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Labor Relations / Collective Bargaining

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Japan's system of labor negotiations provides an opportunity to see whether consensus bargaining restrains labor costs. The recent volatility of the Japanese economy affords a unique chance to observe how consensus-based labor settlements adjusted to sudden, sharp changes in market conditions. It is also possible to evaluate the role of bonus payment in amending labor settlements. With observations for 1986-1995, I use measures of productivity gains to calculate the capacity for increasing worker pay and then analyze whether pay increases exceeded that capacity. I report the extent to which changes in labor earnings were ...
and other forms of concerted activity in support of their demands. The Act does not, on the other hand, cover those workers who are covered by the Railway Labor Act , agricultural employees, domestic employees, supervisors, federal, state or local government workers, independent contractors and some close relatives of individual employers.
With travel ban in place, 81 Pennsylvania employees on average ...
Five employees headed to California. Four to Oklahoma. Two to Florida. Four to Virginia. Two to Illinois. Three to West Virginia. One each to Minnesota, Michigan, Kansas and Nevada. Eighteen to five bordering states. Five to Washington, D.C. and one to South Africa. Is it possible those employees didn’t get the memo on the travel ban? A news release about that cost-cutting announcement on Sept. 16, 2008, was clear: “The governor is prohibiting out-of-state travel by commonwealth employees, board members and commissioners, effective immediately.” Rendell said at the time that he hoped the ban would be honored by ... market research, surveys and trends
Another Chicagoan, Charlie Rose, joins the Obama administration as ...
WASHINGTON--Another Chicagoan, attorney Charles P. Rose, a partner at Franczek Radelet & Rose is joining the Obama administration. Rose will be nominated by President Obama to serve as General Counsel for the Department of Education. Rose has worked with Education Secretary Arne Duncan, the former Chicago Public Schools. below, two releases.. Franczek Radelet & Rose Founding Partner Charles P. Rose to be Nominated as General Counsel to U.S. Department of Education CHICAGO - Charles P. Rose, a founding partner of the Chicago labor, employment and education law firm Franczek Radelet & Rose will be nominated by President Barack ... market research, surveys and trends


Collective Bargaining – Dictionary definition of Collective ...
is a process of negotiated rule-making between a group of unionized workers and the management of one or more firms. In theory the system is one of voluntary accommodation between two private parties, but in reality much supporting legislation, and its vigorous enforcement, is essential to the health of this system. Some form of collective bargaining has existed since the late nineteenth century, but this practice proved routine—albeit for only one-quarter to one-third of all American workers—only during the middle decades of the twentieth century. The phrase "collective bargaining" was coined by British labor ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
collective bargaining: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full ...
Collective bargaining is "a process of negotiation between management and union representatives for the purpose of arriving at mutually acceptable wages and working conditions for employees" (Boone and Kurtz, 1999, pp. 424-425). Various methods may be used in the bargaining process, but the desired outcome is always mutual acceptance by labor and management of a collective bargaining agreement or contract. The Bargaining Process The collective bargaining process begins when the majority of workers of an organization vote to be represented by a specific union. The National Labor Relations Board (see Labor Unions) then ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Unions unfazed by TSA nominee's punt on collective bargaining
During his confirmation hearing on Thursday, President Obama's nominee to head the Transportation Security Administration largely punted on the issue of collective bargaining rights. Nevertheless, federal employee unions said TSA needs a permanent leader and John Pistole should be confirmed. When asked whether he supported collective bargaining rights, Pistole said he would review the matter and consult Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who ultimately would make a recommendation to Obama. "I am confident that Mr. Pistole's review will show that collective bargaining rights at TSA will be a positive ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Continental, United pilots may have deal by year's end
Continental and United airlines pilots could have a contract by the end of the year, when the merger of the two airlines is expected to close, officials said. “We actually met this week to start the discussions on a transition agreement, and we're committing to progress to get to a joint negotiated collective agreement,” Doug McKeen, United's senior vice president of labor relations, said during the company's shareholder meeting this week. “And our target, frankly, is to try and get that done before the merger, before the close of the merger.” Officials from both airlines and pilots unions ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Mention baseball labor relations to the typical fan and, as sure ...
Apr 1, 2006 ... Keywords: major league baseball; labor relations; collective bargaining agreement; revenue sharing; competitive balance; luxury tax ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Employee's Guide to Labor Relations
The following are questions (and answers) employees frequently have about labor relations within the Department of Interior. The Frequently Asked Questions are: What is a union? A union is an organization composed in whole or in part of employees, in which employees participate and pay dues, and which has as a purpose the dealing with an agency concerning grievances and conditions of employment. What is Negotiation or Collective Bargaining? Collective Bargaining is bargaining between and/or among representatives of agencies and labor unions to set working conditions for all employees in an appropriate bargaining unit. Employees ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Employee and Labor Relations-Collective Bargaining
Some classifications in the Merit and Graduate Assistant categories and professional tertiary health care employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements.  Employees can determine if covered by one of the collective bargaining agreements listed below by reviewing Appendix A of the AFSCME contract (Merit), Section 2 of the COGS contract (Graduate Assistants), and Section 2 of the SEIU contract (professional tertiary health care). Employee Participation in a Unionized Environment The University strives to create and maintain a collegial relationship with staff in which they have a voice in the governance ...
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Labor Unions: union and sale of business, legitimate expectation ...
Someone wants to buy my business and I don't know if the union contract would continue with a new owner or if the contract would become void.  I don't want to ask the union representative because I don't want my employees to know that I'm thinking of selling. I own a bakery.  Another bakery with representation from the same union was sold a few years ago and this resulted in their contract becoming void.  Is there a common rule that a union contract becomes void with the sale of a business? Answer Aloha, Elaine: In answering your questions, the first thing we need to talk about are the rules of ...
What is the daily function of a human resources department ...
HR is a strategic partner with a company and they align their goals to the goals of the company. They also do things like making sure the company is adhering to legislation around employment law, labor law and in some HR Departments, health and safety. Alot of it is working with the front line managers to help coach them to work with employees. The main functions of an HR Department include: -Employee and Labor Relations, (collective bargaining, grievance handling, conflict resolution,) -Training and Employee Development (setting up courses for employees, developing training programs, succession planning.) -Payroll and ...