyond its current borders. You'd need physical disruptions, and large ones, to bring the price to $100. You'd probably need to lose Iran." $100 a barrel seems to be a magic number for commodity investors as the number of options to buy crude at $100 ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Trading the Bull/Bear Ratio
The financial markets in which speculators ply their trade are exceedingly emotional arenas.  Capital is an emotional thing and so many countless hopes and dreams are riding on practically every trade.  Winning on a speculation creates an awesome natural high while losing can lead to a broad array of negative feelings.   When the emotional nature of capital is mixed with us hopelessly emotional humans ultimately making all the trading decisions, the highly volatile end result is markets perpetually buffeted by endless blizzards of emotions relentlessly assaulting from ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
This Stock Market Indicator Says the Time to Buy is Near
Just three weeks into the government’s “Recovery Summer” publicity campaign, most economic indicators are falling. Home sales have plummeted. Consumer sentiment is down. And stocks, as a group, are falling daily. Then tomorrow we’ll likely get another unavoidable reminder of how bad the jobs situation is. Tomorrow’s jobs numbers are expected to come in somewhere between bad and worse. Bloomberg’s survey pegs the estimated for job losses between 200,000 and zero. There’s almost no good news to report. Fears of a double-dip recession are real and we continue to expect to spend the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Confessions of a Money Manager: The sell-first-ask-questions-later market may ...
The stock market indices have been slipping and sliding since the end of March, and thanks to some major erosion in late June, ended the quarter with double-digit losses. The 30 stocks comprising the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 10 percent, while the tech-leaden Nasdaq fell 12 percent, and the broader S&P 500 tumbled 11.9 percent. Indeed, investors will be seeing red numbers when they open their June statements. As we all know, the recent near-perfect storm of financial, economic and international negatives has punctured the optimism that was building last spring. On the regulatory front, Congress is still working out the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Purified Sentiment Indicators For The Stock Market
stock market sentiment indicators (SI) by removing the influence of the market's recent price dynamics (velocity, acceleration & volatility). ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Rapport (Engels)
By using these criteria four sentiment indicators (producer confidence, .... indicators about financial markets as unrest on the stock market and in the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Investor sentiment in stocks and bonds
Dec 18, 2006 ... patterns in market wide investor sentiment, stock prices, and volume. ...... 2004, Market liquidity as a sentiment indicator, Journal of ...
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What is the current state of the U.S. stock market? - Yahoo! Answers
It is in deep trouble and on the verge of a much needed correction. There are many indicators that the economy is in much worse shape than what you are hearing from the media. Unemployment is much higher than the 10% You normally hear about when you take into consideration the company CEO's that are now bagging groceries and people who are no longer able to even collect unemployment. It's really more closer to 16 or 17%. There is no housing recovery either. Investors are the ones that are buying bargain houses that have been foreclosed on, that's what's driving up sales. Banks are failing and ...
Google Answers: Stock Market Bottoms
How long to stock market bottoms last. I don't mean how long do bear markets last, but how long are the bottoms typically. Hi Headsetdotcom, As a former historian the first year that come to my mind when I read your question is 1929. I have found a nice website focusing on that crash. The answer depends on how you would define "bottom", but it took until 1934, 1935 for the stock markets to recover. As you might remember: the world at large had some bigger problems by then. Asia was a big mess and Europe was heading for one itself. Stock markets were not seen anymore as a large issue. While analysts are trying to ...