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Strategies in Tactical Asset Allocation

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Tactical asset allocation�sometimes referred to by the more maligned term, market timing�can lower portfolio volatility, limit dramatic losses and improve gains in otherwise fickle bear markets, all things that can help advisors keep clients in uncertain times like these. But challenges are many, not least of which is convincing clients to go along with it. Market timing has been derided over the years as a fool's errand, a loser's game that dampens returns by increasing costs (transaction and taxes) and just plain missing out on “big mover” days. In fact, I'd wager that most financial advisors have ...
attributes of textual news stories. Some of these attributes are: sentiment, relevance, and novelty. Expressing news stories as numbers permits the manipulation of everyday information in a mathematical and statistical way. News analytics are used in financial modeling , particularly in quantitative and algorithmic trading . They are usually derived through automated text analysis and applied to digital texts using elements from natural language processing and machine learning such as latent semantic analysis , support vector machines , "bag of words" among other techniques.
How Exchange Traded Funds are Making New Trading Strategies
ETFs are changing traditional and alternative asset classes.This article reviews some of the ETF inspired long only and hedge fund trading strategies The growth of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) has caused significant change in the investment industry. This article identifies a few of the investment strategies that have been either affected or enhanced, by the proliferation of ETFS. This article assumes some rudimentary knowledge of the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) methodology and also of some elementary hedge fund strategies. ETFs are listed companies whose purpose is to mimic an index, asset class or even investment style. ... market research, surveys and trends
Asset Allocation: A Study in Contrasts: PERSPECTIVES: Swiss ...
From time to time, Morningstar publishes articles from third party contributors under our "Perspectives" banner. Here Stefan Angele, head of investment management at Swiss & Global Asset Management , the exclusive manager of Julius Baer Funds, reflects on the investment strategy for the third quarter of 2010. If you are interested in Morningstar featuring your content, please contact Online Editor Holly Cook at Asset Allocation: A Study in Contrasts The equity market is once again attractively valued and the macroeconomic fundamentals are confirming the global economic recovery. ... market research, surveys and trends


Russell Investments Global Survey: Alternatives Become Mainstream ...
Tacoma, WA — December 3, 2007 — Pension funds, endowments and foundations that responded to a recent survey across the world are forecasting that over the next two years they will dedicate an even larger slice of their total investment portfolio to private equity, hedge funds and real estate, according to the eighth global report on alternative investing released today by Russell Investments. As a percentage of total fund assets, institutional investors in North America, Europe, Japan and Australia expect increases in all of these alternative investments, with the one exception of Australian institutional investors ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA): A Tool For The Individual ...
Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) is an active portfolio management strategy that is growing in popularity with institutional investors. In 1988, over $20 billion in pension and mutual funds were being managed according to TAA guidelines, and that amount is increasing daily [5]. Some recent estimates place the current figure at $40 billion [11]. But what is TAA, and is it an appropriate strategy for individuals? This article defines TAA, explains why it is suddenly so popular, and gauges its potential for success from an individual's point of view. TAA and Alternative Strategies Almost all portfolio management strategies are ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
US Fnd Flow Firm:Sees Demnd For Bond Fnds Despite Rising Rates
WASHINGTON (MNI) - There is nothing that should prevent bond funds from continuing to see demand, as the "tail end" of the story of falling interest rates definitely approaches, a mutual fund flow research firm said Thursday. Given the "$10 trillion still idling in cash in banks and money funds" with a yield averaging zero, and mutual funds evolving to offer more flexible fixed income products that could prove attractive in a rising interest rate environment, demand for bond funds should continue, Strategic Insight Director of Research Avi Nachmany said during a conference call with reporters. Asked ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
ENVESTNET | PMC and Singer Partners Form Strategic Relationship to Launch ...
/PRNewswire/ -- ENVESTNET | PMC ("PMC"), the portfolio consulting group of Envestnet, Inc., a leading provider of wealth advisory solutions to financial advisors, is pleased to announce a new strategic relationship with Singer Partners LLC ("Singer Partners"), an asset management firm specializing in the construction of global dynamic asset allocation portfolios. The relationship expands PMC's capabilities allowing it to introduce the Dynamic Portfolio™ Series delivering dynamic portfolio solutions to complement PMC's current set of strategic and tactical asset allocation strategies. "Our ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Asset Allocation Strategies During Retirement
in later years. In the long term, it does not provide a significant improvement over strategic asset allocation. Tactical Asset Allocation is based on the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Asset Allocation Strategy
through their allocation, known as the Asset Allocation Strategy (“the. Program” ). .... Minimize the execution cost of tactical asset allocation ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Advanced Theory and Methodology of Tactical Asset Allocation
Tactical asset allocation (TAA) plays an important role in investment man agement. The exact amount of investment engaged in TAA strategies is not clear. ...
Fast Answers: Investing, More on Investing, Asset Allocation ...
Asset allocation is the process of deciding how much of your investment portfolio should go into stocks, bonds, or other asset classes to balance risk and potential rate of return. Contrary to popular perception, asset allocation is not about picking individual stocks or bonds or buying several different investments of the same type. More than anything else, the way you allocate your investments determines your long-term investment success. So decide carefully, and then reallocate on a regular basis. What’s so important about asset allocation? Asset allocation is no big deal -- unless you care about the return on your ...
Are investors better served by the indendant walth manager ...
As someone who's worked with a lot of financial advisors in a consulting capacity, I can tell you things are shifting away from a commission model to a fee-based model. Many feel this is the best compensation structure, because it rewards advisors for results and avoids the need to have to "churn" accounts into different investments routinely to generate revenue. posted 4 months ago Having worked at a large bank owned brokerage firm and now with an independant as a fee-based financial planner and wealth advisor, I believe that I am now in a better position to provide my clients with more objective, customized advice. In my ...