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Special Report on

The Grand Supercycle Peak

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According to mainstream economists, greed, in effect, is good. Reigning theory holds that, if individuals and organizations seek to maximize utility and profits, respectively, and there is "perfect" competition for limited resources, then, as if guided by an invisible hand, market prices and the overall economy will tend toward general equilibrium and maximum happiness for all in the long-run. The reality, however, is that greed is not good, and, in the long-run, it is leading to the collapse of civilization and maximum unhappiness for all. In this sense, reigning economic theory ...
published in April 1976 and has been continuously in print on a subscription basis since May 1979. The publication includes Elliott wave analysis of the financial markets and cultural trends, plus commentary on topics that include technical analysis , behavioral finance , physics, pattern recognition , and socionomics . Robert Prechter is the publication's editor and main contributor. 1 Cite error: There are tags on this page, but the references will not show without a {{Reflist}} template or a tag; see the .
tip's sep10(must read)
The scale of the bear market that might have been signalled by the Dow Theory sell signal in late-November of last year is suggested by the Elliott Wave Principle popularized by Robert Prechter and Elliott Wave International over the past three decades. If you are unfamiliar with the Wave Principle, there are excellent online tutorials to help you better understand it. According to the Wave Principle, the cyclical top reached in stock prices in October 2007 could have been a Grand Supercycle peak some 200 years in the making. In fact, there is even reason to believe the top reached was the peak of a Millenium Cycle, i.e., it ... market research, surveys and trends
ewt on housing bubble
The volume of noise in the media about a possible housing bubble is growing enormously. Hardly a day passes without more stories about the excessiveness of the frothy real-estate market. Even my local papers (i.e. the Seattle Times, etc) are running front-page stories on the "bubble". Does this growing concensus of the existence of some sort of bubble (opinion differs on how deep it is) indicate that we are still quite a ways away from an actual decline in real-estate prices? I know that EWI has commented on how market peaks are often accompanied with some cautionary warnings in the media, but isn't the massive ... market research, surveys and trends


The Spirit Of Truth Blog: The Grand Supercycle Crash
"When the Spirit of Truth comes, he will guide you into all truth; for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come. He will glorify Me, for he will take what is Mine and declare it to you..." (John 16:12) The Dow plunged more than 500 points today after losing more than 300 points on Monday. The psychologically critical 10,000 mark was decisively breached as the Grand Supercycle crash, which I'd been warning all year could occur this autumn , takes full form on Wall Street. On Monday, before the stock market opened, I jotted ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The DJIA fell a little over 90 points today and seems poised to break below 9000 again. A failure at 9000 at the current juncture would be significantly more dangerous than the previous reversal from the psychologically important mark last week. This time, if the Dow drops below 9000 and then below 8900, the first Dow Theory bear market signal will occur since the last major stock market correction (20%+) in 1990 when Iraq invaded Kuwait. (One might also note that the London FTSE and French CAC also appear ready to fail at psychologically significant thousand marks. The FTSE is trading just ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Financial Times Technically, these methods don't work Copyright ...
Hence the belief in the "long wave" or "grand supercycle" that ... Maybe 2000 will turn out to be the latest Kondratieff peak, although the economic ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Interim Geologic Map of the St. George Quadrangle, Washington ...
The formation represents the last Triassic second-order supercycle of Vail and ...... m) of strata and ended 95 feet (29 m) into the top of the Devonian Muddy Peak .... east of the quadrangle and the Grand Wash, Reef Reservoir, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
In addition, extending the peak of 11700 by 1.236 (.236= .382 x .618) also ... Jim Forte, CMT, “The Approaching Grand Supercycle Top: An Alternate model ...
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With one out of every 10 people not working in the United States, could it get worse? Yes, if the economy sinks into the deflationary depression. The 10.2% unemployment rate announced on November 6 is the worst in 26 years. But even that number doesn't reflect the real rate of unemployment. "The 10.2 percent unemployment rate does not include people without jobs who have stopped looking for work or those who have settled for part-time jobs. If you counted those people, the unemployment rate would be 17.5 percent, the highest on record dating from 1994." As bad as that unemployment level is now, the upcoming bear market and ...