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Special Report on

Sexual Harassment at Work

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Unwelcome behavior based on gender or sexual preferences is sexual harassment. Sexual harassment causes mental, emotional and spiritual distress and affects your relationships as well as your job. This guide covers the first steps in responding to sexual harassment. Any unwelcome behavior directed at you because of your gender or sexual preferences is sexual harassment. Often victims deny the incident, downplay it or question if it really happened or it they are "at fault." If you are angry or uncomfortable about someone's words or actions that are directly or indirectly sexual, then you may be a victim of sexual ...
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It’s officially summer and as we trade our heavy jackets for shorts, skirts, and tanks, we are forced to take on daily the load of crap infamously known as cat calling, street harassment and sexually explicit comments. We have heard them all, “Ohhhhwee Baby! How you doin?” or “Mmmm girl you are fine!” and how about the infamous “Aren’t your feet tired? Because you have been running in my mind allll day!” Ok granted the last one may have been replaced these days with something way more tawdry making me personally feel like I’m a dime store hoochie, but the fact is that while ... market research, surveys and trends
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Got a problem with homophobia or sexual harassment at work? Law firm Russell Jones & Walker answers three common questions about how the law protects you and what you can do. I am gay and feel uncomfortable at work as my boss (who is also gay) keeps making sexually inappropriate comments towards me and is very tactile around me in the office. I confronted him about it and he told me that I was just being sensitive. Is there anything that I can do as I would like him to stop behaving that way? This appears to be harassment of a sexual nature and is therefore prohibited under the Sex Discrimination Act (SDA), which ... market research, surveys and trends


Four of 10 women say they have encountered unwanted sexual advances or remarks from men they work for, but very few of them say they reported the incident at the time, according to the latest New York Times/ CBS News poll. The poll suggests that sexual harassment, even if largely unreported, is a pervasive problem in the workplace. Five of 10 men said that at some point while on the job, they had said or done something that could have been construed by a female colleague as harassment. A majority of the men and women responding to the poll said they believed that suggestive comments could constitute sexual harassment -- that ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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highlights what it terms massive violations of workers’ basic human rights in El Salvador’s 15 export processing zones. The report starts by noting: “Although El Salvador recently ratified the ILO core Conventions on trade union rights, they are still not applied in practice. Some groups of workers in the public sector are not allowed to join the trade union of their choice and to bargain collectively. Workers in the private sector face many restrictions such as excessive formalities and requirements when wishing to exercise their trade union rights. There are many restrictions on the right to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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For most women subject to sexual harassment at work, the old rules still apply. They grin and bear it, and when it gets too much they quit. They work in small business and shops and male-dominated offices, and they lack the confidence to make their complaint public. If it were not for women such as Kristy Fraser-Kirk, who has taken David Jones to court, sexual harassment would remain an abstraction, its sordid details hidden from public view, or buried in secret conciliation sessions behind closed doors. Every cause needs brave people to take a stand and fight for their rights, otherwise rights are eroded for everyone. Most ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
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I work for a reputable medical school in central Texas, in the IT department. My department has expanded beyond the space we have in our office, so they moved three of us to a satellite office, for space reasons. I (the sole female techie) and two men were the ones moved. I didn’t see a problem with this, as they had to move someone and they stated the technicians they were moving were the ones they could trust to work in a more unsupervised setting. It was working out fine until August 4, 2010. One of the coworkers in my tiny office, a married man in his late 40’s/early 50’s and I were talking about current ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


SVJI Fact Sheet December 17, 2004. SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACE. Individuals who are subject to sexual harassment in the workplace may have a civil ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Sexual Harassment Fact Sheet
explains what sexual harassment is under federal law and what it is not, the kinds of behavior that may be interpreted as sexual harassment in the workplace, how a workplace environment can become "sexually hostile," how to avoid sexual harassment of co-workers, how to deal with sexual harassment if it arises, and what to do if you become involved in a sexual harassment investigation. This publication was prepared by David Kadue, an attorney with the Los Angeles office of Seyfarth, Shaw, Fairweather & Geraldson. It is current through December 31, 2000; includes new standards established by the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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The making of unwanted and offensive sexual advances or of sexually offensive remarks or acts, especially by one in a superior or supervisory position or when acquiescence to such behavior is a... Is a sexual commit at work considered sexual harassment ? It can be if it was unwanted, done by a boss, or observed by someone else. What constitutes sexual harassment ? If someone makes any comments to you that have to do with anything sexual, or that indicate that the person wants some intimate or sexual contact with you, and after you make it clear that such... Which of the following is necessary for sexual attention to constitute ...
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If an employer allows a hostile work environment to persist, should the woman be allowed to sue her employer? What if in order to increase sales the employer allows and even encourages customers and even other employees to make unwanted sexual advances, comments, and touching of female employees. Would the woman have a case? would it make a difference in your mind if the woman were a stripper working at a night club? Yes she could most definitely sue, even if her occupation was stripping. If it's not in the job description, no matter what your occupation is you are under no obligation to perform. There are currently no ...