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Special Report on

The disinvestment debate

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Quite often, The Indian Express Group is the topic of discussion at most active Press Club lounges across India. It is also discussed at five star hotel coffee shops, airport lounges, inside low cost carriers and even in the business class. It captures the imagination of anyone and everyone associated with the media, thanks to the legacy that the brand name carries. Unfortunately for the group, in recent times, the buzz has not been entirely for the right reasons. Questions have been raised on the ...
campaign, after being realized in federal legislation enacted in 1986 by the United States, is credited as pressuring the South African Government to embark on negotiations ultimately leading to the dismantling of the apartheid system. Cite error: There are tags on this page, but the references will not show without a {{Reflist}} template or a tag; see the .
micro presentation:: Best of Luck: 5. PSU disinvestment.
IN the last decade, many steps have been taken to disinvest public sector enterprises in India, both in terms of listing central public sector enterprises companies on the stock market and selling controlling interest. After a lull, disinvestment is now back on the UPA governmentÂ’s agenda. There appears to be a political consensus on disinvestment in non- navratna profit making enterprises, and in chronic loss making PSUs. Hence, it is important to revisit the issues of rationale and mechanisms of disinvestment. In this paper we argue that the main rationale for disinvestment is the ... market research, surveys and trends
Black Opposition to Disinvestment
While sharing with the banned African National Congress a firm opposition to apartheid, Chief Buthelezi and Inkatha, the movement he heads, reject the ANC's strategies of economic disinvestment and political violence as well as its ideological commitment to socialism.  The two organisations are also divided by tribal differences. There have always been South African voices crying against apartheid.  And since the Act of Union in 1910, when the British Government supported the Transvaal Republic, the Republic of the Orange Free State, the Colony of Natal and the Cape Colony in establishing a whites-only Parliament, ... market research, surveys and trends


India Has Potential to Become Economic Power, Says US Ambassador
"India's large and talented labor pool makes it possible for it to become yet another ‘Asian miracle,'" said U.S. Ambassador to India Robert Blackwill. But in a speech to the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry in New Delhi October 29, the ambassador said India needs to better open itself to the globalized economy, and to undertake more economic reforms. The areas of trade and investment were the "missing piece" in what was otherwise an era of growing U.S.-Indian bilateral collaboration, Blackwill said. "[T]here are no fundamental differences in vital national interests ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Consequences of Disinvestment?
We do not yet know for sure why the Interstate 35W bridge in Minneapolis collapsed last week. We do know that it was one of more than 70,000 bridges nation-wide that are rated by the U.S. Department of Transportation as being “structurally deficient.” We also know that as recently as last winter the Minnesota Department of Transportation explored a plan to bolt steel plates to the bridge to prevent fatigued areas from developing further cracks. Most importantly, this disaster has refocused media and public attention on the condition of the nation’s infrastructure—a debate that was already intensifying ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
State's public finance challenges affecting our business climate
Ever since the bruising debate over Measures 66 and 67 that raised taxes on employers and high incomes, the question has hovered over this state: Is Oregon unfriendly to business? And every month that the state's economy skids along the bottom and unemployment remains high, incomes stagnate and job growth is nonexistent, that question takes on an added urgency. Now there's an answer: The Oregon Business Association, which includes more than 300 leading businesses, has completed a sincere and thoughtful critique of the business climate. It paints a picture of a state with considerable strengths as a place to do ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The prison system is too big to fail, and too big to succeed
Tomorrow is my last day after nine years as chief inspector of prisons. Over that time, there has been considerable progress – particularly in the quality of healthcare, education and resettlement work in prisons – usually provided and funded by expert external agencies. In 2003, 78% of prison education was assessed as inadequate by the education inspectorate. Last year it was 6%. Mental health in-reach work provides specialist support for some of the most seriously ill prisoners. The suicide rate over the last three years is almost half of what it was in 2003. Resettlement work, which used to be peripheral, is ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The prominence of the 'disinvestment debate' may well have obstructed full discussion of current state economic policies'. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Gray, ANC representatives debate on divestment issue - The Tech
Lindiwe Mabuza, chief representative of the African National Congress to the United States, challenged the position of the MIT administration on the issue of divestment at Wednesday's Undergraduate Association colloquium. Her comments were aimed specifically at President Paul E. Gray '54, who articulated the MIT anti-divestment position. "The question of apartheid is not an academic question," Mabuza told a standing room only crowd of over 400 in 10-250. "There is no choice except for liberation." Her remarks came in response to those of Gray, who argued that divestment would have no effect on ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Dear vloverso-ga; Thank you for allowing me to answer your interesting question. According to Paul van Eeden, a well-known researcher in the gold market and in the field of mineral exploration, there is some debate among both investors and analysts about the primary causes of gold price fluctuations. In these articles van Eeden address the very question you have asked in great detail. Since the issue is quite complicated from a layman?s point-of-view, I hesitate to paraphrase what he has published lest it lose some importance in the process. Instead I will pass along a couple of links to his informative articles for you ...
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Economics is the study of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services whether in a city, country or a single business. Questions about supply and demand and economic theory are welcome here. Total questions 113400 Supervisors Become a Supervisor Hayat.akbar Marcia1061 The stealthy fox Joe-Sixpack Jabc Moobot Hayat.akbar Marcia1061 Lifesnadir Lazarus Marcia1061 Lifesnadir Lazarus Re723phyl Hayat.akbar Hayat.akbar PRIZExREBEL Mokandu Lenutaa mirceaa Atique ru611 Yogesh dharesha Smallisland Bimanbs Mike Land Ridmani What is one of Mexico's greatest challenges in the early twenty-first century? Some of them ...