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Value Investing Speculation vs Investment

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The essence of technical analysis involves studying of past financial market data to forecast price trends and make an investment decision based on this. Technical analysis only takes into consideration price behavior of the market. Unlike in value investing, technical analysis doesnt care about the value of a company. What's the use of analyzing past market data when the market is random. There can be a 50% chance of going up and another 50% of going down, why do we still need to study Technical Analysis. As I explained in the earlier article about how psychology affects investment, investors move in a crowd approach ...
or a significant risk of the loss of the principal investment. The term, "speculation," which is formally defined as above in Graham and Dodd 's 1934 text, Security Analysis , contrasts with the term "investment," which is a financial operation that, upon thorough analysis, promises safety of principal and a satisfactory return. In a financial context, the terms "speculation" and "investment" are actually quite specific. For instance, although the word "investment" is typically used, in a general sense, to mean any act of placing money in a financial vehicle with the intent ...
Dividend Investing Lessons from an experienced investor
that post quite alot. In fact so much so that i reckon that he should be retired to be able to do that. And i was right. Here is his profile: I have 10 kids and 28 grandkids with my first great grandkid recently born. I have been trading dividend paying stocks and profiting from them for over 50 years. I sell when I think it is needed but I buy for the long term. I am somewhat of a bottom-fisher – I like to look for the deal on a company I want to own anyway. I have traded commodities in the past, but I prefer to use ETFs now as they trade easier and make it easier to keep my two personal portfolios balanced overall. ... market research, surveys and trends
Bob Vila Would Not Approve: Asset Allocation for Fun and Profit
I suggested that commodities speculation was a poor idea and not a good use of retirement funds. But the fact that I think it's a lousy idea doesn't explain why a brokerage like Fidelity would suggest such a strategy. To understand why commodities are being promoted as an "asset class" (and Fidelity is neither the only nor the first brokerage to start pedaling commodities as an asset class) you have to look at what half a century of efficient market theory has done to investing. Modern Portfolio Theory To understand anything a brokerage ever does, you have to understand at least the basics of Modern ... market research, surveys and trends


Eight percent per annum: Value investing in Singapore stocks
Investments (either stocks, bonds, or other alternative investments) earn 5-8% per annum on average over the long run. This blog aims to correct the common perception of investment equals speculation in Singapore and strives to promote value investing, share accurate information, interesting ideas and useful knowledge on investments, in particular, equities or stocks in Singapore. I have been spending some time watching Youtube recently and was amazed by the talents of all these YouTube Musicians all over the world. Check out Sungha Jung And Singapore's own YouTube ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Art of Value Investing -
I have asked a very active poster, Bill R. (a.k.a nodoodahs) to be a guest commentator for this Thursday morning's commentary.  Bill is truly a great stock picker, and in this commentary, he will be giving us a basic run-down on how he typically screens for individual stocks.  Judging from the emails that I have gotten over the last few months, I believe this will be a very popular topic, indeed. Before we begin, I believe a little bit of introduction is in order. Like I mentioned in our weekend commentary, I asked him for a quick profile of himself and this is how he responded.  A very modest guy, indeed: " industry trends, business articles and survey research
Uncertain times Gold as safe haven
initiation in commodity trading in the form of CFD (contract for difference) gives a big prop up in this sector. Traditionally the people used to invest in gold (XAU) through bullion dealers, but now they want to invest in XAU through the derivatives. However, there are various aspects to be considered before trading in gold. Gold has been valued high since ancient times and is still one of the most highly appreciated metal. It is a symbol of wealth, power and tool for safe investment in the real world. The investor generally buys gold as a hedge against economic, political and currency crisis and it is also the subject to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Balance shifts in rent vs. own debate
An associate of mine who analyzes the real estate investment trust market for Barclays Capital recently held a press conference, which he titled, "U.S. Apartment Markets: Recovery Arrives." According to his and others' research, the multifamily housing market has finally turned the corner since the start of the economic downturn in 2007. Or, as my friend wrote, "Apartment demand has recovered more rapidly than most observers expected." That's surely a relief for the owners of apartment buildings, but, tangentially, it is also good news for potential homeowners because in the shifting metrics that contrast the value of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


No doubt, if you're reading Value Investing For Dummies, somewhere
Treat the investment as. 10 Part I: The What and Why of Value Investing ..... the value equation. Speculation. Events,. Usually none. Reward vs. risk ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Table of contents for Essentials of investments
Contents data are machine generated based on pre-publication provided by the publisher. Contents may have variations from the printed book or be incomplete or contain other coding. Contents Part ONE Elements of Investments 00 1 Investments: Background and Issues 00 1.1 Real Assets versus Financial Assets 00 1.2 A Taxonomy of Financial Assets 1.3 Financial Markets and the Economy The Informational Role of Financial Markets 00 Consumption Timing Allocation of Risk Separation of Ownership and Management Corporate Governance and Corporate Ethics 1.4 The Investment Process 1.5 Markets Are Competitive The Risk-Return Trade-Off ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Models for Real-World Investors, and the Abyss Between Value ...
speculation the deceptive guise of investment.” Models for Real-World Investors, and the Abyss Between Value Investing and Financial Engineering – p. 43/54 ...
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Google Answers: Why has the gold price increased so much in the ...
I am a jeweler my self and I wished to know what are the factors behind the recent spurt in gold prices. As per the world gold council Gold consumption in India has decreased by 38% last year. And India is the largest consumer of gold in the world. Oil is said to be another factor, increase in chinese consumption, activities by foreign banks, petro-dollars being converted into US$ are other important factors. I have heard that trading on Commodity exchanges surpasses the physical gold existing on earth. (I do not know the validity of the claim) GATA.ORG are other people with their own theories. Yet 2+2 does not equal ...
Is share / stock market, a gambling ? | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn
not really man, it involves lots of strategies, such as value, technical analysis , fundamental analysis, economic analysis.... Also, it is better you have some basic knowledge about finance , accounting. it will give you better understanding about how the company runs.good luck if you just in to stock market, try it out, you will learn something for sure by hard ways, lost money. everyone learns somehow by playing around within the market.... posted 7 months ago Stock market is not gambling. It looks like gambling but it is indeed a reflection of the underlying business. As an approximation, the stock price of a company is ...