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Special Report on

Adirondack Park Agency Legal Division

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The Adirondack Park Agency (APA), a New York State government agency established in 1971, is entrusted with the very large task of overseeing private and public land use practices within New York's Adirondack Park. This task can be daunting given the shear size of the park. Adirondack Park covers nearly 6 million acres of land and is the largest publicly protected area in the contiguous United States. Roughly 40% of the park area is protected under the State constitution to "be forever kept as wild forest lands", while the remaining 3.6 million acres is privately owned with a variety of recreational, ...
APA reassigns top attorney after controversial Sandy Lewis email
The Adirondack Park Agency's legal fight with Essex farmer Sandy Lewis continues to trigger fall-out at the Agency. The APA has confirmed that lead enforcement division attorney Paul Van Cott has been reassigned after sending Lewis an email calling him "a sociopath." Here's the treatment from the Valley News : The Adirondack Park Agency has removed its enforcement program director from his position after he sent e-mails to Sandy Lewis calling him a "sociopath." Paul Van Cott, who since 2004 has headed the APA's enforcement division, has been reassigned as part of the agency's general ... market research, surveys and trends
The Adirondacks, Part I: Land of Reckless Desire
building boom echoes through Lake George's forested hills, beyond reach of a state board meant to protect a lake whose legendary gin-clear water is getting murkier. This decade, nearly 2,400 acres -- equivalent to two dozen Empire State Plazas -- have sprouted 687 new single-family homes, according to a Times Union computer-assisted analysis of assessment records. About 80 percent of the surge is at the lake's southwestern edge in Warren County, where local governments in Bolton, Lake George town and village, and Queensbury -- not the state-created Lake George Park Commission -- hold sway over development. Every time ... market research, surveys and trends


Adirondack Park Agency 2006 Annual Report
The Adirondack Park is a special place for nearly 18 million New Yorkers .... The boundary of the Park encompasses approximately 6 million acres, 48 percent of .... The Legal Division's attorneys provide legal advice to the Agency Board ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Adirondack Park Agency Act
S 801. Statement of legislative findings and purposes. The Adirondack park is abundant in natural resources and open space unique to New York and the eastern United States. The wild forest, water, wildlife and aesthetic resources of the park, and its open space character, provide an outdoor recreational experience of national and international significance. Growing population, advancing technology and an expanding economy are focusing ever-increasing pressures on these priceless resources. Our forefathers saw fit nearly a century ago to provide rigid constitutional safeguards for the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Area loses a friend
Officials in Johnsburg, in the early 1990s, were developing a strategy to save the railroad line that runs through the town. Willsboro, in Essex County, needed a new sewer system around the same time. The man that town leaders turned to for help navigating the way through the government bureaucratic process was state Assemblyman James King, a Republican from Ticonderoga. "He was that kind of hands-on leader," said current Assemblywoman Teresa Sayward, R-Willsboro, who previously served as town supervisor in Willsboro. King, who represented the Glens Falls region in the Assembly from 1991 until he was appointed a state ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


NYS Adirondack Park Agency 2009 Annual Report
I applaud the work of the adirondack Park agency, its staff and board in en- .... Legal Division provided 954 responses to jurisdictional inquiries, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
New York State Environmental History
Funding for encoding this finding aid was provided through a grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. The files in this series document the Jurisdictional Inquiry Unit' handling of inquiries from public officials and the general public regarding APA jurisdiction over land use and development in the Adirondack Park. Inquiries often address the issue of APA project review and permit jurisdiction aspertains to the subdivision of property and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Adirondack Park Agency ("APA") has been granted a limited oversight responsibility and review power with respect to zoning variance determinations of local governments within its park land jurisdiction. In affirming the dismissal of the petition to annul the APA's reversal of the grant of a zoning variance, we hold that the 30-day period within which APA must rule under Executive Law § 808(3) commences no later than upon APA's receipt of notice of the variance grant together with the hearing record and other pertinent materials on which it was made. This interpretation of the timing ...
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Because of the preponderance of the population concentrated in the southern portion around New York City, the state is often regionalized into Upstate and Downstate . New York State's borders touch (clockwise from the northwest) two Great Lakes ( Erie and Ontario , which are connected by the Niagara River ); one former Great Lake ( Lake Champlain ); the provinces of Ontario and Quebec in Canada ; three New England states ( Vermont , Massachusetts , and Connecticut ); the Atlantic Ocean , and two Mid-Atlantic states ( New Jersey and Pennsylvania ). In addition, Rhode Island shares a water border with New York. New York is ...
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