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Anyone who says you get what you pay for has probably never been on an airplane ride where just about everybody is paying a different fare, or in a hotel stocked with guests paying varying room rates. Or at least the person wasn't aware of it at the time. It's just a fact of life. An empty seat on a plane -- like an empty room, or a car sitting on the rental lot unreserved -- is a wash. The travel industry isn't a Dutch auction in which folks bid until capacity is reached and then everyone pays the lowest winning offer. Rates will fluctuate, and there are often discounts that will vary from source to source. How ...
Ask the Readers: Where to Start With the Stock Market?
Start with a discount online brokerage like Scottrade or Firstrade, which I use. The commisions are low, and they’ll do electronic transfers to and from your bank. Start with a couple hundred and pick an index fund, and watch it every couple days. You’ll be learning about the market, even if you can’t invest thousands. Don’t forget come tax time next year you’ll have to account for your investments, even if they’re small. Of course, I think we’re all amateurs here, so None Of Us Are Giving “Real” Advice[TM]. I’ll second the index fund recommendation… for now, at ... market research, surveys and trends
could not have said this better myself
a post over on TMF from "Mish" of my fav posters over there....And our "historical stories are ver similar in fact, though I'm a bit older then Mike. <<<< Flashback 1966: Just as the US was sinking ever deeper into the quagmire known as Vietnam, Vermont Senator George Aiken delivered a famous speech in which he said that we should "declare victory and go home." Unfortunately the war dragged on for six more years and eventually North Vietnam won. Take a look at North Vietnam today: Three decades later, Vietnam is a quasi-capitalist country, cultivating US investment, consumer markets, and tourism. How might history ... market research, surveys and trends


HobbySpace - Investing
I'm often surprised by how often people are surprised to learn that there exists a large commercial space industry. Historically, most space profits came from companies working down in our industrial infrastructure , which is mostly unseen by the general public. For example, the distribution of TV programs from Hollywood and New York to local cable providers has long been done via satellite. However, more and more space ... industry trends, business articles and survey research Young Fools -- How to Grow a Million Dollars (Personal ...
The world is full of empty promises. Advertisements tell us to buy this amazing cream because it will make us beautiful or to buy that weird-looking contraption because it will tone our muscles and make us popular. And here comes the Fool, with another promise. Invest money now and we'll help make you a millionaire, or at least comfortable in your later years. Gee, that sounds even less believable than the beauty cream, doesn't it? But it's true. You can print this out and take it to your math teacher, and he or she can verify it. If you leave your money to grow for a long time, $100 can turn into a million ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Online investing and women
day-trading and playing the stock market has always been a very male affair. Yet, over the past decade more and more women have joined in. Ten years ago, just 17% of the investors who used the online broker Selftrade were women. This year, it is 34%. This trend is not restricted to the one website. Stockopedia , a site specialising in broker research and stock market analysis, says between 30% and 40% of its user base is female. "Gone are the days when online investing was completely dominated by men," says Edward Croft, chief executive of Stockopedia. "There are increasing numbers of smart, savvy women out there ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
These 3 Families Paid Off $373000 (The Motley Fool)
It&#39;s easy to get discouraged when your financial big picture is drenched in red ink -- especially if you stop to calculate how much you&#39;re paying just for the interest on your debt . Phil Gardner did just that a few years ago, and realized that he&#39;d forked over $193,345.59! Fortunately, you can pay off your debt -- all of it. Many folks in our Fool community have done so, and have shared their advice and encouragement. Here are just a few impressive examples of board denizens who have reported doing a "happy dance" after becoming free of non-mortgage debt: Kristin and Brian Lee paid off more than $65,000. market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Motley Fool: Discussion Boards Consumer Credit Information. National Credit Union Administration ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
NIST/CIFter Tasks (as characterized by TMF)
We know that the message boards at The Motley Fool offer a vast pool of information and a genuine opportunity for Fool users to contribute to the site ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Motley Fool: FoolBooks - Buying a Car -- Worksheets
So you bought a new car and it's ready for you to pick up and drive off the lot. We know you're excited to get on the road, but it is important not to rush the delivery process. Below you'll find some general guidelines and a checklist for you to print out and use the day you pick up your new baby. -- Call the salesperson ahead of time and let them know that you plan to perform a delivery check during daylight hours. Make an appointment -- getting through your checklist may take more than an hour. -- Don't depend on a "prep man" -- the dealer's mechanics and preparation people -- to take care ...
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Motley Fool recommendations? - Yahoo! Answers
usually in a financial newspaper, there are bundles of newsletters you can get on a trial basis..........then decide which fits you........I did like value line and their special situations letters..didn&#039;t like cabot.........dow theory.sometimes good..sometimes not....get a bunch and check em out There are currently no comments for this question. * You must be logged into Answers to add comments. Sign in or Register . Member since: July 07, 2006 Total points: 26795 (Level 7) Too conservative for speculative advice. They are great for the 85% stable stock most people should hold. Member since: April 28, 2006 Total points:
Question: Find me some forums for discussions of retirement and ...
This one should be easy, but I'm feeling lazy. Find me, oh, say, half a dozen internet discussion forums on the issues regarding retirement and early retirement. The issues: health care after retirement, financial investments and management; maybe travel and lifestyle discussions. By "internet discussion forums" I mean something like or These should not be sponsored and controlled by investment houses with an obvious interest in pushing only their products. The forums should be active with plenty of volume every day. (So a board with 1 or 2 ...