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The Motley Fool Investment Workbook

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a market newsletter providing specific forecasts and recommendations on gold, stocks, interest rates and the other major markets. Mary Anne and Pamela are sisters and have lived in Costa Rica since 1974. They have authored dozens of reports and articles and have spoken at investment seminars around the world. Their work has been featured in newspapers all over the world, including The Wall Street Journal and The London Financial Times . Chris Castaldo, Stock Traders Press Stock Traders Press makes about 12 fundamental stock selections each year. Reports are published each Tuesday/ Thursday at 4PM EST. Other reports are published ...
Great Price for $0.01
This book was a great read - I think tha's probably one of the benefits of reading a book on finances written by two English majors. Pros: - Helps you understand where to start in your personal world of finance. I especially enjoy the fact that there is an especially abhorrent attitude towards debt (i.e. - pay what you owe before you every try to put that money anywhere else). - These guys don't promise any fast cash, but employ a methodology that tends to scream, "slow and steady wins the race!" - The advice is sound, and there isn't any threatening terminology to find yourself lost in. - Like I said ... market research, surveys and trends
Tom & Dave Gardner, Motley Fools
Harris: We welcome now to our guest microphones Tom and Dave Gardner, who run the Motley Fool area on America Online and on the Worldwide Web, and wrote The Motley Fool Investment Guide and are now in the process of publishing a couple more books that will be out in early 1998 on just basic financial stuff. Welcome back, guys. It's good to see you again. Dave Gardner: Always good to see you, Paul. Harris: Let me ask you one basic question here and I'm going to put myself in the shoes of every person in the consumer press who knows nothing about the stock market and everybody else who thinks they want to know ... market research, surveys and trends


The Motley Fool Million Dollar Portfolio: David Gardner ...
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Personal Finance-12 Ways to Get out of Credit Card Debt
Everybody with a credit card knows it's smart to pay what you owe at the end of every month - right? According to, an international credit card tracker, credit card debt is approximately $9000 per household for those carrying at least one credit card. Internet shopping increases the temptation to overspend, since cash or checks are rarely an option if you're online to shop. Holiday spending is a notoreous time when consumers rack up their credit card bills. According the, Americans racked ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Economic Development Book List
The Motley Fool Investment Workbook. David Gardner. The Motley Fool-- You Have More Than You Think: the Foolish Guide to Personal Finance. David Gardner ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Third Annual Seniors Summit - Morning Agenda
contributor to The Motley Fool's Money After 40, the co-author of The Motley Fool Personal Finance Workbook, the author of The Motley Fool's Guide to Paying ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Motley Fool – Personal Finance Workbook By: David and Tom ...
The Motley Fool – Personal Finance Workbook. By: David and Tom Gardner ... The missing information needed for a wise college investment decision ...
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best investment book for beginners?
I find that the guys over at Motley Fool have the clearest, most non-technical advice you're ever going to find for investing.  They aren't pursuing some make-money-fast scheme but show you how to seek out solid, intelligent, long-term investments. PamPerdue's Recommendations Amazon List Price: $15.00 Average Customer Rating: 4.0 out of 5 (based on 112 reviews)  by Mistral on Oct 30 2007 (32 months ago) I like their books because they explain the stock market and investing in easy to understand terms that seem designed to make the reader feel comfortable with the idea of ...
Is there a specific college class on investing/stock market?
This class is not for a career, I’m not a businessman or anything just looking to learn and gain more knowledge in the field(s). Thank you. Is it true the London financial times is less biased than the US financial times? Observing members: 0 Composing members: 0 Just a simple economics class should do. As far as books, I’d recommend Freakonomics. It may not make you rich, but it sure is interesting. Freakonomics was interesting but it will not help you make good stock investments, IMO. I think the best way to learn is by doing and by reading forums, but I look forward to others’ suggestions. I like the motley ...