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Special Report on

The Laddering Approach

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Driven by young and adventurous Indians with high disposable incomes and increasing concern for family bonding and maintaining work-life balance, adventure sports has started to take off in India. This article describes a unique hypothetical website �� aimed at offering services to fulfil this need. Through Thrill �n Chill, the authors wish to explore the challenges faced in identifying the target audience, appealing to them and marketing the idea. Some of the major challenges that have been tackled include understanding the psyche of the interested consumer and designing of brochures to meet the expectations of ...
tape has been used to bind the rootstock and scion at the graft and tar paint to protect the cut end of the scion from desiccation. The buds will burst within the next few weeks to produce leaves and shoots Grafting is a method of asexual plant propagation widely used in agriculture and horticulture where the tissues of one plant are encouraged to fuse with those of another. It is most commonly used for the propagation of trees and shrubs grown commercially. In most cases, one plant is selected for its roots , and this is called the stock or rootstock . The other plant is selected for its stems , leaves , flowers , or fruits and ...
assignment 4 - improving lt learning experience
on improving learning experience in lecture theatre (LT). We had taken several types of study, mainly using laddering technique and ethnographic study: observation. We went to crash a lecture in the engineering faculty to observe the behaviours of students and how the lecture is conducted in an objective manner. The lecture that we attended was IE2101 Introduction to System Design. We decided to embark onto this journey as we wanted to sit in the lecture to observe a lecture from a third person point of view. And here are some of the observations that we found: - students not paying attention - chatting - eating - MSN-ing with ... market research, surveys and trends
lecture theater transformation: enhancing learning experience
The habits and behavior of students during lecture time were observed at 3 different lecture theatres (LT8, 11 & 12) over 3 days. The results were used to identify problem areas that could be looked into for further improvement. Based on our findings, working on these potential areas could improve the learning experience in the LTs. - Doors: sound - Table: size, retractability - Seating arrangements: distance from one seat to the other/connectedess - Buzzer: sound - Availability of power points - Temperature of the room (ii) Interview: Laddering approach The laddering approach was used to better understand what ... market research, surveys and trends


Fundamental changes in marketing organization: The movement toward ...
research is consistent with the "laddering approach". (Durgee 1986) and the " narrative approach" (Mishler ..... egy, only 30 percent of the activities were coordi- ..... $30 million territory with one or two accounts. They ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Key Research Issues in User Interaction with Configuration ...
This approach of qualitative research is consistent with the "laddering approach " (Durgee 1986) and the .... representative sample of outdoor athletes, ten percent built a prototype of ..... possible variations is around 200 billion. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Boost Bond Returns With Laddering
When portfolio managers talk about strategies for success, they will often refer to risk diversification and money management. These strategies separate those investors who are successful because of knowledge and skill from those who are merely lucky. Now, don't be mistaken, luck isn't a bad thing to have, but possessing foundational skills will ultimately lead to success. In this article we'll discuss the bond ladder, a bond investing strategy that is based on a relatively simple concept that many investors (and professionals) fail to use or even understand. A bond ladder is a strategy that attempts to minimize ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
How to use bond ladders to address both inflation & deflation
A recent survey of financial professionals on fixed income allocations indicated a continuing strong preference for municipal and corporate bonds. Among the seven asset classes listed, municipal bonds ranked first in terms of ‘most likely to increase' allocations during the next six months. Over 65% of advisers responded that they expected to increase allocations to municipal bonds in the near term. Investment-grade corporate bonds ranked second, with 62% of advisers expecting to increase the percentage allocated to high grade corporates. Why are so many advisers and investors choosing municipal and corporate bonds in ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Laddering in the practice of marketing research: barriers and ...
(1999) comment that although the laddering approach is well suited to uncovering consumers' rationale for their choices, other methods may be more ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
DNR - What is a Fish Ladder?
A fish ladder (or fishway, fish pass) is a structure designed to allow fish the opportunity to migrate upstream over or through a barrier to fish movement. The very best fish passage is the complete removal of the barrier. When this is not possible, fishways can be installed to allow fish passage over or around the barrier. Fish ladders may be recommended when blocking structures are as low as 1 to 2 feet in height. Critical factors evaluated to determine if a ladder is necessary include the water depth below the blockage, the height of the barrier, the water velocity over or through the barrier, the quantity and quality of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Essentially this is negative laddering. The “nonconscious” reason (preferred in the Mean-End approach to the psychoanalytic “subconscious”) is then ...
Why The 401K or Roth Push - Why Not Ladder CD's? - Yahoo! Answers
We all are caught up in believing that we should invest in the Stock Market. Really? I wonder why? Whose getting paid now - and what will we get later? ... Here's my last 10 Year Average: ... 1) Vantagepoint Traditional Growth: Less than 1% growth - Worth Less than $600 in interest today of a $70K Investment over the last 10 Year Period. Of course - our stock ad visor thinks it's only paper - until it's cashed in. It's very expensive paper. Paper you are paying fees, each and every month. They get their profits - regardless of what your money is earning or losing! ... 2) Laddering ...
What are the characteristics of a problem? How might a problem ...
Greg - I can only answer the question from my own professional experience. A problem is often not recognizable, only the symptoms of the problem. These will rise up as issues (often called the problem). If I may offer an example to better explain. The problem in a manufacturing facility is too much money being spent. There usually is no positive impact by cutting the smallest facility budget, rather go to the largest and look for the cost generators. What we often find is that the parasite in the budget is Equipment Reliability. There are a number of ways to gain better control and to begin to eliminate the parasite, but that is ...