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Value, Growth, Dividend Stock Research

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is a blog focused on discussing dividend investment growth and the analysis process and approach is outstanding. I highly recommend readers to visit and subscribe to the Dividend Tree RSS. ************************************************ Sysco Corporation, through its subsidiaries, markets and distributes a range of food and related products primarily for food service industry. It distributes frozen foods, non-food items, restaurant equipment and cleaning supplies. It serves restaurants, hospitals and nursing homes, schools and colleges, and hotels and motels. This section measures the trends for past 10 years of corporation’s ...
or it can be paid to the shareholders as a dividend. Many corporations retain a portion of their earnings and pay the remainder as a dividend. For a joint stock company , a dividend is allocated as a fixed amount per share. Therefore, a shareholder receives a dividend in proportion to their shareholding. For the joint stock company, paying dividends is not an expense ; rather, it is the division of after tax profits among shareholders. Retained earnings (profits that have not been distributed as dividends) are shown in the shareholder equity section in the company´s balance sheet - the same as its issued share capital. Public ...
Why Google Should Order Up A Grande Dividend Like Starbucks Did ...
Jonathan D. Greenberg, CFA is co-Founder, President and CEO of OCE Interactive, a financial services firm specializing in systematic and expectations research and developer of the web-based Market Topographer platform for putting stock price into 360 degree context.   Google’s stock price tanked $34.41 on Friday as a result of a “disappointing earnings announcement.”  Apparently 24% year over year revenue growth, which beat analyst estimates, was less important to investors than its 1% earnings miss due to incremental expense associated with staffing up, which was incurred to fuel future growth. In fact, at Google’s closing ... market research, surveys and trends
The DIV-Net: Stock Analysis: AT&T Inc. (T)
AT&T Inc. (formerly SBC Communications) provides telephone and broadband service, and the company holds full ownership of AT&T Mobility (formerly Cingular Wireless). AT&T Corp. was acquired in late 2005 and BellSouth in late 2006. Fair Value: I consider four calculations of fair value, see page 2 of the linked PDF for a detailed description: Avg. High Yield Price 20-Year DCF Price Avg. P/E Price Graham Number T is trading at a discount to 1.) and 3.) above. Since T's tangible book value is not meaningful, a Graham number can not be calculated. The stock is trading at a 6.9% discount to its calculated fair value of $26.52. T ... market research, surveys and trends


Dividend Paying Stocks: how to find dividend stocks
With the market for tech and other growth stocks arguably in over-exuberant territory, this may be a good time to consider dividend-paying stocks. Since dividend stocks make regular cash payments to shareholders, you can score a worthwhile return even if the overall market peters out. If the market stays strong, you�ll probably enjoy share price appreciation plus the steady dividend income. Here�s a screen for finding relatively low-risk dividend payers (Screening is a process for scanning the market for stocks meeting your specific requirements). It uses the FINVIZ user-friendly free screener ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Capital Gains and Dividend Tax Cuts — Center on Budget and Policy ...
The tax-cut package enacted in 2003 reduced to 15 percent the top tax rate on long-term capital gains and corporate dividends.  Although these tax cuts are slated to expire in 2008, Congress is already debating as part of the current tax reconciliation process whether to extend these tax cuts for another two years, through 2010. [1]  In addition, the President and other Administration officials have been calling for these tax cuts to be extended or made permanent.  Such a proposal is virtually certain to be in the Administration’s 2007 budget. Supporters of the extension go out of their way to depict the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Aptargroup Earnings Jump to New High and Board Raises Dividend
today reported record quarterly earnings per share. The Company's Board of Directors also announced a 20% increase to the quarterly cash dividend. Second Quarter 2010 Summary -- Reported diluted earnings per share increased 63% to all-time record of $.67 -- Reported sales rose 19% -- All segments achieved double digit core revenue growth -- Strong volumes drove improved capacity utilization -- Cost containment efforts contributed to earnings growth -- Quarterly dividend raised 20% to $.18 per share SECOND QUARTER RESULTS Reported sales increased ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Courier Sales, Income Up in Third Quarter
one of America's leading book manufacturers and specialty publishers, today announced results for the quarter ended June 26, 2010, the third quarter of its 2010 fiscal year. Despite a sluggish economy and a highly competitive sales environment, Courier posted gains in revenue and net income both for the quarter and for the year to date. Revenues for the quarter were $64.9 million, up 6% from last year's third-quarter sales of $61.4 million. Third-quarter net income was $1.8 million or $.15 per diluted share, versus $1.6 million or $.14 per diluted share in ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Dividend-yield strategies in the Canadian stock market
"International Value and Growth Stock Returns. ... Stability in the Relation between Dividend Yields and Stock Returns." Journal of Financial Research, vol. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Potential Economic Effects of Selected Proposals in the ...
onsiderable uncertainty surrounds the possible economic effects of three of the President’s budgetary proposals for 2011. The proposals would extend lower tax rates on dividends and capital gains for most tax­payers beyond 2010, increase the use of tax-favored savings for retirement, and reduce estate and gift taxes. The factors the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) considered and the methods it used in assessing those effects are explained below. (CBO’s analysis of the overall economic effects of the President’s budgetary proposals is described in Chapter 2 .) There also is considerable uncertainty about ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Expected Dividend Growth, Valuation Ratios and Rational Optimism ...
Stock market valuation ratios reached historically unprecedented levels in the late .... We use the Gordon growth model to back out an "expected" dividend growth rate ... (National Bureau of Economic Research, Working Paper 1979, 1985) . ...
WikiAnswers - What is difference between growth fund and dividend fund
Equity funds usually offer three options for investors to choose from - the Dividend Payout option, the Dividend Re-investment option and the Growth option. A few funds have also started to offer a Bonus option. These options differ only in their method of distribution of returns. When you choose the dividend option, you get to partially cash in on the returns earned by the fund from time to time, through the dividends it declares. When you choose the growth option, the returns earned by the fund are retained and reflect as an appreciation in the fund's Net Asset Value (NAV). Please note that the dividend does not in any ...
How to use math to predict the stock market? - Yahoo! Answers
You know, you always hear about this mathematician who uses formulas to predict stocks and makes a fortune, but is that really feasible? If so how? Any websites would be appreciated. Because of people like me? I'm just curious. No need to be condescending answerer number three. 3 months ago Thanks, its interesting... the page said there were 6 answers, so 5 must have self deleted. Could you recomend any books by chance? Like I said, I'm just curious... not neccesarily looking for a career choice. 3 months ago The topic you want to research is "quantitative investing". In reading about investing, you may ...