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Special Report on

Wisconsin Angel Investing Groups

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ST. PAUL, Minnesota– In a packed State Building Office hearing room Tuesday, witness after witness rose to speak in support of H.F. 2750, a bill that would grant $32 million in tax credits over three years to angel investors who fund risky, high tech start-up companies. Entrepreneurs, investors, university officials, industry groups warned lawmakers that the lack of early stage capital meant innovative start-ups in Minnesota would either die or move to another state. Rep. Ann Lenczewski of Bloomington, the powerful Democratic chair of the House Tax Committee and a vocal opponent of the bill, listened politely. Then she ...
with a population of as of 2007. Milwaukee is also the regional center of the seven county Greater Milwaukee Area, with an estimated population of as of 2008. The first Europeans to pass through the area were French missionaries and fur traders . In 1818, the French-Canadian explorer Solomon Juneau settled in the area, and in 1846 Juneau's town combined with two neighboring towns to incorporate as the City of Milwaukee. Large numbers of German and other immigrants helped increase the city's population during the 1840s and the following decades. Once known almost exclusively as a brewing and manufacturing powerhouse, ...
Angel Investor Groups for Women in Wisconsin
Wisconsin. Wow. You kind of expect New York and San Francisco. But Wisconsin -- the true heartland of the U.S. -- now has its first angel group comprised of women. The Wisconsin Women's Angel Fund is loosely affiliated with the amazing women-led Phenomenelle Angels Fund. The Wisconsin Women's Angel Fund will initially make available $2.3 million in capital to early-stage companies, and its eventual goal is to have $10 million in the fund. Fittingly, Wisconsin-based companies will be the first priority, but investors also may look for worthy investments elsewhere in the ... market research, surveys and trends
U.S. SBA-Office of Advocacy--The Importance of Angel Investing in ...
angel investing in the United States. Although there are a handful of practitioner articles in which angels reflect upon their experience as angel investors, a few descriptions of angel groups and angel investment programs, ... The Wisconsin Department of Revenue records on the use of the state's angel tax credit (WATC) in 2005. 8. The Federal Reserve Angel Focus Group Study (FRAFG), a study consisting of four two-and-a-half hour focus group sessions conducted in 2005 ... market research, surveys and trends


Risk Capital in Wisconsin: A Progress Report for 2006
Jun 1, 2007 ... investing in the United States in 2006 increased 11 percent over the level ... investing activity in Wisconsin. Act 255 provides $3 million annually ... financed by angel investing groups. And a number were financed by a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
2008 Risk Capital Report: Wisconsin - 2008 Wisconsin Risk Capital ...
10 percent increase over the $30.5 million that Wisconsin companies won in .... Wisconsin Angel Network promotes co-investing between groups through various ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Top legal mistakes entrepreneurs make: Choice of entity
One of the first legal issues entrepreneurs face is what type of entity they should form. There are three common types of entities: C-corporation, S-corporation and limited liability company (or LLC). There is a lot of confusion on which entity is best. Some experienced West Coast start-up lawyers provide a five second answer that a corporation is recommended . Some law firms in the Upper Midwest consistently recommend limited liability companies, while our former colleague Matt Storms identifies key deficiencies in LLC’s . This article will briefly describe the pros and cons of C-corporations, S-corporations and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The gap in NewSpace business plans
Rocketplane, in the end, went out not with a bang but with a whimper, one so faint it literally took weeks for the rest of the space industry to notice that the launch company was finally, officially, out of business. In mid-June Rocketplane filed bankruptcy papers with the state of Wisconsin, where the company and its suborbital and orbital subsidiaries, Rocketplane Global and Rocketplane Kistler, had been based since leaving Oklahoma last year. The filings went unannounced and unnoticed until the Oklahoma Gazette , an alternative weekly publication in Oklahoma City, reported on the filings last week . While many companies in ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Angel Investing Activity in Wisconsin in 2005
Jan 31, 2006 ... angel groups. o Analysis of the impact of Wisconsin Act 255 on angel investing activity in 2005. Angel investing is generally associated ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Wisconsin Department of Commerce: Angel Investment Tax Credit ...
Angel investors and angel investor networks that invest in Qualified New Business Ventures may be eligible to claim an income tax credit on that investment, up to 25% of the investment amount. Wisconsin Tax Credits Currently Available to Angel Investors Credits remaining for 2006:  $578,071 Credits remaining for 2007: $949,537 Credits remaining for 2008: $3,308,120 Credits remaining for 2009: $569,961 Credits remaining for 2010: $5,500,000 Angel investors and angel investor networks may be considered for tax credits based on their investments in busineses that have already been certified by Commerce as ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
8 Tips for Finding Angel Investors
Angel investors do what ordinary mortals will not. They have the financial ability to give life to your start-up. But they don’t show their wings to everyone. Angels have to want to be discovered. As an entrepreneur, you have to learn how to find them. The ideal angel investor will connect to the vision of your entrepreneurial idea. Of most importance, the angel investor will want to feel a connection with you, the entrepreneur, and share some of your moral and socio-cultural values and aspirations. Angels like money; they’re not above it all. While angel investors tend to be relational and allied with the ...
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Feel FREE to ask us about traveling, living, relocating, retiring and investing in the Philippines. Guests from 83 countries make our place in Manila an incredible meeting place for world travelers who exchange travel stories and information. We understand both the joys and the hardships of living and traveling in the Philippines. Experience I arrived in the Philippines in January 1980 to travel for 2 months; I stayed 4 months before reluctantly leaving. I met my Filipina wife, Lorna. an incredible stellar, "one in a million" individual in 1983 in Seoul and we moved to the Philippines in 1986 and opened our 3BR house ...