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The Motley Fool Investment Guide

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"Rich Dad, Poor Dad" convinced me that I need to actually actively invest my money, "The Motley Fool Investment Guide" gives me some tools to figure out how. The book I read was written in 1996, and the advice in it stood up well through the tech bubble to now. The Fool recommended portfolio investment steps are like a ladder. Benchmark the S&P 500 The first step to any portfolio is to invest in an S&P 500 mutual fund. If you don't have time and/or money do do the rest, this is a good place to start. All other strategies you try should do better than the S&P including commissions . I think the base ...
The Motley Fool Investment Guide: A Review of David and Tom ...
The pros and cons of The Motley Fool Investment Guide which details a simple investment strategy aimed to beat the market through smart, long-term, investing David and Tom Gardner, creators of, wrote the Motley Fool Inve stm ent Guide: How the Fools Beat Wall Street's Wise Men and How You Can Too in order to inform people about their investment philosophy. This philosophy, based on Warren Buffett ’s market-beating strategy, has allowed the Gardner brothers and their devoted followers, or “Fools,” to beat the market year in and year out. The Motley Fool Investment Guide details what amounts to a ... market research, surveys and trends
how to talk to your teenager about personal finance | brip blap
If you have children or younger relatives – particularly teenagers – then this thought probably crossed your mind at one point: “if only they would do some of the things I wish I had done!” Maybe you always dreamed of visiting Mongolia or taking a year off after high school to backpack around Europe. Perhaps you hope your teenaged children will take the leaps you never took. The most important thing you can do is to give them the basic skills to succeed in life. One of the best ways to do this is to teach the teenagers in your life how to invest. Just as saving is a good subject for children to learn, ... market research, surveys and trends


Want to Be a Millionaire? You Can!
The world is full of empty promises. Advertisements tell us to buy an amazing cream because it will make us beautiful, or to buy that weird-looking contraption because it will tone our muscles and make us popular. And here comes the Fool, with another promise. Invest money now and we'll help make you a millionaire, or at least comfortably well-off in your adulthood. Gee, that sounds even less believable than the beauty cream, doesn't it? But it's true. You can print this out and take it to your math teacher, and she can verify it. If you leave your money to grow for a long time, $100 can turn into a million ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Regional Review: Book Review, The Motley Fool Investment Guide
Don't listen to the Wise Men of Wall Street. Embark on the Fool's way of investing, the CyberSpace Investment Club. In this brave new world, the Wise are fools, and the Fools are wise. In the Fools' philosophy, the information autobahn is the escape route from the mediocre performance and handsome fees charged by the professional money managers. Released from serfdom, attached at the modem to other like-minded souls, investors can share in the vast pool of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Pitched These Investment Products? Just Say No.
Anyone can tell you what to invest in—and everyone will. Most of them are wrong. Here are five investments you should never waste your time on. Bull market, bear market, and anything in between, these are reliably bad ideas that will lose you money. Everybody loves that web site showing how much you’d be worth today if you’d bought Apple stock instead of that iPod. That could have been me, with $6000 in my pocket instead of an iPod mini with a dead battery. What you want to do is find today’s Apple, the company that’s down in the dumps or little-known, and buy in before they release their iPhone. Don’t worry, plenty of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Best Stock Screening Tools on the Web
How does one pick stocks to invest in? One great way is to find a knowledgeable and talented investment advisor such as those we have here at Investing Daily. You just can’t find better investment talent than KCI advisors like Roger Conrad and Elliott Gue . So, at least for the bulk of your “serious” money, sticking with the experts is the way to go. But if you’re like me, you are also somewhat of a “do-it-yourselfer” and enjoy getting down and dirty investigating and analyzing potential investment ideas of your own. As I wrote in How to Pick Industry Sectors , there are two main ways to pick ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Motley Fool
“The Motley Fool Investment Guide,” “You Have More Than You Think,” “The. Motley Fool Investment Workbook” and “Rule Breakers, Rule Makers.” The ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Third Annual Seniors Summit - Morning Agenda
author of The Motley Fool's Guide to Paying for School, and is the ... try's largest broker-dealers and investment managers as a management consultant. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Summer Reading History
Based on the review notes for the book, Malcolm Gladwell crafts an intellectual journey through the world of "outliers." His thesis is: "It is not the brightest who succeed.... The successful are those who have been given opportunities -- and who have had the strength and presence of mind to seize them."  Gladwell supports his thesis by examining a curious assortment of examples that he asserts include the best and the brightest, the most famous and the most successful. He asks the question: what makes high-achievers different? His answer is that we pay too much attention to what successful people are ...
With an investment portfolio what's the best rebalancing strategy?
The idea of a well diversified portfolio is that different segments of the market do not rise and fall in synchrony. The more diversified you are, the more likely you will be able to withstand the ups and downs of any one segment.  You will profit from your winners and minimize your losses.  But there is a downside too.  You will also lose the sometimes huge swings to the upside that one segment or stock may take. If you are always selling your winners as soon as they go up a bit you will not benefit nearly as much from their upside. There is also the cost of trades - short term taxes paid and the cost of the ...
At 55 years old with 100000.00 to invest, what is the best way to ...
I agree. If you have not already, do an IRA roll. I will not recommend a broker but just about any on-line will be a good choice. I do not know the best way, darn it. I wish I did. But if historic trends continue, mutual funds will be a good choice for part of it. T-bills for the remainder. About 75-25. The t-bills act as a cash reserve in case the stocks take a nose dive. Now, even better than mutual funds is investing directly in stocks but that requires a lot of work and is not suitable for many people. Pick about 5 different mutual funds with good track records or even index funds for part. Maybe one large cap ...