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The buy/write investment strategy

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Do buy-write strategies, wherein investors buy stocks and simultaneously sell matched out-of-money call options, generally outperform their underlying stocks? In other words, do option premiums more than compensate for any sacrifice of capital gains? In their January 2010 paper entitled “The Efficiency of the Buy-Write Strategy: Evidence from Australia” , Tafadzwa Mugwagwa, Vikash Ramiah and Tony Naughton examine the performances of buy-write strategies on the Australian Stock Exchange for portfolios formed monthly, quarterly and yearly at different levels of call option ...
against the stock position. The writing of the call option provides extra income for an investor who is willing to forgo some upside potential.
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For every two people wanting to know how to buy real estate today, at least one of them will actively believe that it is a way to double your money and quickly. Residential and commercial real estate can indeed provide an excellent investment for individuals looking to purchase their dream home or a portfolio of property over a period of time. As such, it is necessary to manage your expectations in addition to choosing the right property. That is a valuable lesson when it comes to answering this important question as to how to buy real estate. There are various ways and means to manage expectations when you consider your real ... market research, surveys and trends
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have had at least 25 percent less volatility than related stock indexes. “The buy-write investment strategy is one in which the portfolio holds a basket ... With franchise assets of over $35 billion, PowerShares ETFs trade on all three ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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Buy-write is the most basic and widely used options investment strategy, .... equities has increased from $10.3 billion to $1107 billion by the end of 2006. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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the gossipy financial website he founded three years ago, “The Hooters of the Internet,” Blodget waited a couple hours before responding on Twitter: “The Hooters of the Internet. I like that.” In May, Blodget predicted on his website that within just a few years, the Huffington Post will take in over $100 million in advertising revenue -- more than triple the $30 million the site says it will bring in in 2010 -- and that by 2015 or so, it would be generating more from advertising than the New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek reports in its July 12 issue. In an endnote, he disclosed that Kenneth Lerer , a co-founder of the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Risk and Return Characteristics of the Buy-Write Strategy on the ...
as a partial return on the total investment in the strategy (long index, short call). In this framework, the buy-write returns consist of the following: ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Apr 4, 2008 ... engaging in useful investment strategies that are available to those who ... options strategies for retail investors. In this way, buy-write ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Passive Options-based Investment Strategies: The Case of the CBOE S&P 500 Buy Write Index (Barry Feldman and Dhruv Roy) Characteristics of the Buy Write Strategy On The Russell 2000 Index (Nikunj Kapadia and Edward Szado),   A Merrill vetted CEF that aims to track the BXM (so in essence it is 100% long SP500 and 1-month ATM calls are written on a rolling basis against the full long position). Naturally, the prospectus provides some wiggle room. SP&500 Covered Call Fund (SEC Filings) These are managed distribution closed end funds that all now trade at a discount . The expense ratios vary from 66bp to 100bp, which may ...
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You have some assumptions in your questions that I would like to address first. You want something new and different (innovative), you want high return and you want high customer satisfaction. In the investment world, everything has trade-offs. As my Daddy used to say, if it sounds too good to be true, it almost always is. To get high returns you take high risks. If you get lucky and it works out in the short run, then customers are happy (it's never volatile on the way up). However, eventually there will be a price to be paid. I have been in the business 24 years now, with high client satisfaction. How we do it, is to ...
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IF you are BUYING the option, neither is necessarily more risky than the other. The longer the expiration date, the more likely the market will go up, so the call becomes more appealing. In both, the most you can loose is the premium paid. IF you are SELLING the option, selling the put is more risky. Because a stock can technically go to infinity, you have unlimited loss potential. When selling a call, you can only loose up to the value of the stock as long as the call is covered. I just read the above's backward. Puts exercise if the share price is below the strike price, not above. You can potentially lose ...