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Special Report on

Advanced Business Valuation

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Select from the following resource categories or scroll down the page below for a complete listing of all available resources: • Industry Overview, Issues, Trends and Outlook • Financial Information and Financial Ratios • Compensation and Salary Surveys • Business Valuation Resources For resource guides specific to other industries, see Industry Information Resources which covers over 400 individual industries. Professional Sports Teams and Organizations Profiles cover key aspects of an industry's size, scope, and operations, recent news and developments, industry trends, risks, and ...
The need for appraisals arises from the heterogenous nature of property as an investment class: no two properties are identical, and all properties differ from each other in their location - which is one of the most important determinants of their value. So there cannot exist a centralised Walrasian auction setting for the trading of property assets, as there exists for trade in corporate stock. The absence of a market-based pricing mechanism determines the need for an expert appraisal/valuation of real estate/property. Although some areas require no license or certification at all, a real estate appraisal is generally performed ...
The Handbook of Business Valuation and Intellectual Property ...
This authoritative title provides timely answers to controversial valuation, damages, and transfer price questions. Adam Smith’s three sources of wealth creation – land, labor, and capital – have long been the factors that determine what a business is worth. Over the past few decades, however, a fourth factor, intellectual capital, has become increasingly important, yet difficult to quantify in the valuation equation. “The Handbook of Business Valuation and Intellectual Property Analysis” features the contributions of experts from leading valuation, accounting, investment banking, and law firms, and ... market research, surveys and trends
april: business valuation seminar
Chapter 35, serving the bustling Philadelphia metro area, is one of the most active in the nation! Our calendar of educational, recreational, and social events has the latest news about seminars, meetings, lectures, speeches, parties, and functions. The Philadelphia ASA Chapter is sponsoring a daylong Business Valuation Seminar on Friday, April 18, 2008 starting at 8:30 am (registration: 8:00 am) at the Doubletree Guest Suites Hotel in Plymouth Meeting, PA. The seminar will covers tools and techniques, contemporary analyses, and case studies in evolving areas of business valuation. A synopsis of the program follows. (Full ... market research, surveys and trends


Valuing Professional Sports Franchises: An Econometric Approach
Sports franchises often boast values of striking magnitudes. The Yankees, for example, are nearing the $1 billion mark. Football teams have an average value of $530 million and even the less popular and less prosperous NHL teams exceed $150 million on average. I find these numbers astonishing, but at the same time, ambiguous. What exactly determines the value of a professional sports team? What assets, qualities, and accomplishments account for the differences between the values of teams? How big of an impact do the venue, ticket price, concession sales, broadcasting revenue, and performance make in terms of overall value? ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
U.S. Inspect, Inc. v. Noris F. McGreevy - Virginia
Petitioner U.S. Inspect Inc. (USI) timely commenced this statutory action in response to Respondent Noris F. McGreevy's (McGreevy) demand for payment of the "fair value" of her shares in USI, pursuant to the Dissenter's Rights article of the Virginia Stock Corporation Act. See Va. Code Ann. § 13.1-729 et seq. (Michie 1999 & Supp. 2000). This Court has fully considered the testimony and exhibits presented by the parties, the arguments of counsel and the applicable authorities and now determines the value of McGreevy's shares and accrued interest as required by § 13.1-740 of the Virginia Code . ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Bayleys sets up business broking unit
Bayleys Auckland has established a company sales division which will focus on the sale of medium to large scale businesses. Mike Bayley, managing director of Bayley Corporation, says the move is part of a growth programme based around increasing the scope and scale of Bayleys' services. It follows the recent announcement that private company investor Direct Capital has taken a minority shareholding in the company to help facilitate this expansion. "Many of our clients are also the owners and operators of businesses and it makes sense to extend the brokerage services that we can offer them in business sales," says ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Plaintiff-appellant, Alicia M. Kuper ("appellant"), appeals from a judgment of the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, Division of Domestic Relations, granting a divorce terminating the marriage between appellant and defendant-appellee, Kevin P. Halbach ("appellee"). Because the trial court committed no reversible error, we affirm the judgment. {¶2} The parties were married on September 5, 1998 in North Carolina. Two children were born as issue of the marriage; both are minors. {¶3} At the time of the marriage, appellant had completed her degree as a doctor of osteopathy. Appellee had recently ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Handbook of Advanced Business Valuation
advanced business valuation situations like those covered in this book ... Advanced Business Valuation is intended to be the in-depth complement ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Handout - Welcome to the Missouri Senate
“Health Care Industry & Medical Practice Valuation,” AICPA Advanced Business Valuation Course. BVA-HC, sponsored by the Virginia Society of CPAs. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
To see the detailed Instructor Class Description, click on the underlined instructor name following the course description. FIN 350 Business Finance (4) Evaluating and funding projects within the firm. Time value of money, inflation, capital budgeting; risk and return in the financial markets, stocks, bonds, portfolios and diversifiable risk, market efficiency and the balance between debt and equity to fund the firm. Prerequisite: ACCTG 225; ECON 201; either MATH 112, MATH 124, MATH 125, MATH 134, MATH 145, or Q SCI 291; either IND E 315, MATH 390, QMETH 201, Q SCI 381, PSYCH 315, PSYCH 318, STAT 220, STAT 311, or STAT 390. FIN 423
Business Know-How Small Business Forum - Types of Business ...
They are a number of professions that offer business valuation services. In most areas there is no specific regulation of this profession. Business valuation services are not usually a primary source of revenue, so locating business valuation professionals can be difficult. Here are some types of professionals that commonly offer business valuation (BV) services. 1. CPAs. Many CPAs offer BV services in addition to their normal accounting, auditing, and tax work. CPAs often have a combination of business, accounting, finance, and tax knowledge that is well suited for valuing businesses. 2. Financial Consultants (non-CPA). ...
Business valuation. How do I determine what my business is worth ...
Calculate the net worth, multiply that for an older company by 30 percent for name value -- add together, multiply by 5 - IE - net 150,000 (true net) - plus 45,000 - or almost 200,000 by 5 is almost one million - multiply by 3 - to allow for shrinkage and possibility of failure by new owner requiring your taking it back. so - 3 million minimum - Or if you are a company with a large physical inventory (not necessarily a clientele list like insurance). multiply inventory for 10 , plus owned assets - building, rolling stock, machinery etc. Owner of pioneer heating and refrigeration geothermal company 20 years ago 2 years ago ...