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Special Report on

Values-Based Investing

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by Darren David Lee, Jacquelyn Humphrey, and Karen L. Benson--all at University of Queensland, Australia, and Jason Ahn. June 2010, Accounting and Finance, Australia. Portfolio Diversification and Environmental, Social or Governance Criteria: Must Responsible Investments Really Be Poorly Diversified? By Andreas G. F. Hoepner, University of St. Andrews - School of Management, Principles for Responsible Investment, United Nations. From Fiduciary Duties to Fiduciary Relationships for Socially Responsible Investment, by Benjamin J. Richardson, Osgoode Hall ...
(born August 30, 1946) is a business and tax attorney, a Master Registered Financial Planner, a Registered Financial Counselor and a Certified Investment Specialist. He is the author of thirty-two books on corporate management , taxation and personal finance . Click here for a list of his books. Out of his proprietary research, he developed a new socially responsible investing approach which he published in the year 2005. 1 His theories challenged the effectiveness of exclusionary screening used by traditional principle-focused investing and suggested a broad revamping of the industry’s methodology for driving change through ...
ETF DAILY NEWS » FaithShares ETFs: In Tough Times, are Investors ...
Tailoring its five funds according to the tenants of the country’s four largest Christian denominations* (Catholic, Baptist, Methodist and Lutheran), as well as a non-denominational fund, FaithShares also screens for social, governance and environmental scores.   For example, a key BP contractor involved in the current oil spill did not pass FaithShares’ environmental filter in 2009.  In fact, none of the companies involved in the BP crisis have ever been included in FaithShares’ funds.   “Value and values need not be contradictory,” said Phillips, a 33-year investment industry veteran.  Launched in ... market research, surveys and trends
Ethical Investing - Does it Even Matter? You May be Surprised ...
which I was rather conflicted about, but too alluring to ignore based on my assessment.  While I don’t think gold’s lofty prices are supported by fundamentals and I’ve trashed its prospects compared to other investment vehicles before (like why Platinum, Silver ETFs are better to exploit a tanking dollar), I’ve resolved myself to the fact that this ETF may very well continue to run given the secular trend in commodity prices from a continued weak dollar trend and mainstreet hype.  Since I am very transparent with my readers on trades and investment strategies, the right thing to do was publicize my ... market research, surveys and trends


Concerned Women for America - Values-Based Investing: A Tool for ...
The following information is provided for informational purposes only, and is not intended as investment advice. For such advice, individuals should consult an independent, professional financial advisor who can take their complete financial situation into consideration. TROUBLE WITHIN CAPITALISM American capitalism is in crisis. The shocking downfall of business giants Enron and Global Crossing have only been eclipsed by similar ethical trouble at Tyco, Xerox and WorldCom. Accounting and ethical scandals have even hit the nonprofit sector with the bankruptcy of the Baptist Foundation of Arizona. In each situation, CEOs and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Socially Responsible Investing in the United States
values-based investing, and mission-based or mission-related investing all refer to the same general ..... $100 million in assets, 72 percent received top ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
keep your cool in a scary market
(Money Magazine) -- You knew it couldn't go on forever. And deep down, the spectacular run-up in stocks that began when the bear market bottomed in March 2009 was actually making you a little nervous. An 80% surge in just 13 months was starting to feel a lot like bubble territory. So yes, a breather was probably in order. But another full-blown financial crisis? One that would hammer stock markets around the globe? You were hardly expecting that; few people were. Spiraling debt troubles in Greece, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, and Spain kicked off the chaos. Worries about a sharp economic slowdown in China and anemic job growth ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Wells Fargo Advantage Funds(R) and Evergreen Funds Complete Merger
SAN FRANCISCO, Jul 20, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Wells Fargo Funds Management, LLC, announced today the completion of fund mergers and reorganizations that effectively unifies the mutual fund families of Wells Fargo & Company and the former Wachovia Corporation. The combination of the Wells Fargo Advantage and Evergreen Fund families positions Wells Fargo Advantage Funds as the eleventh-largest fund family in the United States, with $224.1 billion in assets under management (combined assets as of May 31, 2010)(1). The consolidation was the final step in Wells Fargo Funds ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The line that has separated the building of wealth from
sible” com panies in 1995.1 Values-based investing has also gained currency around the world. ... reflects the appeal of values-based investing, of which ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Investor Tips: Variable Annuities
Variable annuities have become a part of the retirement and investment plans of many Americans. Before you buy a variable annuity, you should know some of the basics – and be prepared to ask your insurance agent, broker, financial planner, or other financial professional lots of questions about whether a variable annuity is right for you. This is a general description of variable annuities – what they are, how they work, and the charges you will pay. Before buying any variable annuity, however, you should find out about the particular annuity you are considering. Request a prospectus from the insurance company or from ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Value-Based Optimization for Commercial Aircraft Design
properly chosen value calculation based on these cash flows can ... future value of an investment or other fiscal activity in terms of current money. ...
What benefits have you seen from adopting a consciously values ...
Harnessing individual and organisational values for meaningful effect lies at the heart of the work that I do. I have my own ideas about the benefits that can accrue from a values based approach and I know what clients tell me they see as the results. This is however, quite a narrow view of the world so I would be very interested in your experience. posted 9 months ago in Organizational Development , Staffing and Recruiting | Closed Share This Principal at New Paradigms LLC see all my answers This was selected as Best Answer Jackie, I think what you are describing is what I would call "true engagement". I have a model I call ...
What is your current investing strategy? How do you feel about the ...
Interest rates are great for savings accounts right now, the housing market looks like it could be in for trouble in the near future, the stock market has been volatile this week, but lots of companies are announcing earnings and many of them look good. The Dow has hit 14,000, and some say it could get to 15,000 by the end of the year. How do you like the various investments available today? How would you split your money up? Are you investing for retirement, short term gain, additional income, or trying to get rich quick? I will focus on my approach for IRAs here. I also own rental properties to hedge against a weak dollar and ...