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Your Investor Profile

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Be sure to provide a link that proves the backing you’ve received from an angel investor, venture capital firm, incubator or university (press release, blog post, etc) After review, we’ll add approved startup profiles to ChubbyBrain If you believe you can leverage our data and information in creative, profound ways, we’d love to hear from you. We provide select data and content to our partners on a co-branded or private-label basis. Some of our notable, publicly disclosed data syndication deal are with ReadWriteWeb and the NY Enterprise Report .  Stay tuned for many more soon to be announced. We also collaborate with ...
consists of finding an asset allocation that is appropriate for a given person in terms of their appetite for and ability to shoulder risk. This can depend on various factors; see investor profile .
`Investor Resistance' Lifts Municipal Bond Yields to Highest in ...
you should only buy munis if 1) your investor profile dictates that bonds should be a part of your portfolio, and 2) if your tax bracket is so high that your return from the munis will be higher than your after-tax return on other types of bonds, like t bills. muni hlders are exempt from paying federal income tax on interest income paid by muni bond issuers. that is their main benefit. when it comes to individual investors, they are marketed towards high net worth individuals. 46867 about -1 years ago - No comments Here is a look at real-estate news in today’s WSJ.           Go to Source about 1 ... market research, surveys and trends
Risk Tolerance-Determine Your Investor Profile
Determining your investor profile and understanding your risk tolerance is an important step before investing, your risk tolerance will determine your appropriate asset allocation . There are several factors that determine your risk tolerance among other things are your age, networth, time horizon and investing experience. Risk Tolerance is not a static measure; it changes over time (or at least should) in an ideal situation your risk tolerance should look like this (the age is a very rough estimate): • Early Earning Years (to age 35) : At this time you are starting a career, building net worth and assuming family and home ... market research, surveys and trends


What is Return on Equity (ROE)
ROE measures a company�s returns on its shareholders� investments in the same manner. ROE is a company�s annual net income divided by its shareholders equity. ROE = net income/shareholder�s equity ROE is widely reported, and many money managers rely on it as a key gauge of a company�s profitability. In the example, I suggested a situation where a $100,000 investment (equity) yields a $10,000, or 10 percent annual return on your equity. Let�s postulate that you could earn a 10 percent return on any additional cash you put into the business. Further assume that you are willing to invest your profits ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
What is Return on Assets (ROA)
Total liabilities is just what is says: everything that the company says it owes, regardless of where it appears on the balance sheet. The point of using an ROE-type formula is to measure a company�s profitability by comparing its net income to its assets. The return on assets formula (ROA) does just that; it divides net income by total assets, which includes shareholder�s equity plus all borrowings. return on assets = net income/total assets ROA measures a company�s profits compared to its entire investment. Another advantage of using ROA to gauge profitability over ROE and ROC is its stability. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Malcolm Berko: Taking Stock
For the past three years, we’ve been using a money manager whom you know, and while our income/growth account isn’t going great guns, we’re plus-19 percent since February 2007. I wish he were more aggressive; though, at age 79, I know we should be conservative, but I’m still disappointed. The only advantage is that I’m not tied to a computer making portfolio decisions, which was starting to become stressful. I called our manager and asked him about 99 Cents Only Store, which I bought in a non-managed account at $8.70 two years ago. It’s doubled, and I think it will double again. I told him to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Blackbaud to serve as Exclusive Provider of ThePort Network Social Networking ...
today announced that it will be the exclusive nonprofit sales channel for ThePort Network(TM) social networking solutions. The companies entered into an exclusive partnership to help nonprofits further engage their constituents by combining the world's leading online and social networking solutions. "There was a natural fit between Blackbaud and ThePort Network due to our mutual focus on helping nonprofits connect with their constituencies and our respective leadership positions as online and social networking solutions providers for nonprofits," said ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Investor Profile Questionnaire
With your Investor Profile in mind, look on page 4 to find the investment ... corresponds to your Investor Profile. On the next page, select the investment ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Investor Profile Quiz
investor profile on the next page. Please note that this profiling tool is only a guide: For advice specific to your situation, you will want to consider ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Determining your investment mix.
There are three major components that make up your Investor Profile Questionnaire (IPQ) score: 1) Time Horizon; 2) Financial Tolerance; and ...
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Is now a good time to buy municipal bonds and why? - Yahoo! Answers
I was told that this would not be a good time to buy bonds because if the Fed raises rates then treasury yields will go up. If Treasury yields go up then bond yields will follow upward. Because muni yields and muni prices have an inverse relationship bond prices will go down and I loss money. I want to buy muni's, please explain why I should. Thank you. 2 years ago Member since: July 21, 2008 Total points: 3420 (Level 4) you should only buy munis if 1) your investor profile dictates that bonds should be a part of your portfolio, and 2) if your tax bracket is so high that your return from the munis will be higher ...
Hi all ,i am new to share market,and I am interested in investing ...
How sholud i proceed for investing,what precautions should i take, in which companies should i invest,how to find that this particular MF or Company share is good for me to invest. Thanks in advance. Standard investment advice is that you should invest in a diversified mix of stocks, bonds, and money market funds. You want to buy a diversified portfolio of stocks as individual stocks are too risky. Most folks have a dificult time buying a properly balanced portfoilio of stocks on their own. They will misbalance their portfolio by buying all small stocks or all growth stocks, or some other misbalanced assortment of stocks. Unless ...