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Agent Legal Definition

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(and other life forms) and/or cause great damage to man-made structures (e.g. buildings), natural structures (e.g. mountains), or the biosphere in general. The scope and application of the term has evolved and been disputed, often signifying more politically than technically. Coined in reference to aerial bombing with chemical explosives , it has come to distinguish large-scale weaponry of other technologies, such as chemical , biological , radiological , or nuclear . This differentiates the term from more technical ones such as chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapons (CBRN) .
Alvin Greene: Republican Plant or... North Korean Spy? | Mother Jones
Is Alvin Greene a Communist plant from North Korea?  That’s at least what one casual observer believes, according to an email I received on Wednesday drawing attention to Greene's previous military service on the Korean peninsula. "All US Servicemen there are controlled by the 'crazy' people!" read the message. "It's a communist plot, soiled with the Greene plant!" This may sound loopy—but it's not that much more far-fetched than some of the theories flying around regarding Greene's improbable victory in South Carolina's Democratic Senate primary on Tuesday night. There ... market research, surveys and trends
t r u t h o u t | What Torture Is and Why It's Illegal and Not ...
of those seeking accountability for the Bush administration's torturers, but this is a story of such profound importance that it must not be allowed to slip away. Margolis decided that an internal report into the conduct of John Yoo and Jay S. Bybee, who wrote the notorious memos in August 2002 , which attempted to redefine torture so that it could be used by the CIA, was mistaken in concluding that both men were guilty of "professional misconduct," and should be referred to their bar associations for disciplinary action. Instead, Margolis concluded, in a memo that shredded four years of investigative work by the Office of ... market research, surveys and trends


Sales Tax legal definition of Sales Tax. Sales Tax synonyms by the ...
A state or local-level tax on the retail sale of specified property or services. It is a percentage of the cost of such. Generally, the purchaser pays the tax but the seller collects it as an agent for the government. Various taxing jurisdictions allow exemptions for purchases of specified items, including certain foods, services, and manufacturing equipment. If the purchaser and seller are in different states, a use tax usually applies. The vast majority of states impose sales taxes on their residents. The only exceptions are Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon. Some states rely more heavily on sales taxes for ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
What Do Americans Want? Legal Pot, White House Online Survey ...
Forget about the economic crisis, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and saving Social Security: An online opinion survey released by the White House this week ranks legalizing pot, playing online poker and cracking down on Scientologists as far more important issues. The results are part of a "Citizen's Briefing Book," which compiles the results of an online project launched by President Obama's transition office to solicit policy ideas from the citizenry. More than 125,000 users submitted 1.4 million votes during the wide-open process, leading to results that clearly do not align with recent scientific polling. industry trends, business articles and survey research
Immigration law's broad wording has legal residents worried
For more than a month now, the debate has raged over how Arizona's new immigration law could directly impact illegal immigrants and minorities concerned about racial profiling. But when Senate Bill 1070 goes into effect July 29, it will touch the lives of all Arizonans. The law reaches beyond the questioning of illegal immigrants and casts a wide net over people who may come in contact with them as well, making many worry that they may inadvertently break the law. Most of the talk concerns provisions in the law that make it a state crime to be in the country illegally, but the law also makes it a crime to stop your car in ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Homeowners Score Points With Countrywide Fine, Wells Fargo Case
The financial reform bill is virtually designed to institutionalize "too big to fail." And when it's reconciled we'll lose another battle in the ongoing war between global financial markets and democratic nation-states. Harry Moroz: The Battle Was Already Lost Certainly one can request that the President push forcefully for more aid that will help state and local governments retain teachers. But the real criticism should be reserved for a Congress. Denise Bowyer: Sand Bags, Oil Spills and Wall Street Let's take each and every fat cat banker, well paid lobbyist, and moneyed obstructionist and ship them ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


EWR Legal Definition
Copyright 1999, EWR, Inc. EWR Legal Definition Page: 1 of 1 Contents of an EWR, Inc. ... of the warehouseman, which may be made by his authorized agent, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Definition of a Government Agent Under the 4th Amendment (podcast ...
Hi, I’m Tim Miller.  I’m back again with Ms. Solari.  We’re continuing our journey through the 4th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  Now, recently we discussed what triggers the 4th Amendment to the Constitution.  Specifically, that it’s a government intrusion into a place where one has a reasonable expectation of privacy.  When the government intrudes into a place where one has a reasonable expectation of privacy, the 4th Amendment requires the search to be reasonable.  Well, now we are going to answer the question, you know -- who is exactly is a government agent?  Ms. Solari, can you help me with this?  ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Office of General Counsel - Tort Liability
�A "tort" is an injury to another person or to property, which is compensable under the law. Categories of torts include negligence, gross negligence, and intentional wrongdoing. Negligence is the most common type of tort, and the only type for which the university as a state agency can be liable.  To give rise to a legal claim in negligence, an act (or inaction) must satisfy four elements: there must be a legal duty of care to another person; there must be a breach of that duty; the claimant must have suffered damages, and the damages must have been proximately caused by the ...
Legal definition of "second home"
My wife and I are considering purchasing a second home/lake property. We live in the land of 10,000 lakes (Minnesota), so we have numerous choices. One angle that I have been considering is the tax issues related to owning a second property. The first (and most obvious) is the property taxes. The second, and more subtle, is the issues related to this being a "second home". I asked my real estate agent and she mentioned something about there being a distance requirement between a first and second home (she thought that they needed to be separated by 60 miles). I've searched on the internet for definitions of a second ...
What is the technical definition of "hot water"? - Yahoo! Answers
I'm dealing with a *#&$^@#ing agent who would fight with you over whether the sky is blue or not. We're having a dispute over the hot water in the house. It's barely lukewarm. (You can tell it's been through the hot water heater but you'd never want to take a shower in it.) I can't believe I'm in a fight over what is or is not "hot water". So is there a legal definition of "hot water" in the US? Rather than fight over it, I'd like to get the legal definition of hot water, take the temperature of the water, and be done with the dispute. FYI- for purposes of ...