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Special Report on

Women and Leadership

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This has been like no other year for bringing the issue of women and power to the attention of the American public. Hillary Clinton's competitive bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, followed by John McCain's strategic selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate, has made crystal clear the power and influence of women in the political arena today. Women also are using the power of their purses to influence this election. On average, women earn 60 percent more than they did three decades ago, and, despite a gender gap in pay equity, tripled their giving to political candidates from 2000 to 2008. In ...
and has since become completely affiliated. Mundelein College was located just south of Loyola's Lake Shore Campus.
Athena Film Festival
– It’s a film festival that focuses on women’s leadership and will take place at Barnard College in NYC next February 10-13th. I am producing the festival and am in the process of looking for films to program for the festival.  Below is all the information you need to know if you are interested in submitting a film.  Please do not submit a film just because it is directed by a woman.  Please do not submit a film just because it has a woman as the lead.  Read the criteria before you submit.  Thanks.  I can’t wait to see what people submit. Please spread this info far and wide. The Athena Film Festival ... market research, surveys and trends
Women and Leadership
Recent years more and more women have appeared on the international arena as successful political leaders. This tendency shows that women have the same leadership abilities as men and can successfully perform as Presidents and Prime Ministers. This trend is a good sign for leadership in the world which can be interpreted as a great step towards equal opportunities and the ability of public to overcome prejudices against women abilities to lead and rule. Women leadership abilities are formed under the influence of individual characteristics, internal and external environment. It is concerned with why they choose a ... market research, surveys and trends


Women and Leadership | ONE
Today, as you might know, is International Women’s Day, and I wanted to share this fascinating pair of articles in the New York Times that examines the roles of women both in peace-keeping efforts and leadership in Liberia. This key excerpt is taken from the latter: Women hold six of the top positions in her cabinet of 22 — the Foreign, Commerce, Justice, Agriculture, Sports and Gender ministries. [Liberian president Ellen Johnson] Sirleaf is assertive about why they rose in the government of the first woman democratically elected to lead an African state. “Women have stronger commitment. They work harder. They’re honest, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Blog | Unwritten Rules by Lynn Harris
In our privileged world “Feminism” has become a dirty word. For most western young women, to be called a Feminist is an insult. My son and his girlfriends associate Feminism with anti-men and women who wear unattractive clothes. To them the “F” word is, at best, dated and no longer relevant. If we could perhaps change the name, I’m told, Feminism might become more palatable. I don’t really care what it’s called. What I do care about is that the job of Feminism is far from done. In fact, there are many urgent reasons why we need Feminism now, more than ever. Here are 20 of them: Approximately once every ten seconds, a girl ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Don't Drink Yet to 'Year of Woman': Barbara Kellerman (Correct)
(Corrects fourth paragraph of column published June 10 to indicate that California would be the second state with women serving as governor and both U.S. senators.) Commentary by Barbara Kellerman June 10 (Bloomberg) -- How stunning! How seminal! How revolutionary the results in Tuesday’s primary elections! Or were they? Seems everyone who is anyone is commenting today on the success of women candidates from California (Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina) to South Carolina (Nikki Haley), from Arkansas (Blanche Lincoln) to Nevada (Sharron Angle). As someone who advocates, strongly, for more women in positions of leadership, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
NAPW In the Studio Airs Interview with Author of Bestselling Book Your Million ...
Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur, and Business Consultant Tamara Monosoff Provides a Path for Women to Turn Passion into Profit NAPW In the Studio Airs on . New York ( Vocus / PRWEB ) June 9, 2010 -- NAPW In The Studio’s June interview is a must-see segment for anyone looking to make her business thrive. Tamara Monosoff, author of the new bestselling business book Your Million Dollar Dream: Regain Control and Be Your Own Boss, Create a Winning Business Plan, Turn Your Passion into Profit, reveals a road map for acting on business dreams with a sense of urgency by turning “someday” into ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Natural Leadership Talents of Women - Dr Helen Fisher ...
Helen E. Fisher, Ph.D., has written extensively on gender differences in the brain and behavior; the evolution of human sexuality; and the future of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
National Leadership Workshop on Mentoring Women in Biomedical ...
the representation of women in leadership ...... women in leadership positions is a critical step ..... Women's Health—Center of Excellence Leadership, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Women's Leadership
There are a small group of people in the world who actually really love research and I admit that I am one of them.  But it’s not just about the research, it’s about research leading to and grounding action. It’s been a great month for that type of research in the area of women’s entrepreneurship.  Just last week alone we had the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Leadership Academy , bringing together the women and men who have created educational programs around the world to advance economic development through women’s entrepreneurship.   This program has already reached 2,000 women.  It was a thrill to talk with so many people about ...
  1. profile image maylataylor I nap for an hour and the world falls apart - first planes fly into a couple of towers, now women are contesting leadership. It's all me!
  2. profile image ScrpngOnTheSpot We have just joined the Women's Leadership Network!! This group is made up of vibrant and enthusiastic ladies who...
  3. profile image RealWomenRSexy WomenCertified® Sponsoring South Florida Women's Business Expo and Leadership ...: Plantation, FL, June 23, 2010 -...
Google Answers: Leadership web-site categories
Hello, Thanks for an interesting -- and quite a challenging question. Challenging not because of a lack of material on 'leadership', but quite the opposite. There's so much activity out there that culling it down to a representative batch and putting it into categories is...well...a challenge. I've provided the best examples I could find of leadership programs, activities, training, and philosophies and presented them below. I went for a mix of the national/international well-known, along with less familiar, local level community programs. The headings I provided did not come from any ...
Google Answers: Gender differences in work satisfaction
quadtwo-ga, The title of your question, Gender differences in work satisfaction, might be answerable, as workplace surveys on this topic probably exist. But the question itself -- 3 studies of gender differences in satisfaction among the leaders of Fortune 500 companies -- probably is not answerable. C-level executives rarely participate in surveys -- they have other things to keep them busy. Finding 3 such surveys among top leaders seems a big stretch to me. Please consider re-phrasing the scope of your query to make it more likely to receive an answer. Thanks, pafalafa-ga Clarification of Question by quadtwo-ga ...