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The futility of active management

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Certain combinations of words can be virtually guaranteed to lower the spirits. One thinks of constructions like “Michael Winner”; “diplomatic solution”; “Ricky Martin”; “Big Brother” (the Endemol incarnation, as opposed to George Orwell’s). To which grim list we can now add “academic studies” and “the wisdom of pension funds”. In a letter to the Financial Times, investment manager Evan Salway alludes to the futility of academic studies when contemplating the benefits of active versus passive management. He goes further and cites the debatable wisdom of those pension funds who, having largely ignored the biggest equity bull ...
The Senators/Rangers franchise is the oldest team in any of the major North American professional leagues that has never won a league championship, although the Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Indians and San Francisco Giants won their most recent respective World Series prior to the Senators/Rangers franchise joining the league. In addition, the Rangers franchise is the only Major League Baseball team that has yet to win any playoff series, having made only 3 playoff appearances, all being losses to the eventual world champion New York Yankees .
Jerry Cope: The Crime of the Century: What BP and the US ...
The unprecedented disaster caused by the BP oil spill at the Deepwater Horizon Mississippi Canyon 252 site continues to expand even as National Incident Commander Thad Allen and BP assert that the situation is improving, the blown-out source capped and holding steady, the situation well in hand and cleanup operations are being scaled back. The New York Times declared on the front page this past week that the oil was disolving more rapidly than anticipated. Time magazine reported that environmental anti-advocate Rush Limbaugh had a point when he said the spill was a "leak". Thad Allen pointed out in a press conference ... market research, surveys and trends
Anger and 15 other feelings that we mistake for hunger | Chubby ...
The following was written by Dr. Doreen Virtue. Dr. Virtue has written and co-written books and articles on emotional eating. I will list the intriguing book that I have found at the end of this journal entry. As an emotional eater, I can identify with many of these “eating” feelings. As someone who is always trying to understand herself and the *whys* in life, this spoke to me and emitted some healing. Knowledge is power, right? Maybe this will help you as it did me. BY Dr. Doreen Virtue – “Emotional Eating” Listed below are the 16 feelings that Emotional Eaters most often confuse with physical ... market research, surveys and trends


Thus far we have considered at length the futility of active management. ... That is a difference of $1.2 million, or 56 percent more dollars. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The real trouble with mutual funds. - By Henry Blodget - Slate ...
Used properly, mutual funds are powerful tools. They allow investors with little money and time to pool resources and benefit from the same services, information, clout, expertise, and economies of scale as large institutions. They also provide immediate diversification, without the hassle and cost of acquiring and managing a portfolio of individual securities. Alas, these benefits come at a price: First, mutual funds often aren't used properly. Second, and more troublingly, the vast majority of funds get paid an aggregate of tens of billions of dollars a year for accomplishing nothing (or worse than nothing). On the first ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Politics Of 'Livid Pus' To Politics Of Nudging
Thank you for the opportunity to address you again. As always my comments are personal observations although in broad terms at least I believe they are consistent with the Association’s view on the matters discussed. My theme today is how one should approach some of the key challenges of the moment. But first I would like to briefly pay tribute to one of your highly respected colleagues, John Hawke who passed away earlier this year. John was elected to the Association’s first National Executive in 1989, was our third National President (1995-97) and was our first life member. It is difficult to think of a more ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Acrobat Version - Efficient Frontier
Mar 31, 2001 ... Efficient Frontier regulars should be well acquainted by now with the futility of active management in almost all asset-class categories. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
194 The Ulster Medical Journal
Active management of labour: the Dublin experience. ... Did he hope for startling revelations about the futility of this form of assessment? ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Learning the Futility of the Thought Suppression Enterprise in ...
Oct 26, 2009... body of evidence to suggest that the management of intrusive thoughts ... and active resistance of these thoughts, and so the fact that thought .... study is whether participants learn the futility of suppression, ...
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