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Collective bargaining and labor disputes

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LONDON — British Airways PLC cabin crew begin voting Monday on whether to strike in a long running dispute over pay and working conditions — while the airline starts training other workers to take over their duties. The Unite union called the vote after BA won a court order stopping workers from carrying out a planned walkout over the Christmas and New Year travel period. The new ballot of some 12,000 cabin crew closes on Feb. 22, which means that a strike could be called for as early as March 1, although Unite has pledged not to walk out over the busy Easter holiday period. Workers are unhappy about changes to staffing and pay, ...
canceled a complete season because of a labor dispute. The lockout lasted 310 days starting September 16, 2004, the day after the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between the NHL and the NHL Players Association (NHLPA) that resolved the 1994–95 lockout expired. The negotiating teams reached an agreement on July 13, 2005, and the lockout officially ended nine days later on July 22, after both the NHL owners and players ratified the CBA.
Honda Strikers Victorious in China « Talking Union
An extraordinary strike has succeeded! 1800 young workers overcame obstacles that seemed insurmountable to win a two-week-long strike at a Honda transmission plant in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. They overcome threats by management, violent attacks by union officials that hospitalized four strikers, the absence of legal protection for strikers, and the fact that the majority of the workers were student “interns” from vocational schools that are unprotected by any labor law. They won a 70% wage increase for interns (who were being paid the minimum wage with no benefits), a 35% increase of the somewhat higher rate for ... market research, surveys and trends
News reports on labour disputes and trade unions | CLB
China Labour Bulletin is quoted in the following articles and broadcasts. Copyright remains with the original publisher. Financial Times: Foxconn raises pay by 30% in China LA Times: China's factory workers finding, and flexing, their muscle Reuters: New generation shakes China labour landscape Financial Times: Honda 24% pay offer fails to appease workers SCMP: Workers, unionists clash at Honda plant in Foshan BON: Expert View: Suicides and Strikes Radio Australia: Era of cheap Chinese labour on the wane By Kathrin Hille in Beijing and Tom Mitchell in Hong Kong June 3 2010 Foxconn, the world's largest ... market research, surveys and trends


Industrial Relations in Korea: Issues and Perspectives
increased from 50 million to 47 billion dollars during the same period, making .... Collective Bargaining and Labor Disputes ... began to increase up to 18.5 percent in 1987, it was still relatively low as ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Formation of Labor Unions and Responses to Managerial Crises ...
number of union members, which was approximately 12.59 million in 1975, slightly ..... etc; Conditions Relating to Collective Bargaining and Labor Disputes; .... with the labor-management consultation organ”, and 34 percent of unions ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Judge blocks nurses' strike at 5 UC hospitals
Elaine Burn, as Queen Meg (for Meg Whitman), covers her ears as UC registered nurses rally at the S.F. Superior Court building. Whitman easily defeats Poizner 06.09.10 Voters approve Prop. 14, open primary measure 06.09.10 Fiorina on verge of making GOP history in state 06.09.10 Newsom wins lieutenant governor nomination 06.09.10 Plans by nearly 11,000 nurses to strike Thursday at five University of California medical centers were put on hold Tuesday when a San Francisco judge issued a temporary restraining order preventing the walkout. Nurses represented by the California Nurses Association planned to join 12,000 Minnesota ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Workers Have a Right to Decent Work
Foxconn, the world's biggest original equipment manufacturer (OEM), has announced that it will raise the pay of its lowest-paid workers by over 30 percent. Though Foxconn attributed the need for the wage increase to the recent rise in the cost of living and price of goods, as well as the improved operation of the company as a whole, it is obvious that the pay rise is directly linked with the deaths of 10 of their employees who all leaped to their deaths in recent weeks. It is only because of this more-than-30 percent hike in pay that the monthly salary of the lowest-level of Foxconn worker has exceeded 1,000 yuan a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Unions, Bargaining and Strikes
tools for a theory of collective bargaining and labor disputes. A general aim of this theoretical development is to inform policy makers of the efficiency ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Railroad Labor Act Overview
The RLA was enacted in 1926 as the joint work product of rail labor and management. It was amended slightly in 1934 and 1966, and expanded to include airlines in 1936. 45 U.S.C. §l5l et seq . Special bargaining dispute resolution procedures applicable to publicly owned and operated rail commuter carriers was added in 1981. 45 U.S.C. §159a.  The RLA is administered by the National Mediation Board ("NMB") , an independent Federal agency. General Purposes. The purposes of the RLA are to avoid any interruption of interstate commerce by providing for the prompt disposition of disputes between carriers and their employees ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
adopted more widely for transit labor disputes or other disputes in ..... Two types of disputes occur under collective bargaining – whether public or ...
Google Answers: Important political action that has influenced ...
Hello, talula987-ga! Since you are in a rush, I have done my best to research and compile the most significant events which have affected labor relations in the United States. == This first reference from the Illinois Labor History Society contains a wealth of information about the history of labor relations in the United States. Please refer to the site and click on the link for each period to read information in full. There is an introduction to each section which summarizes the most important labor issues for the time period which might prove helpful to you. I have excerpted some of the most noteworthy events for ...
Arbitration/Mediation: Wrongful Termination, collective bargaining ...
I feel as though i was wrongfully terminated from my job. Let me state my case. My shift goes from 9:00am-5:30pm. We are guaranteed 8hrs, anything after that is considered overtime. This is a union job.All employees are required to work In the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) it clearly states that, "All employees are required to work overtime as needed. Management will notify employees if overtime is needed on a daily basis." On this particular day managment failed to notify the employees includng myself that there would be overtime. I clocked out of work at 5:50pm. The next day Management called me into the ...