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Special Report on

Tax Lien Investing

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Maricopa County Arizona is situated in central Arizona. The county seat is Phoenix, which is also the Arizona state capital. Maricopa County's population, at nearly 4 million people, is over 60% of the population of the entire state of Arizona, which is roughly 6.5 million people. Maricopa's land size, at 9,203 square miles, is roughly 8% of Arizona's 113,635 square miles. The median household income in 2007 was roughly $54,733. These and other statistics are from the U.S. Census Bureau at Census Bureau Quick Facts . The county Treasurer is Charles Hoskins.  You can reach his office at: Correspondence Desk ...
It is one of two methodologies used by governmental agencies to collect delinquent taxes owed on real estate, the other being the tax deed sale .
Tax Lien Investing Book Review
Recently one of my clients asked me what I thought about a book on tax lien investing. The book that he asked me about is one that I do recommend on my web site. The name of the book is Profit by Investing in Tax Liens, by Larry Loftis. The problem with books about investing in tax liens and tax deeds is that every state is very different and there is no book in print that I’m aware of that does justice to every state in the U.S. My goal in this article is to give you a short review of some of the books that I’m familiar with and point out the pros and cons of each one. Let’s start with the book already mentioned, Profit by ... market research, surveys and trends
Tax Lien Investing: What Is A Redeemable Deed And How Does It ...
Most investors know the difference between a tax lien and tax deed. They understand that when they purchase a tax lien they are not buying the property, but paying the taxes on a tax delinquent property and putting a lien on the property so that if the property owner doesn’t pay the amount of the lien plus interest and penalties, in a given amount of time (the redemption period) they can foreclose on the property. And they understand that when they go to a tax deed sale and purchase a tax deed, they are actually purchasing the property. But many would be tax lien investors do not understand what a redeemable tax deed is and how ... market research, surveys and trends


Investing in Deadbeats
serious investors aim to steer clear of financial instruments that are sold on late-night infomercials, but tax liens on real estate might well be the exception to this rule. In fact, the very things that makes such investments seem dicey — the fact that they are lightly regulated and unregistered — are the reasons tax liens offer opportunities for such good returns. “For qualified investors interested in alternative investments, establishing a position of up to 10 percent of a portfolio in a well-managed basket of liens offers substantial ballast,” says Neil Harreveld, vice president of the North Palm ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Realty Times - Tax Liens Provide Safe Real Estate Investing Option
You've been reading about it, listening to late-night shows and hearing about your friends making the jump into real estate investing. But you just can't bring yourself to taking the plunge into owning property, collecting rent, taking repair calls and possibly having a renter who won't pay the rent or take care of your property. Never fear -- tax liens are here. For those who want a more conservative, methodical approach to real estate investing, you may want to consider one of the least risky ways to invest in real estate. reports that "$7.6 billion dollars in delinquent property taxes are ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Record-Low Rates Here to Stay? What to Do Now...
Here in the United States, companies and the government can borrow at the lowest interest rates since we went off the gold standard. It's great for borrowers, but terrible for retirees earning interest. Could interest rates go lower? Yes! Could they stay low for a long time? Yes! You might think rates couldn't go lower than they are today... After all, we've never seen them this low in our lifetimes. And you might not imagine rates will stay this low for a long time, with all the government stimulus and "money printing." But the Japanese faced the same thing in the early 1990s... Here's how it played out: In ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The First Thing You Should Do to Increase Your Income
by Homer and Sylla, interest rates on bank deposits have generally fluctuated between 5% and 15% over the last 2,000 years. They've been higher – they reached 16% in 1981 – and they've been lower. But generally speaking, a 5% interest rate on your savings is a fair expectation, by historical standards. Right now, interest rates in America are at zero percent. They're also at zero percent in Japan. They're at 1% in Canada and in the Eurozone. And they're at 2% in China. Checking accounts at the most popular banks in America pay pathetic interest rates. My Bank of America checking account, for ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Tax Lien and Tax Deed Investing: A Review
The thing that I like best about tax lien investing is that it can be done with ..... benefit of tax lien investing is the passive nature of the investment. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
File a Notice of Federal Tax Lien
Liens give us a legal claim to your property as security or payment for your tax debt. A Notice of Federal Tax Lien may be filed only after: We assess the liability; We send you a Notice and Demand for Payment - a bill that tells you how much you owe in taxes; and You neglect or refuse to fully pay the debt within 10 days after we notify you about it. Once these requirements are met, a lien is created for the amount of your tax debt. By filing notice of this lien, your creditors are publicly notified that we have a claim against all your property, including property you acquire after the lien is filed. This notice is used by ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
the Property tax lien
Mar 1, 2010 ... A property tax lien is the tool a tax collector uses to collect a tax ... 1 A property tax lien allows the tax collector to satisfy unpaid ...
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What do Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey say about investing in tax lien ...
There's a huge book I want to look for at the library that supposedly covers every aspect of this type of investment. Someone told me these two gurus oppose this form of investment. Why? My understanding is this, "The general rule is that where two or more creditors have competing liens against the same property, the creditor whose lien was perfected at the earlier time takes priority over the creditor whose lien was perfected at a later time." Thus a mortgage lender has priority liquidation (ownership) over the investor in the tax lean on the property. Very few properties in the USA are fully paid for, thus the lender ...
What are tax liens and how do I get filthy rich off of them ...
First of all, if you don't know what a tax lien is, you would be considered "fresh meat" by the experienced people. Second, taxes aren't the most expensive part of ownership. That means, the previous owners most likely ignored more than just the taxes. Maintenance, mortgage payments, etc. were also ignored. You could easily wind up paying $3,000 for a house that has a $200,000 mortgage and needs $20,000 in work just to make it hospitable. If you really want to take a shot at making money this way, you need to research the property first. Check the values of other places in the area. Are there other liens on it? ...