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is scheduled to release 1Q earnings today after the market close. Consensus calls for revenues of $4.35bn and EPS of $1.34. The company guided for revenues in the range of $4.25-$4.45bn and EPS in the range of $1.31-$1.38. Device shipments for the quarter was guided to 11.2-11.8mn, ASP to $305-$310, and net sub adds to 4.9-5.2mn. Consensus expects 11.4mn, $305, and 5mn, respectively. Gross margins are expected to come in at 44.3%. Second quarter consensus is for $4.5bn in revenues and EPS of $1.30 with device shipments, ASP, and sub adds of 11.9mn, $303, and 5mn, respectively. Given the intense level of competition RIMM faces, ...
Recessions are generally believed to be caused by a widespread drop in spending. Governments usually respond to recessions by adopting expansionary macroeconomic policies , such as increasing money supply , increasing government spending and decreasing taxation .
Asx Australian Stock Exchange Stock Market Information | BECOME ...
So what is the ASX ( Australian Stock Exchange) and how can it benefit me to become financially free through trading and investing on the Australian Stock Market? History of the ASX or Australian Stock Exchange Lets begin by taking a magnified look at the Australian Stock market. From here down we will refer to it as the ASX. The Australian Stock Exchange actually began it’s life way back in 1861 as separate, independent state based exchanges. These separate state based exchanges existed in the following Australian states: Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Hobart. Each Exchange existed for it’s own states ... market research, surveys and trends
Investing in Stock Trading | Currency Trading Exchange Guide
Sο уου want tο mаkе ѕοmе money – уου аחԁ several billion others want tһаt!  Here’s ɡοοԁ news: Wall Street іѕ something חοt everyone һаѕ considered іח mаkіחɡ tһаt extra cash.   Yου саח invest іח stock trading fοr a change.  Buying stocks οr shares саח bе extremely profitable.  Hοwеνеr, іt іѕ a matter ... market research, surveys and trends


The Bank-Insurance-Municipal Daisy Chain -- Seeking Alpha
preferred, because shutting off payment on bank preferreds would ruin the insurance industry. Credit protection on the insurers was trading at over 1,000 basis points above LIBOR that week, which marked the nadir for the banks. As I wrote then, …the global insurance industry took down 40% or more of the commercial bank “hybrid” Tier I capital securities issued in the past six years, or over $320 billion of the $800 billion float. That’s not counting preferred stock and other yield-hog favorites. Haircut these bonds, and the insurers will do the dead man’s float. AIG ( AIG ) isn’t the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Entrepreneurial Sensibilities and the Open Fuel Standards Act ...
For many years, America, blessed with the abundance of resources and optimism required to fuel the American Dream, thrived beyond expectation. However, over the past decade or so, many of us have witnessed our resources dwindling, felt our very lifestyles threatened, and seen our American Dreams fading. As a result, we are in the midst of an internal war against corruption, fiscal irresponsibility, and lack of foresight and fortitude. We have come to rely on foreign governments, many of which sadly disdain us, to finance our deficits and supply us with oil – the lifeblood of an industrial nation. Many of us no longer believe ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Jul 09, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- a leading source for value investing research, offers its stock alert newsletter to the investment community. provides its subscribers with early information on cheap and under-valued stocks with the potential to deliver gains of 100% - 600% or more. In order to receive our FREE, comprehensive newsletters just sign up at: . As our subscribers know, the stocks you buy are less important than when you buy them. This is the straightforward philosophy that drives ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
5 Ways to Invest Globally
of two decades, Bill Potter didn’t venture far with his investments, sticking to stocks and bonds of U.S. companies. But two years ago the California technology entrepreneur came across a number that shocked him: 1.2 billion. That’s the expected size of the middle class two decades from now in emerging-market countries like China and India. Suddenly aware of a powerful new engine for global growth, the 44-year-old started plowing money into overseas investments. It was, he says, “just an obvious decision.” Potter, who had the good fortune—and strong stomach—to invest during the depths of the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


When to Start Investing in the Stock Market
Stock market returns depend primarily on the underlying company profits. ... and whether stock prices turn up before or after economic activity picks up. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Internet Fraud: How to Avoid Internet Investment Scams
The Internet serves as an excellent tool for investors, allowing them to easily and inexpensively research investment opportunities. But the Internet is also an excellent tool for fraudsters. That's why you should always think twice before you invest your money in any opportunity you learn about through the Internet. This alert tells you how to spot different types of Internet fraud, what the SEC is doing to fight Internet investment scams, and how to use the Internet to invest wisely. The Internet allows individuals or companies to communicate with a large audience without spending a lot of time, effort, or money. Anyone ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Jim Cramer
Jim Cramer was born on February 10, 1955, in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Harvard in 1977 as a journalist. He eventually went back to Harvard for a law degree which he completed in 1984. He decided that being a prosecutor was not his future and attended a summer program at Goldman Sachs. He became a broker there and eventually started his own hedge fund company and retired 14 years later in 2001. In 1996, he started but quit and eventually got his own show on CNBC, Mad Money with Jim Cramer . He currently has written five books. Biography: Let us give Jim Cramer a great big Pennsylvania ...
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Beginner Investing: Where to invest $50K, stock market index ...
Hello,  I am looking to invest $50K in the next few months.  my risk tolerance is low to medium.  Could you provide suggestions as to where this could be invested to receive a better than average return?  Thanks Answer Tim, Successful investing takes discipline, education, and patience. A plan should be established and strictly followed for decades. My suggestion is to spend the next six months researching. The markets are a mess right now, and many institutions have taken a "wait and see" attitude.  You could do worse than sitting on your money for a bit and waiting for more favorable conditions.
How does someone get into the stock market? - Yahoo! Answers
Yes, you can make money in your free time in the stock market IF you know what you're doing. No, you don't need to be good at math, but you should know how to competently perform some basic arithmetic calculations. Take the time to educate yourself before you plunk your money down. There are currently no comments for this question. * You must be logged into Answers to add comments. Sign in or Register . No, you don't necessarily have to be good at math, but you have to be able to research the companies and understand their financials. I would go buy a few books and read up on it. If you are talking ...