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Why Life Settlement Investments?

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Life Settlements have recently become an increasingly popular alternative asset class, especially in light of the recent mortgage mess, financial turmoil on Wall Street, and government bailouts.  The Life Settlement market has rapidly grown into a $20 billion industry and is predicted by Bernstein Research to develop into a $160 billion market in a few short years. Mostly supported by institutional investors comprising various brokerage houses, hedge funds, pension plan portfolios, and even Warren Buffett to the tune of $400+ million (as reported by Senior Market Advisor), the investment can also apply to individual ...
settler on the island. Others had visited the island earlier and stayed over winter. Over the following centuries, people of Norse and Gaelic origin settled in Iceland. From 1262 to 1918 it was part of the Norwegian, and later the Danish monarchies. Until the 20th century, the Icelandic population relied largely on fisheries and agriculture. In 1994, the nation became party to an agreement that established the European Economic Area , thus allowing it to diversify from fishing to economic and financial services. Iceland has a free market economy with relatively low taxes compared to other OECD countries, while maintaining a ...
Did You Know You Can Sell Life Insurance Policy For a Lump Sum of ...
Many people sell life insurance policy when they reach retirement age or when their all their accounts have paid off. Selling has several advantages over keeping the policy – it gets rid of premium payments, conforms to the needs of your dependents, and gives you access to a large sum of cash that would take weeks to get through a bank loan. But there are important things to know if you’re planning to cash in. For instance, not all policy holders are qualified to sell life insurance policies. In most cases, life settlements are exclusive to people over 65 who are expected to live the next 20 years or so. ... market research, surveys and trends
Life Settlements: An Introduction
need more money to live comfortably through their golden years. This is especially true when faced with unforeseen expenses such as assisted living and long-term care. The urgency of finding a significant amount of money quickly exacerbates an already stressful and emotional situation. For these seniors, the options can be bleak. One answer: a Life Settlement. A life settlement is a powerful financial tool that allows you to convert your life insurance policy into cash. In a typical scenario, a bank or financial institution will purchase the policy, become the owner and beneficiary, and take over the premium payments. You are ... market research, surveys and trends


Life Settlement Investments: Keep Eyes WIDE OPEN | Connecticut ...
A year ago, Sharon Brady, a retired sheriff’s deputy in Texas, and her husband, Thomas, visited their Fort Worth financial planner intending to invest in a security bond. But when they arrived at the office of James E. Poe, owner of Senior Retirement Planners , Poe told them there a was change in plans. That bond sale was over, he said, but he had something else. He introduced the couple to Bruce Collins , chief operating officer of Retirement Value LLC ., a company that specialized in life settlement investments. As Poe explained it, the company helps investors buy life insurance policies for older people who want to cash ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Viatical Settlement Investment Scams and Dubious Life Settlement ...
Historically, some insurance companies have offered an accelerated death benefits option which allows the insured an opportunity to receive up to 80% of the death benefit at any time within the last year of their projected life. The remaining 20% is then paid to the insured's estate. On the other hand, the business of viatical settlements involves the selling of a policy death benefit, at less than face value, by a terminally ill person to a third party. This is accomplished, for a commission, with the assistance of a broker ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Trapped assets prove a powerful incentive
Some rather large stones were turned over last week in coming to a better understanding of why a cash-strapped Babcock & Brown extended a $35 million loan to Tricom. And as chummy as the Babcock chief executive, Phil Green, may have been with Tricom's managing director, Lance Rosenberg - a continuing liquidator's examination last week heard that they called each other regularly - it hardly appears to have been a philanthropic gesture by Babcock. Three years ago BusinessDay interviewed an astonished fund manager voicing surprise that Rosenberg and Green had appeared on the same conference call as Rosenberg tried to buy ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Goldman Sachs Can't Say It Dodged This F-Bomb: Commentary by Jonathan Weil
While the Securities and Exchange Commission’s fraud lawsuit against Goldman Sachs may be over, the myths about what’s contained in the settlement agreement seem to have taken on a life of their own. There’s been so much misinformation floating around on this subject that it’s time to set the record straight. Contrary to many reports over the past week, the SEC didn’t back off any of its fraud allegations . Nor will Goldman be allowed to deny the SEC’s harshest accusations. Yet over and over, articles and analyst reports keep popping up asserting otherwise. To recap, the SEC’s lawsuit accused Goldman and a vice president, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Life Settlements Market
are members of the Viatical and Life Settlement Association of. America (VLSA). .... further and claims that this is the primary reason why life ... return on the beneficiary's investments to preserve the life insurance ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Press Release: SEC Releases Report of the Life Settlements Task ...
recommending that life settlements be clearly defined as securities so that the investors in these transactions are protected under the federal securities laws. A life settlement is a transaction in which an individual with a life insurance policy sells that policy to another person, who then assumes responsibility for paying the premiums. Typically, the seller no longer wants the policy or can no longer afford to pay the premiums. In exchange, the insured party typically receives a lump sum payment that exceeds the policy's cash surrender value, but is less than the expected payout in the event of death. The staff report ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Life Settlements - Wharton Financial Institutions Center
A life settlement is an attractive investment when the net present value of the ..... as straightforward life settlement investors. An investment in life ...
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What would make a Fund of Hedge Fund attractive to Institutional ...
Aside from good pedigree and top notch service providers, the FOF I think would have to provide access to funds that have "weathered the storm" and that would not be accessible otherwise, perhaps with an emphasis on a particular market sector. posted 3 months ago Fund of Funds definately took a big hit ( much more than hedge fund itself) in the crisis as they were leveraging the investment on top of the leverage used by the hedge fund manager. I believe, they can provide value to the institutional investor 1) Provide greater transparancy to the investors which would entail more reporting on the leverage, strategy deployed, risk, ...
Can you transfer a whole life insurance policy to another company ...
I am unhappy with both the performance and service on a whole life insurance policy that I've had for about 11 years. Do I have any options? I'd never get the same rates now. I was told when sold the policy that dividends could pay the premium after 20 years...doesn't look like that is the case. Also, the cash value is LESS than the actual money i have put into it. Is this normal or do I have a crappy policy? Yes you can transfer the cash value in the whole life policy into another cash value policy (ie Whole Life to Whole Life, Whole life to Universal Life, etc) or into an annuity (such as variable ...