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The Trasylol injury lawyers at our firm are currently investigating instances where heart surgery patients died after being treated with Trasylol.   Since the Bayer AG drug was brought to market in 1993, it has been used in a third of all open heart surgeries in the US .   However, numerous studies have indicated that Trasylol puts such patients at a higher risk of death.    In November 2007, Trasylol was finally removed from the market after a portion of a Canadian clinical trial was halted because Trasylol subjects were dying at a higher rate than others in the study.   Our Trasylol injury lawyers have ...
If this issue is raised, evidence will be placed before the court, which will normally rule as a preliminary matter whether the plea is substantiated, and if it so finds, the projected trial will be prevented from proceeding. In many countries the guarantee against being "twice put in jeopardy" is a constitutional right; these include Canada , India , Israel , Mexico and the United States . In general (in countries observing the rule of double jeopardy), a person cannot be convicted twice for the same crime based on the same conduct. If a person robs a bank, he cannot twice be convicted of robbery for the same offense. ...
why aren't document preparation services available for all legal ...
for nearly all of the titles it produces as self-help legal forms software. However, there are some exceptions — and good reasons behind those exceptions. Standard Legal does NOT offer Legal Document Preparation Service to create or handle a Living Trust, No-Fault Divorce, Bankruptcy, Premarital Agreement or Separation Agreement, even though these titles are offered by Standard Legal as self-help legal forms software. The reason that Standard Legal does not offer Legal Document Preparation Services for these specific titles is that many of the decisions that need to be made during the process of completing the forms is so ... market research, surveys and trends
Case study – Global copyright and defamation laws and judgments ...
A case that highlights the lack of unified global copyright and defamation laws, and the business and financial ramifications this has to on-line industries, is Axact Pvt limited vs Student Network Resources. The case On November 14, 2007, Axact Pvt limited filed a complaint in New Jersey against ‘Student Network Resources’, SNR to stop it from making or publishing any false statements against Axact. In its complaint Axact maintained that Student Network Resources, a company involved in selling term paper to students, had used a screening name ‘’ and held itself out to be a watchdog’ organization that investigates ... market research, surveys and trends


$1.013 Billion Award In Wyeth 'Fen-Phen' Case
Apr 28, 2004 | Philadelphia Inquirer The family of a Texas woman was awarded $1.013 billion yesterday by a jury in Beaumont, Texas, which found drugmaker Wyeth was responsible for the woman's death several years after she took one of the company's "fen-phen" diet drugs. Cynthia Cappel-Coffey, 41, took the drug Pondimin between November 1996 and June 1997. In December 2001, she developed a fatal lung condition called primary pulmonary hypertension. She died last year. Yesterday's verdict, which Wyeth said it would appeal and which financial analysts predicted would not stand, adds to the legal ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Homeowners Association Basics - Real Estate
Most cities and towns have zoning requirements that prohibit homeowners from making unrestricted changes to their houses. This keeps people from adding third stories to two-story structures, building three-car garages up to the neighbor's property line, or simply tearing down a house to make room for two houses on the same lot. Most communities, however, have no power to require homeowners to choose attractive colors for their exterior walls, keep their lawns well-manicured, or repair broken steps or walkways. For people who prefer a consistently well-kept neighborhood, there are a number of residential options, known as ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Lightning strike gold, Kovalchuk crystal ball, more mailbag topics
I can't believe how little attention Steve Yzerman is getting. Have you been paying attention to what he's doing in Tampa? Where's the love for the Simon Gagne trade? I believe this will be a completely different team with a new, winning attitude. I can't wait for the season to start. Or for you guys in the media to jump on the bandwagon. -- Chris Braun, Florida I'll agree that the Gagne deal did kind of get the Farrah Fawcett treatment, but not for lack of respect for him as a player or Yzerman's slick deal. Gagne just had the bad luck to be swapped on the same day that the Ilya Kovalchuk deal was ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Obama's small-business push
on Friday called on Congress to do more to help small businesses, which he called America's "most important engine for hiring and for growth." The president said he wanted the Senate to pass a bill that would provide tax cuts for small businesses and increase lending to those businesses. A small business jobs bill containing these measures could come up for final vote in the Senate in the next few days. The bill would set up a $30 billion fund to help community banks offer loans to small companies -- a provision that has won bipartisan support, help states encourage more private sector loans to small firms in ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


TRB CRP Letterhead
May 12, 2010 ... a listing of all legal topics authorized to date. The factors considered in the selection process for study topics are (1) broad interest in ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Practicing Law in the Office of the Legal Adviser
The Office of the Legal Adviser furnishes advice on all legal issues, domestic and international, arising in the course of the Department's work. This includes assisting Department principals and policy officers in formulating and implementing the foreign policies of the U.S., and promoting the adherence to and development of international law and its institutions as a fundamental element of those policies. Attorneys in the Office are at the forefront of the important international issues faced by our country, whether they are working to respond to humanitarian crises, to prevent human rights abuses, to promote ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
topics but it is not a complete discussion of all legal issues that arise in relation to podcasting nor is it a substitute for legal advice. ...
WikiAnswers - Are all drugs legal in Amsterdam
While hard drugs (cocaine, LSD, morphine, heroin) are banned as in other countries, the "soft drugs" - cannabis in all its forms (marijuana, hashish, hash oil) is legal for personal use only. Magic mushrooms, also known as shrooms, were also legal until the 1st of december 2008. Certain drugs that are legal in other countries such as bzp are illegal in amsterdam but legal in the republic of ireland. Whilst Amsterdam has many coffee shops that sell cannabis quite freely to customers. It is in fact illegal to sell and quite frequently these shops are raided by police. It is acceptable to possess a small amount of these ...
Do you know of anyone with expertise in senior-related topics who ...
I am the host of a new radio show - Senior LifeStyles: The Radio Magazine of Life After 60. I am seeking interesting and newsworthy guests who have national expertise in senior-related topics, who would like to be guests on the show. We use an informative interview format, and you are welcome to promote your book/product/service through our on-air/print/online media channels. posted 9 months ago in Retirement and Estate Planning , Health Care | Closed Share This Author: Ten Mistakes of Risk Management...Speaker, Executive Coach. Co-author: Working Smarter with 5-S, pending pub. see all my answers This was selected as Best Answer