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Value Oriented Investing

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It's rare to see a widely available research report have a large tangible effect on any particular stock but Citron Research's expose on Life Partners Holdings (LPHI) seems to have scared a great deal of people. I have minor long positions in LPHI so I read Citron's report with interest. The report is well structured and easy to read but I'll summarize a bit further here. Their main complaints are: Unsustainable high fees - ~14% gross total for the seller of the life insurance policy Untrustworthy management - sketchy CEO and unproven auditors Pessimist view of the industry and the future of the life ...
As of December 31, 2008, Fairfax had total assets of approximately $27.3 billion, and its revenue for the prior twelve months was approximately $8.0 billion. Over the last 22 years (that is, since present management took over - until fiscal year Dec. 31, 2007), the company had a compound growth rate of approximately 26% in book value per share. Fairfax Financial has worldwide over 8,200 employees (5,000 of them work throughout the United States). There are just 30 employees at head office in Toronto.
The Psy-Fi Blog: The Case Against Re-Emerging Markets
If you’re of a contrarian viewpoint you might cast your eyes across the pundit’s tips for the best performing sectors of 2010 – or, indeed, any year – with a slightly jaundiced eye. This year’s favourite flavour of investment is emerging markets. There are strong and powerful arguments in support of this particular long-term trend but you’ll rarely find the short-term value counterargument. Counterarguments are critical for sensible value investors, because they force us to consider what could go wrong despite what our deceitful and biased brains are telling us. Any idiot can see what can ... market research, surveys and trends
Thinking Investing: Thoughts: Liquidity again, economic vs ...
I've heard a lot of different opinions concerning the failure of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers and the investment banking world in general. I come from a community which has a lot more faith in doctors and engineers than it does in the financial world, so most of the opinions I hear are almost inevitably some derivative of the "who cares, what the hell have they done for the rest of us" variety. You really can't blame Main Street for feeling that way, but from an economist's perspective, I don't think it's as simple to write off. What the banks really provide is liquidity . When you look at ... market research, surveys and trends


FUNDS WATCH - FUNDS WATCH - Comparing the Scorecards in a Fidelity ...
Watchers of Fidelity Investments are still reading the tea leaves over the significance of the announcement that George Vanderheiden, managing director and vice president, would be giving up some of his portfolio management duties. But what will the change mean for investors in his $3.8 billion Fidelity Destiny II fund, which will be handed over to Beth F. Terrana, the veteran manager of the Fidelity Fund? In simple performance terms, not terribly much, said Jack Bowers, editor of Fidelity Monitor, an independent newsletter in Rocklin, Calif. The $6.6 billion Fidelity Fund, which has been run by Ms. Terrana since mid-1993, eked ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Hartford: The Hartford : Investor Relations : As U.S. Emerges ...
SIMSBURY, Conn., Jan 19, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- While value stocks have performed better than growth stocks sixty percent of the time over the past 20 years (1989-2008) 1 , they have stood out particularly after periods of recession. Value companies often become leaner during economic downturns, generate more operating leverage by cutting fixed costs and assets to weather a slower revenue environment, and set the stage for a greater acceleration in earnings as market conditions improve. History shows that value investments have outperformed growth investments for the one-, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Gov Candidate, Virg Bernero
Citizens across Michigan have told me they need a dramatically different kind of leadership at the State Capitol. They think their state government is broken and so do I. Our current leaders have delivered little more than the same old partisan bickering, presiding over budget debacles and state government shutdowns in two of the last three years. I've had it with our Michigan being redlined, our businesses cut off from credit, our families evicted from their homes. It’s time to put the public interest ahead of the personal and private interests of paid lobbyists. It’s time to shake things up in Lansing and make Michigan ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Groz-Beckert - Building for the Future
19 July 2010, Albstadt- German textile engineering powerhouse Groz-Beckert opened its highly impressive Technology & Development Centre (TEZ) here in Albstadt on Friday confirming its status as one of the most successful and forward thinking textile engineering businesses in the world. Set in Baden-Württemberg, one of Germany’s wealthiest regions, which borders France to the west and Switzerland to the south, the town of Albstadt is the centre of the world’s needle manufacturing centre for industrial knitting machines and many parts for other textile machinery, thanks to Groz-Beckert.  The town is ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Value-Oriented Investing
Value-Oriented Investing. DAVID M. POLEN is Chief Investment Officer, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Polen Capital Management. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
PERSI Choice Plan Investments :. Public Employee Retirement System ...
The funds were recommended to PERSI by an international investment consulting firm that was selected to recommend the asset classes and to perform the search for investment managers. The selected funds offer a variety of different investment types including large, mid and small capitalization U.S. equity, international equity, index funds and stable value. Based on the independent research, we feel these funds are currently some of the best investment managers available. We also feel that most members of the Choice Plan should be able to meet their investment objectives with these funds. You may, if you wish, transfer all or a ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Kaplan, Bischel & Associates, a San Francisco value-oriented investment advisory firm, where he leads the Socially Responsible Strategy team. ...
Why does the value of a share of stock depend on dividends ...
Why does the value of a share of stock depend on dividends? A substantial percentage of companies listed on the NYSE and the NSADAQ don't pay dividends, but investors are none the less willing to buy shares in them. How is this possible? I will divide your question into two. 1: why the Value of the stock depends on the dividend? Ans: Stock value is not dependent on the dividend. In fact it is the other way. Based on the value of the stock, the company propose dividend. In the last decade or so, people are relying on the dividend to understand whether the company is making "real" money or is just bluffing. If you are ...
Beginner Investing: young investor-but aggressive, investors ...
I'm a 26 year old in the banking industry.  I can expect to earn an income in the mid $40k's over the next 2 years (if i decide to stay in retail banking).  I want to invest my money in products that 1)are growth oriented-I can afford a higher degree of risk (I'm single); 2) allow me the ability to learn how to invest wisely and be profitable; 3)again, are growth oriented.  Eventually I want to invest in commercial/multi unit real estate. Answer George,   Thank you for your question! Yes, I completely agree that a young person such as yourself should be fairly aggressive in their ...