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Special Report on

Turner Market Neutral Equity

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Time for the third installment in our series of 4 articles revealing Blue Ridge Capital's recommended reading list. Previously, we've revealed Blue Ridge's recommended Analytical Reading List , as well as their Historical/Biographical List . This week, we'll turn to their recommended Economics and 'Other' books. Long-time blog readers will know that we track Blue Ridge because they are the pure definition of a Tiger Cub. Griffin was Julian Robertson's right-hand man while at Tiger Management and was one of the first to strike out on his own. And, Blue Ridge is also a part of the Tiger Cub ...
is the 5th largest producer of energy in the world, producing about 6% of global energy supplies. It is the world's largest producer of natural uranium , producing one-third of global supply, and is also the world's leading producer of hydro-electricity , accounting for 13% of global production. It is also a significant producer of petroleum , natural gas , and coal . Only Russia , China , the United States and Saudi Arabia produce more total energy than Canada. 1 The United States is Canada's major trade market for energy products and services. Canada sends around 98% of its total energy exports to the United ...
Extreme — Greater Fool – The Troubled Future of Real Estate
Could it be the way I rouse animal spirits? The faint rodent aroma on my cowboy boots? The realtor remnants on my Hummer bumper? Or the simple absurdity of a daily money blog in a country that lives on hormones and hockey? Hard to say, but for some reason this space is nectar to all kinds of whackjobs and nutbars who espouse everything from survivalism to macrofinancial conspiracies. Maybe it’s the times. Maybe it’s me. But I’d say extremism is rampant – even among otherwise ‘normal bloggers’. (That’s like ‘military intelligence’ or ‘feminine intuition’.) For example, it’s extreme to trust nothing or anyone and yet stuff all ... market research, surveys and trends
Mutual Funds Using Hedge Fund Strategies ~ market folly
Typically, most vanilla mutual funds don't short stocks. They are usually long-only funds aimed at matching or beating certain benchmarks. But, over the past few years, we've seen an evolution in the arena of money management and actively managed portfolios. Case in point: We've just learned that $14 billion Turner Investment Partners is launching the Turner Spectrum Fund which aims to earn similar returns as hedge funds by employing those strategies. The fund will have two share classes: an Institutional class charging a 1.95% fee (minimum investment of $100,000) and a Retail class which will charge a 2.2% ... market research, surveys and trends


Green Building Market Barometer - Layout 1
Eighty-six percent of executives said they would be extremely ... In contrast, 45% disagreed with this statement and 30% were neutral, meaning that fully ... Green building market is projected to expand from $12 billion in 2008 to reach $60 billion by 2010 ..... Opportunities,” Rosenberg Real Estate Equity Funds ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
GTECH enters into partnership agreement to acquire 50 percent ...
WEST GREENWICH, RI - (December 6, 2004) - GTECH Holdings Corporation (NYSE: GTK) and the owners of privately-held Gauselmann Group today announced that both parties have entered into an agreement whereby GTECH will acquire a 50 percent controlling equity position in the Atronic group of companies owned by Gauselmann. The remaining 50 percent of Atronic will be retained by the owners of the Gauselmann Group. The final purchase price will be calculated through a performance-based formula equal to eight times Atronic's EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization) for its fiscal year 2006 ending ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Earnings boost stocks, dollar slips to 3-month low
LONDON: Robust quarterly earnings from Europe drove world stocks higher on Thursday, while the dollar hit a three-month low on the back of weak US data and a downbeat assessment of the economy from the Federal Reserve. Investors took heart from results for companies including Royal Dutch Shell, Rolls Royce and BAE Systems, while there were gains for French service group Capgemini and France Telecom, Europe’s third-largest telecom operator by market cap. Global equities measured by MSCI All-Country World Index added 0.3 percent, and the Thomson Reuters global stock index put on 0.4 percent. “Second-quarter results are better than ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Mar 25, 2009 ... Equity Market Neutral Funds. 3 Years. TFS Market Neutral Fund. TFS Capital, LLC ..... Turner Emerging Growth Fund, Investor ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Oct 6, 2009 ... are equity market neutral; 1.8 percent are convertible arbitrage, ... 8 See, e.g ., the report by Lord Adair Turner, Chairman of the FSA, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Maximizing Equity Market Sector Predictability in a Bayesian Time ...
equity market risk premia are time varying. Each of these conditional beta .... for Markov switching variance presented here closely follows that of Turner, ...... invested in a neutral fashion, it would assume a long only position. ...
Aspartame at AllExperts
supplements. However, aspartame is not always suitable for baking, because it often breaks down when heated and loses much of its sweetness. In the European Union, it is also known under the E number (additive code) E951 . Aspartame is also one of the sugar substitutes used by diabetics . Upon ingestion, aspartame breaks down into several constituent chemicals, including the naturally-occurring essential amino acid phenylalanine which is a health hazard to the few people born with phenylketonuria , a congenital inability to process phenylalanine. Aspartame products generally include a warning label related to Phenylketonuria to ...
Google Answers: Define Terms Relating to U.S. History After the ...
To aid my studying for the final exam of my history class, I'd like each of the following 3xx terms to be given a short description (that fits within the context). Descriptions don't have to be detailed, just accurate. If you can't find every definition, that is also fine. I, and most likely you, don't want you to spend too much time on any given one. I'll be satisfied if you get 95% of them defined. Below are the terms. Thanks. Freedmen?s Bureau Committee of Fifteen Reconstruction Act of 1867 Acquitted Carpetbagger ?Black Reconstruction? ?Mississippi Plan? Sharecropping ...