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once a year in order to gain or maintain their free membership. For those that just want to get some ideas, you can sign up for free to view valuations that were written 45 or 90 days prior. As I was looking through, I came across a nice valuation on WellPoint, a company that came into my radar when it dropped to the low $40’s in March due to a lot of fear and uncertainty. Add to that Hilary Clinton’s healthcare policy and it surely was a great opportunity. Unfortunately, my research and due diligence wasn’t up to speed so here I am waiting for the boat to moor again. This valuation is from Value Investors Club
commonly referred to as PICS, is a financial tool that relies on a small pool of investors’ money for real estate investments. The money managers of private investment capital subscriptions or PICS are experienced real estate investment experts, who also invest in related real estate products such as tax lien certificates, foreclosures , notes, as well as development projects on behalf of their subscribers and themselves.
Interview with Greenstone Value Opportunity Fund Part 2
This blog will try to dissect distressed debt investing, up and down the capital structure. We will look at current distressed debt situations, try to explain the ins and outs of how decisions are made in the distressed debt world, probably rant a few times about positions that are working against me, and hopefully enlighten some readers. Here is the second part of the interview from yesterday. For more information on Greenstone, contact Chris White (chris [at] greenstonefund [dot] com). In managing a book, how do you hedge? What are your thoughts on shorting? We don’t hold ourselves out as short guys, and Greenstone is ... market research, surveys and trends
Penny Stocks Research
spend the necessary time to research individual securities prior to settlement. This fact is not obvious, as transactions within the market Micro Cap These market participants consider that, because the price of a stock is low, it will be very little space. Unfortunately, the loss rate has a low price is very large with a small price movement, micro-cap stock research for super-important. There are many tools available to investors to enable them to Micro Cap will share research. Some of these tools are by subscription and some are free. Bloomberg is a financial information provider that offers up to the minute news and filings ... market research, surveys and trends


ShadowStock: Deep Value Micro Cap Investing: Value Investors Club ...
Exploiting market anomalies with small and neglected stocks. The process is significantly enhanced by a continually improving set of proprietary data mining solutions Nice post on value investors club on LOV (Sparks Networks) Over the last three years the enterprise value for Spark has fallen just under 75% ($7 to $3.00, plus share ct was reduced from 34mn to 20mn). One would like guess the paid dating business is in decline and by looking at Spark's results that would appear to be the case. However, 90% of the loss in subscribers over the last three years has ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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The island of Puerto Rico is home to many interesting things including beautiful beaches, Old San Juan, Bacardi Rum, and the most egregious accounting in financial services.  I am recommending a short in Doral Financial as I believe the company’s true economic earnings power is less than 60% of what bulls expect.  Like many specialty finance companies in the late 1990s, Doral has done the financial equivalent of selling its soul to the devil:  in return for rapid earnings growth and a soaring stock price, it is massively abusing non-cash gain-on-sale accounting.  All of the information in this write-up has ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Joel Greenblatt's Formula Investing Hedge Fund Launches With $15.6M
Followers of the magic formula investing system might be interested that Joel Greenblatt has started a $15.6 million dollar hedge fund which will follow the strategy laid out in the book. According to this press release ,  the fund is being started along with Blake Darcy an online pioneer who created the brokerage firm DLJ Direct. Below is the complete press release which could be found at WOODCLIFF, N.J - According to an SEC filing, a hedge fund sponsored by Joel Greenblatt’s Formula Investing Management, LLC debuted with $15.58 million. The fund ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Daily Planner: July 14
North Valley Plaza Certified Farmers Market: 7:30 a.m.-noon. Parking lot next to old Mervyn's on Pillsbury Road. Rain or shine. 893-3276. Through Nov. 24. Staff Council Blood Drive, Chico State: Noon-3 p.m. in Bloodmobile near Glenn and Siskiyou halls. Donors receive coupon good for one pint of Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream. Donors must be in good health, 17 and older (16 with parental permission) and weigh at least 110 pounds. Drink plenty of fluids and eat a good meal within four hours before giving blood. Must bring photo ID with first and last name. Process takes about an hour. (866) 822-5663 or for more ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Wit and Wisdom of Peter Lynch
Kaushal is a member of the Value Investors Club, holds the CFA charter and is an active member of the New York Society of Securities Analysts. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
SEC Complaint: HomePals Investment Club, LLC, HomePals, LLC ...
Oct 15, 2009 ... Alabre would execute and deliver to the investment club president an unsecured note for 200 percent ofthe value ofthe club's investment with ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Value Investing: Increasing One's Circle of Competence by ...
For an enterprising investor such as myself, the World Wide Web offers a variety of sources for business news and investment advice, some more trustworthy than others. In this post, I present a handful of sites and blogs that will undoubtedly help increase any investor's circle of competence. I used the Webby Awards and the 21st Century Information Fluency as guidelines for compiling a list of recommended sites that present reliable and useful information. The Webby Awards judges sites on criteria such as content, structure and navigation, visual design, functionality, interactivity and overall experience, whereas the 21st ...
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What are the best value investing websites/resources? | LinkedIn ...
There is a website focused on value and special situation investment strategies called Value Investors Club, where approved investors exchange value and special situation investment ideas. The website awards US$5000 to the member who submits the best idea each week. To become a member, you need to submit an application including the full description of your current favorite well-founded, actionable investment idea. This is not as easy as it sounds. In the meantime, you can sign up as a guest and see ideas (described in detail) submitted by current members in the recent past. The website was launched by Joel Greenblatt, a value ...
Joel Greenblatt is a value investor, & adjunct professor at the ...
Joel Greenblatt (born December 13, 1957 in Great Neck, New York) is a value investor, and adjunct professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business. He is the former chairman of the board of Alliant Techsystems and founder of the New York Securities Auction Corporation. Education Greenblatt is a graduate of the The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, receiving his B.S. in 1979 and M.B.A. in 1980.[1] [edit] Career in finance [edit] Gotham Capital In 1985, Greenblatt started a hedge fund, Gotham Capital, with $7 million, most of which was provided by junk-bond king Michael Milken.[1] [edit] Value ...