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Special Report on

The Double Bottom Line

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I decided to put a spin on one of our five core values – Service. Most of our members are in-it-for-the-money business majors, more interested in watching the Wall Street ticker than getting their hands dirty serving the community. In mid-April, I invited five professionals working in the corporate social responsibility field to discuss motivations behind corporate citizenship to a panel at American University. The motive behind this event was to inform college students, recent graduates, and business professionals that doing good isn’t just about satisfying a core value of a professional business fraternity - it’s about ...
is a non-profit organization that strives to be a catalyst in the creation of social enterprises in the Greater China region. Through monthly events called Social Innovation Salons, held in both Hong Kong and Shanghai, Ventures in Development's Social Innovation Factory program brings individuals from various fields together to brainstorm innovative solutions to social problems. By incubating ideas that have the potential to develop into sustainable businesses, Ventures in Development aims to bring social and economic development to impoverished areas of China.
What is your Triple Bottom Line? | BiggsKofford, Certified Public ...
Sustainability has become the newest buzz word in business, but what is a sustainable business? A truly sustainable business considers its triple bottom line or impact on economic, social and environmental resources. What is the value of making your business sustainable? The overall goal is to reduce the negative impact and improve the positive impact to all three areas. As a member of the Pikes Peak Sustainable Business Network (PPSBN), BiggsKofford recently formed a green team within our office. The green team met with the PPSBN’s assistant director, Jackie Rockwell to assess our triple bottom line. Being CPAs and ... market research, surveys and trends
Is yang destroying our planet | Ideas-Institute
To understand spiritual wisdom one should read the Tao Te Ching, the book of Oriental philosophy, practice and  wisdom.    And to understand the Tao, along with Oriental philosophy in general, one has to understand the concept of Yin and Yang.      Yin and Yang is the continuous rhythm of life, or life force that pulsates continually through the universe, in the seemingly separate but in truth one complementary actions called Yin and Yang.        The T’ai-chi T’u diagram shown here illustrates this principle. The symmetrical disposition of the dark Yin and the light Yang suggests cyclical changes.      When Yin reaches its ... market research, surveys and trends


Philip Angelides
The Double Bottom Line: Investing in California's Emerging Markets ...... total sales of $10 billion annually, and al- most 60 percent of ethnic food ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Double Bottom Line
A family of three community development funds in San Francisco is making a tempting offer to banks: Invest with us and you'll obtain a good return for your bank's bottom line as well as for your community.   The Bay Area Family of Funds says its bank investors can expect to get more than just possible Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) credit. Bay Area Fund Executive Vice President and Managing Director Elizabeth Ferguson says the fund's investments in environmental cleanup, local business growth, and real estate will seek to generate private equity market rates of return for bank investors. The fund describes ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Women's World Banking Brings Credit To The Third World
As a child, her parents often took her to visit her father's family in Turkey where she saw, for the first time, people living in utter poverty. She remembers thinking, "I don't want to spend my life looking the other way." She hasn't. After graduating from Georgetown University and Yale with degrees in management and international finance, she worked for 17 years for ( LEHMQ - news - people ) and an affiliate of the World Bank--largely in eastern Europe and the Soviet Union--linking newly freed entrepreneurs with sources of capital. In 2006 she became president and CEO of New York City-based ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Kicking the Oil Habit
Captain Pete, as everyone in town calls him, has been an oysterman nearly his entire life. He started as a boy, learning the trade from his father, who had learned it from his father. Working fourteen-hour days from leased oyster beds in Barataria Bay, forty miles south of New Orleans, Captain Pete's family supplied the city's premier vendor, P&J Oyster Company. When P&J closed its doors on June 10, it was front-page news in New Orleans—one more in a string of casualties of BP's deep-sea oil catastrophe. "It took fifty days for BP's oil to reach our beds," Captain Pete tells me as he steers a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Double Bottom Line Project - DoubLE boTToM LINE PRoJECT REPoRT:
The Double Bottom Line (DBL) is a relatively new concept for business leaders. ... This catalog, the third section in the Double Bottom Line Project Report ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
This pursuit of the “double bottom line”6 is best exemplified by ... The “double bottom line” is a way to describe a social enterprise's balance of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
  1. profile image rationalwalk Bottom line: In the even of even a moderate double dip in Europe (say a 3% decline in Eurozone GDP) stress tests are worthless.
  2. profile image gabyers RT @TedHope: "The double Bottom Line" = doing well by doing good.
  3. profile image rflax Better then non for profit for profit RT @TedHope: "The double Bottom Line" = doing well by doing good #businessfuture
Fundraising, Management Issues: non-profit management, double ...
Hi Vanessa - Those are great questions. I could spend my whole day writing about them. I'll just put down a few thoughts here, and hopefully it will help. #1) Managers motivate through LEADERSHIP, not by managing. They inspire the people around them with their palpable belief in the mission of the organization. #2) Challenges to overcome include the fact that many nonprofits have employees who are not producing good work. In the for-profit world, they would be fired, but the nonprofit world has a hard time letting weak performers go. Another challenge is to get nonprofit managers to manage the "double bottom line" ...
Selling to the Bottom Line
"Every person who has ever started a business, I imagine, thought he had a good idea. It's the smart person, and the rare person, who tries to find out the most important thing: do other people think it's a good idea?" -- Bernard Kamoroff, author of "Small-Time Operator" If you've ever wondered why more people don't respond to your sales attempts and marketing messages, here's the first place to look -- are you selling something that people are willing to spend money on? It can be hard enough to get your marketing message heard and work your way toward closing a sale when ...