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Special Report on

Taxation of Superannuation in Australia

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are required by law to pay an additional amount based on a proportion of an employee's salaries and wages (currently 9%) into a complying superannuation fund, which can be accessed when the employee meets one of the conditions of release contained in Schedule [1] [1] of the Superannuation Industry Supervision Regulations 1994.
The Unconventional Economist: Bringing it Home
 in May, I have written eight housing-related articles focusing on the key drivers and consequences of the Australian residential property bubble. Before moving on to other topics, I thought it would be useful to provide a re-cap of the key themes raised in my earlier posts and offer some practical policy solutions aimed at: making Australia's housing market more affordable;  improving the safety and stability of Australia's financial system; and in doing so help to safeguard the Australian economy from the kinds of debt deflation and deleveraging currently being experienced in ... market research, surveys and trends
Superannuation Increases | Kiwiblog
John Key mentioned in his conference speech that a couple receiving superannuation will come October be receiving $70 a week more in the hand, than in 2008. I thought this can’t be right. Surely Grey Power could not be so grumpy, if this was right – but it is – I asked for the details. 30 September 2008 – $439.80 1 October 2008 tax cuts +$22.94 = $462.74 1 April 2009 CPI adjust +$15.64 = $478.38 1 April 2010 av wage adjust +$11.04 = $489.42 1 October 2010 tax cuts +$21.64 = $511.06 So over two years, the level of married superannuation has gone up a whopping $71.26 a week. Tags: superannuation This entry ... market research, surveys and trends


Taxation Of Superannuation In Australia
is a pension program. Under this program, every employer is required to pay by law, some portion of the wage or salary of the employees into the superannuation fund. Presently, it is 9% in Australia. Money from the superannuation fund can be retrieved when the employees retire. The practice of Taxation of superannuation in Australia is an old concept. However, the taxation in superannuation in Australia, prevailing at the moment was launched in the year 1992. Keating government introduced this system as a measure to bring about reform in the retirement policies in Australia. Several economists predicted that several Western ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Current Taxation Of Qualified Pension Plans: Has The Time Come ...
The U.S. Treasury estimates that personal income tax receipts in fiscal year 1992 would have been $51 billion higher without the special provisions accorded employer-sponsored pension plans. It is at best unclear that taxpayers are getting their money's worth from this large tax expenditure. Despite a myriad of legislative changes, all of which combine to increase the likelihood that persons covered by pension plans will actually receive benefits, the U.S. pension system is still a very erratic and unpredictable way to provide retirement income and it benefits a relatively privileged subset of the population. In view of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The perils of policy pragmatism
Obviously, this election is partly about who gets to run the country, and there is certainly nothing wrong with an election platform that pledges simply to be the most competent government. But what about the policies? So far we've heard precious little about them - particularly from the media, which has tended to concentrate on the stunts, the slogans and the spin. This is unfortunate, because the major parties are in fact putting forward significant policy platforms. The Liberal Party, for instance, has a 12-point " action contract " of "realistic, modest and prudent election commitments that are achievable ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Gillard Government Expects Surplus of $2.7 Billion in 2012-13 (Text)
on the outlook for the nation’s economy. The government today forecast a A$3.1 billion ($2.7 billion) budget surplus in 2012-13: The Economic Statement released today shows the Australian economy continues to lead the developed world, with a strong employment outlook and the Budget on track to return to surplus in three years, three years early and comfortably ahead of any major advanced economy. The Economic Statement also shows a modest improvement in the surplus expected to be reached in three years time, as well as dramatically lower debt than any major advanced economy. These strong results come despite increased ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


TAXATION OF SUPERANNUATION IN AUSTRALIA: AN. ASSESSMENT OF REFORM PROPOSALS*. Jocelyn Horne Abstract. This paper assesses critically ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Social Security Privatization: Experiences Abroad
ustralia, unlike most other developed nations, has never introduced an earnings-related pension system. Instead, the Australian government finances a means-tested pension with general revenues. Over time, an increasing number of Australian retirees have qualified for the government pension. To increase private saving for retirement, the government in the early 1990s imposed a mandate on employers to contribute to private pension funds on their employees' behalf. That mandate now covers a large part of the Australian workforce. Nonetheless, some of those savings may not help to reduce the government pension payments ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Unit of study: LAWS6127 - Taxation of Superannuation and Insurance ...
The EFTSL value of a unit of study can be determined by dividing the Credit points by 48. For example, a 6 credit point unit of study has an EFTSL of 0.125 (6/48 = 0.125) Commonwealth Supported Places: 1,107 Postgraduate Domestic and International Fee Paying Places: Please refer to the Course you wish to undertake and multiply the Cost per credit point by the credit points for this Unit of study shown above. If you are a Commonwealth Supported student who has been enrolled in a University course prior to 1 January 2010 and is continuing in the same course, your student contribution may differ to the above amount. The Unit of Study
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Australia minimum wage $14.31?!?!!? - Yahoo! Answers
How is that possible, that's double of USA minimum wage. Is the economy high and costly or something for the government to make it this high? Does everyone even on minimum wage live well? Why doesn't everyone just move to Australia haha Yeah I think we're better than the US in terms of social security and stuff. I'm shocked by how low wages are in the US. I see people my age (university student) on this site talking about their jobs and they think $10 an hour is a good wage. All the students I know working here in Australia make around $20 and hour or more. Then again our $ is worth less now ...
WikiAnswers - Why is superannuation important
When you retire, how will you earn an income or have money to live? Who will buy you food and keep a shelter over your roof? Superannuation is the answer. It is a way of saving up for when you retire, become invalid (unable to work) or beneficiaries upon your death. You should save small amounts of money now, so you can make sure you have enough to live on when you're old. If you have a job, your employer has to put money in to a super fund or a retirement savings account (RSA) for you, and what's good is that this money comes from your employer directly not from your pay packet. Most people start saving up for ...