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Unit Investment Trust Definition

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Unit investment trust funds, or UITs, are one of the four types of investment companies along with mutual funds, closed-end funds and exchange traded funds. Unit investment trusts can be appropriate investment products for buy-and-hold investors who are looking for a packaged investment product that follows a certain strategy or style. Unit investment trust units are sold at an initial offering to investors. Additional shares of a particular trust are only available for reinvestment of any interest or dividends paid by the trust. Investors can redeem their units for cash at the current net asset value with the issuing company. ...
is an investment that may hold equities, debt instruments, royalty interests or real properties. The trust can receive interest, royalty or lease payments from an operating entity carrying on a business, as well as dividends and a return of capital . The main attraction of income trusts (in addition to certain tax preferences for some investors) is their stated goal of paying out consistent cash flows for investors, which is especially attractive when cash yields on bonds are low. They are especially useful for financial requirements of institutional investors such as pension funds . ( Investment Dictionary ) Many investors are ...
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What does this include? Most people think about stocks when they hear the word ‘investing’, but it could also mean a variety of things. This might include buying a very cheap second hand car for the purpose of selling it again. It’s also an investment if you buy old houses or apartments so you can fix them up and rent them out. The capital you use for a business can also be considered investments. In high school, my sister used her allowance to buy cheap sign-pen ink by the bulk and sell them at school for a profit – even that is considered an investment. But there are also broader definitions of the ... market research, surveys and trends
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On 16 April 2010, the Assistant Treasurer released, for public consultation, the exposure draft legislation to amend the definition of a managed investment trust (MIT) in relation to the withholding tax rules. It is important fund managers consider the impact of the proposed legislation as the changes may have retrospective application to trusts already operating under the terms of the existing law. The release of this draft legislation follows the announcement on 10 February 2010 that the definition of an MIT for the MIT withholding tax rules would be aligned with the proposed definition for the MIT capital account election. It ... market research, surveys and trends


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An unincorporated mutual fund structure that allows funds to hold assets and pass profits through to the individual owners, rather than reinvesting them back into the fund. Investopedia Says : In the U.K. the term "unit trust" is synonymous with "mutual fund" as it is used in North America. Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The noun has one meaning: a regulated investment company consisting of professional managers who issue redeemable securities representing a portfolio of many different securities   Synonym: unit investment trust For UIT, a U.S. fund ... industry trends, business articles and survey research - Banking Forum :: View topic - Auction Rate ...
March 21 (Bloomberg) -- Municipal borrowers from Wisconsin to California plan to pull at least $21 billion of bonds out of the auction-rate market by May 1 to escape soaring costs, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The amount is more than what was sold in any one year before 2002, the data show. About 69 percent of auctions in a market that also includes debt of student lenders and closed-end mutual funds failed to attract enough buyers this week, resulting in interest rates as high as 14 percent. Rates are determined through a bidding process managed by banks typically every 7, 28 or 35 days. Borrowers are converting to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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European banks have been resorting to alternative funding sources after suffering a virtual closure from primary capital markets. Research by analytics firm Dealogic found banks raised less from mainstream capital markets in the past six weeks than in any year since 1995. Banks sold 11.7 billion dollars of corporate bonds in the six weeks to last Friday, which is far short of the 145 billion dollars they raised at this time in 2009. Some banks have been tapping the bond market but many have been using the type of short-term money that regulators have been discouraging. Suki Mann, head of credit strategy at Societe Generale, said ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Defendants' motion to dismiss the above-entitled action came on for hearing before this court on April 14, 2010. Plaintiff appeared by his counsel Michael C. Spencer; defendant Franklin/Templeton Distributors, Inc. appeared by its counsel Daniel A. Pollack; and the defendant Trustees appeared by their counsel Mark Holland. Having read the parties' papers and carefully considered their arguments and the relevant legal authority, the court hereby GRANTS the motion. This is a shareholder derivative suit, brought by plaintiff Bradley C. Smith, derivatively on behalf of nominal defendant Franklin Custodian Funds, a Delaware ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


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definition set forth for informational purposes as Annex A); .... Company Act, except for a unit investment trust whose assets consist solely of shares of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
unit investment trusts that are issuers ofperiodic payment plan certificates .... Number of each depositor of the trust. (Note definition of "depositor" in ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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                          published by The University of Cincinnati College of Law Rule 0-1 -- Definition of Terms Used in this Part Rule 0-2 -- General Requirements of Papers and Applications Rule 0-3 -- Amendments to Registration Statements and Reports Rule 0-4 -- Incorporation by Reference Rule 0-5 -- Procedure with Respect to Applications and Other Matters Rule 0-8 -- Payment of Fees Rule 0-9 -- [Reserved] Rule 0-10 -- Small Entities for Purposes of the Regulatory Flexibility Act Rule 0-11 -- ...
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Thank you for your question! I have not worked directly with UIT's myself, but am familiar with the concept, and was able to brush up a bit on the topic for this question. Just please keep in mind that I do not have extensive experience with UIT's as I offer some suggestions.   Yes, I think a UIT could be an appropriate choice for an individual retirement account. The most important thing is to look closely at the holdings in the UIT. Your profits (or loss) will still be entirely tied to the performance of the holdings. While UIT's used to be primarly composed of municipal bonds, since the 1990's ...
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An investment instrument formed when investors pool their funds together. The mutual fund manager invests the sum in stocks, bonds, or other financial assets. Total questions 2700 Supervisors Become a Supervisor ID3227807947 asked Which fund is best today and said it was the same as What is the best mutual fund to invest in 21 minutes ago Topicana (supervisor) [141] added What is mutual fund global trading to Mutual Funds 14 Jun 2010 05:11 ID1207342354 asked What is the difference between budgetary fund balance vs unreserved fund balance and said it was the same as Is there a formula on the amount of money that can be but in ...