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Special Report on

Alabama Department of Industrial Relations

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Most States have career information delivery systems (CIDS), which may be found in secondary and postsecondary institutions, as well as libraries, job training sites, vocational-technical schools, and employment offices. A wide range of information is provided, from employment opportunities to unemployment insurance claims. Whereas the Handbook provides information for occupations on a national level, each State has detailed information on occupations and labor markets within their respective jurisdictions. State occupational projections are available at: Alabama Labor Market Information ...
Financial Report | | The Times Daily | Florence, AL
Alabama is holding its fifth tax-free weekend Aug. 6-8. The holiday allows shoppers to buy school-related items without having to pay the state's 4 percent sales taxes. In most cases, local taxes also are waived during the three-day period. This year's holiday is being held after four consecutive months of increased retail sales statewide. Retailers say they expect the average family to spend almost $60 more this year on back-to-school shopping than they did a year ago. Among the items qualifying for tax-free purchases are: school supplies valued at $50 or less. computers and computer equipment with a selling price of ... market research, surveys and trends
Etowah County jobless rate inches up |
Etowah County’s unemployment rate in June increased for the first time since January, while the state’s rate dropped for the month, according to the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations. The county’s unemployment rate increased to 10.1 percent from the May rate of 9.9 percent. Larry Foster, manager of the Gadsden Career Center, said the increase locally was not unexpected because the local rate traditionally increases in June. Most surrounding counties also had an increase. “This is the first upturn we’ve had in awhile ... and it’s not that much, but it’s an upturn,” Foster said. market research, surveys and trends


Alabama Department of Industrial Relations Building a Solid ...
Sep 30, 2007 ... taking .06 percent of the state unemployment taxes paid by employers. This will provide DIR with funds totalling about $7.8 million ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
was $1.34 billion, about 2 percent of the value of the total national .... aInformation source: Modified from Alabama Department of Industrial Relations, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Economic impact
If Congress had not voted to extend unemployment benefits, not only would there have been a huge im�pact on 37,000 unemployed Alabamians, the overall state economy could have been affected, according to one economist. Getting an exact handle on how much money that means is difficult, but one can see the impact just look�ing at the funds involved in the seven weeks between the time funding ran out and Congress passed the exten�sion. The estimates of that seven-week impact range from about $59 million to as much as $75 million -- dol�lars that did not flow into the state's economy. Those numbers are fig�ured by taking the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Update on Unemployment Extension 2010 Bill: When Are The Checks Coming In? Part 3
his is our third of a series of articles on the scheduled release of checks by state under the unemployment extension 2010 bill which was recently signed into law by President Barack Obama. In this part we cover the following states: Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, Alabama and Oregon. The previous articles are found here: Part 1 , Part 2 . PENNSYLVANIA ( The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry posted a press release on July 23 saying claimants should “receive payment within two weeks.” The press release mentioned: “President Obama on Thursday signed into law House Resolution 4213, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


STATE OF ALABAMA. DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS— FY07 IT STRATEGIC PLAN. DRAFT. IT MISSION. ISD Executive Order 20 Pilot Project – IT Planning ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Alabama Department of Industrial Relations
Alabama Department of Industrial Relations. News Release. For Immediate Release: May 4, 2010. DIR to Open Satellite Office to Assist Gulf Coast Workers ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Encyclopedia of Alabama: Alabama Department of Labor
The Alabama Department of Labor was created in 1935 amid worker unrest during the Great Depression. It was established to help solve labor disputes and administer laws regulating working hours, working conditions and child labor. It was later tasked with conducting safety inspections on boilers and elevators and surveys relating to workplace illness, injuries, and fatalities. Gov. Bibb Graves established the department during his second administration to mediate labor problems that were then running rampant. Coal strikes had a crippling effect on the state economy and caused major work stoppages in 1917, 1920-21, and ...
Google Answers: What drives BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA's economy?
Hello Shikibobo-ga, Health care and education are primary drivers of Birmingham?s economy. The finance and insurance industry is also strong, and automotive manufacturing is a rapidly growing industry. University of Alabama at Birmingham is the largest employer in the Birmingham metropolitan area with close to 19,000 employees followed by Baptist Health System and BellSouth Telecommunications, each with approximately 6000 employees. ========================================================== Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce Birmingham Metropolitan Statistical Area Profile ...
How much are the Alabama unemployment benefits going to be increasing?
The maximum benefit for those applying for unemployment compensation will climb from $255 a week to $265 a week for those who file for assistance after July 5, according to a release from the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations. The state Legislature approved the increases in last year's session.  by Rakaa on Jul 06 2009 (12 months ago) Official Rating The maximum benefit will increase from $255 a week to $265 a week for those filing for assistance after July 5. MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- On the same day unemployment hit a 26-year high, the state announced a $10 increase in unemployment ...