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Special Report on

Wall Street Investment Bankers

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with Karen Ho, a University of Minnesota anthropologist who spent some time working on Wall Street and lays the blame for our rent-a-job work culture firmly at the feet of investment bankers. She says: What I found in my research was that in many ways investment bankers and how they approach work became a model for how work should be conducted... What a lot of folks don't realize is there are tons of layoffs on Wall Street even during a boom. What they value is not worker stability but constant market simultaneity... The kind of worker they imagine is a worker like themselves. A worker who is constantly retraining, a worker ...
portrayal of 1980s excess, with Douglas's character advocating that "greed, for lack of a better word, is good". It has also proven influential in inspiring people to work on Wall Street with Sheen, Douglas and Stone commenting over the years how people still approach them and say that they became stockbrokers because of their respective characters in the film. Stone and Douglas have reunited for a sequel titled Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps , which will be released on September 24, 2010.
Mano Singham's Web Journal: The phony social security crisis-6 ...
is to raise the age of full benefits eligibility from 65 to 70 is wrong. There are other ways to fix social security other than raising the retirement age. The most obvious is to remove the cap that limits the social security payroll tax to only those incomes below $106,800 (the ceiling for 2009). Currently all incomes above that limit do not contribute to the social security trust fund. But there should be no upper limit. As Kevin Drum points out in a handy chart, that one move alone would solve the Social Security problem but there are other ways. Of course, lifting the cap on earnings that are subject to the social security ... market research, surveys and trends
California High Speed Rail Blog » What Does Wall Street Really Say ...
that investment bankers on Wall Street are skeptical of California’s high speed rail project. Unfortunately, Lockyer has offered neither evidence nor details of these statements, so we can’t really respond to them directly. (That’s not to say Lockyer is making it up, I’m sure he has heard these things.) But we do have some evidence that investment bankers are bullish on HSR in general. Last week UBS published the following study on HSR in Asia. Thanks to Missiondweller for sending this to me. (PDF link) HSR Here’s their conclusion: Our European transport analysts Jarrod Castle and Dominic Edridge ... market research, surveys and trends


Poll: Ten percent of Americans believe environmentalists ...
Get out of America now. It is no longer your country. The lunatics are truly in charge of The United States of Insanity. /sarcasm. Seriously, though. Just how much proof do you need that Americans are becoming increasingly ignorant. Ignorance leads to slavery. This is Obama's 9/11. The Government caused the oil spill. Obama flip flopped(like usual) and was Drill Baby Drill, and a week later a spill. Most Americans are on board to tax, yes Cap and Trade... We are asking for it now. 9/11 got all Americans on board to go fight a stupid war... This Oil Spill will get all Americans on board to put a carbon Tax on everything. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Hard Times, But Big Wall Street Bonuses - The Early Show - CBS News
A bailout for the auto industry may be looming, but there may not be enough money to save them, reports Anthony Mason. Maggie Rodriguez talks to Mich. Gov. Jennifer Granholm about the ripple effect. Video The "Near Bankrupt" Economists are calling a new group of Americans, the "near bankrupt," as millions are taking on more credit card debt to keep their finances afloat. Priya David reports. (CBS)  It's no secret that investment bankers are well-compensated, mostly through year-end bonuses, especially during bull markets. But can they still count on those big bonuses this year, in the midst of the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
What Happened at the 'Enron of Kansas'?
Hard as it is to fathom, some three years into the worst financial crisis of our lifetimes, not a single Wall Street or corporate executive has been held accountable for it. In October 2009, a federal jury in Brooklyn acquitted the two Bear Stearns’ hedge-fund managers , Ralph Cioffi and Matthew Tannin, on fraud charges. And, despite Anton Valukas’s damning 2,200-page report about the last, fatal years at Lehman Brothers — a virtual litigation roadmap — no Lehman executives have been indicted for the destruction of the firm. No Merrill Lynch executives appear to have even been investigated for driving the firm to the edge of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Blago: Gov't 'proved I was innocent'
proved I was innocent, and there was nothing further for me to add." His defense team, by the way, rested its case today without calling a single witness. He said there was a split among his father-and-son legal team. Blago said he and Sam Adam Jr. wanted him to testify; Sam Sr., however, did not. Blagojevich insisted that he did nothing illegal, that the prosecution only proved that he was "brainstorming about some ideas." He added, "Yes, they proved some of the ideas were stupid. They also proved some of the ideas were good." The loquacious Blagojevich concluded with a lesson learned. "I would ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


New York, NY – May 16, 2006 – A team of experienced Wall Street investment bankers announced today the establishment of a new minority-owned investment bank ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Ten of Nation's Top Investment Firms Settle Enforcement Actions ...
Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman William H. Donaldson, New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, North American Securities Administrators Association President Christine Bruenn, NASD Chairman and CEO Robert Glauber, New York Stock Exchange Chairman and CEO Dick Grasso, and state securities regulators announced today that enforcement actions against ten of the nation's top investment firms have been completed, thereby finalizing the global settlement in principle reached and announced by regulators last December. That settlement followed joint investigations by the regulators of allegations of undue influence of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Investment Banking
Jul 9, 2008 ... Investment banking includes a wide variety of activities, .... Monkey Business: Swinging Through the Wall Street Jungle, by John ...
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  3. profile image dropoutnation @JasonFlom about all media coverage. Wall Street investment bankers are proud of their work in spite of the recent round of media coverage
How did the increase in the interest rates in the early 80s ...
The U.S. Federal Reserve under Paul Volker raised the federal funds rate to reduce inflation in the U.S.; other interest rates of course followed. With "safe" money from the Fed at 20% in 1981, commercial banks were eager to offer much more than 5% to depositors to attract cheaper money. Depositors withdrew their money from S&Ls and deposited it in higher interest accounts. (Wouldn't you?) At the same time, high interest rates reduced the value of S&L assets (loans on houses). The present value of a mortgaged property with a given assessed value at 20% interest is a whole lot less than the same property at 5% interest. ...
Why is Bill Heard closing local Chevrolet dealerships?
Nobody sold more cars in Georgia than Bill Heard. He was the nation’s 11th-biggest automobile dealer, the world’s largest Chevrolet retailer. He was, as his ubiquitous advertisements put it, “Mr. Big Volume.” No credit? No problem. All loan applications accepted. It’s all about the payments. These advertising slogans became tenets that helped guide Columbus-based Bill Heard Enterprises as it grew to 15 dealerships in seven states, including four in metro Atlanta, with sales topping $2 billion a year. And, ultimately, they became millstones that hastened the firm’s demise. Heard Enterprises abruptly shut down all its dealerships ...