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It all started in April 2007, when the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation announced its goal to "reverse the epidemic of childhood obesity in the United States by 2015," and committed $500 million toward that end. But such a major initiative needed a center to support policymakers and groups across the country working with similar goals, said Dwayne Proctor, director of the Johnson Foundation's childhood obesity program management team. After a national search, the foundation asked Arkansas Surgeon General Dr. Joe Thompson if he would head such a center. He said yes. Now the third floor of the Victory Building in ...
(MSA) had a population of 685,488 people, according to 2009 census estimates. The MSA is in turn included in the Little Rock–North Little Rock–Pine Bluff, Arkansas Combined Statistical Area , which had a population of 862,488 in the 2009 census estimates. As of 2009, according to the US census, Little Rock had a population of 191,930. 1 It is the county seat of Pulaski county. Located near the geographic center of Arkansas, Little Rock derives its name from a small rock formation on the south bank of the Arkansas River called la Petite Roche (French: "the little rock"). The "little rock" was used by early ...
Social Networking in the Workplace: Policies, Monitoring and ...
The following provides course information, as well as pricing, author, and educational credit information for the course you selected. To order this course , click on one of the "Order" options at the bottom of the page. Social networking via online tools such as MySpace�, Facebook� and Twitter� has exploded in popularity over the last few years. According to an October 2008 survey, 51 percent of employees accessed social networks at least once per day at work; many of them did so for an hour or more per week. Despite these numbers and the risks inherent in employees using social networking tools, such as harassment, ... market research, surveys and trends
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market research, surveys and trends


Harris Interactive Survey of Fortune 1000 Companies Reveals ...
The results of a national survey released today, show a significant difference between perception and reality regarding the disaster preparation of Fortune 1000 companies, according to C-suite executives. The study, commissioned by SunGard Availability Services and conducted by Harris Interactive, found potential deficiencies in companies' ability to access business-critical information when faced with power outages, natural disasters, hackers and computer viruses. "The results of this study have revealed some disturbing facts about the disaster preparation and business continuity planning of some of our country's ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Ant Farm Interactive Shares 'Online Outlook'; New Resource ...
"In the interactive world, 2003 will be defined as the year online advertising earned its place in the marketing media mix," says Michael Koziol, chief executive officer of Ant Farm Interactive, a leading Atlanta-based marketing communications firm specializing in interactive advertising and customer relationship management. "In addition to the medium's validity as an established way to reach consumers, research indicates the Internet also is one of the most effective ways to reach decision makers." Koziol's predictions are based on experience with his firm's own clients, as well as data and trends compiled from ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Be Interactive!
WHERE TO MAIL FORMS: Completed fingerprints along with a check or money .... If you listed a Stable Name, or a Corporation Name or any other legal entity as owner .... Arkansas State Racing Commission. Thoroughbred Division. P.O.Box 699 ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Regulations of the Arkansas Continuing Legal Education Board
These regulations are cumulative to and explanatory of the Arkansas Rules for Minimum Continuing Legal Education (hereinafter the Rules) which were adopted by Per Curiam Order of the Arkansas Supreme Court on March 6, 1989, 298 Ark. Appendix (1989). In the event of a conflict between these regulations and the Rules, the provisions of the Rules shall prevail. Rule 6 of the Arkansas Rules of Civil Procedure shall govern calculation of time whenever an action is required to be taken under the Rules or these Regulations unless otherwise provided. Members of the Arkansas Continuing Legal Education Board (hereinafter ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Student Affairs | 2010-2011 Catalog of Studies | University of ...
The Division of Student Affairs will maximize the University of Arkansas experience by challenging, supporting, and encouraging each student to become intellectually engaged, more self-aware, and strongly bonded to the University. The Division of Student Affairs mission is to help students achieve their goals through the provision of high quality support services and comprehensive programs that stimulate, enhance, and extend student learning; empowering University of Arkansas graduates to become active, engaged citizen leaders in Arkansas and throughout the world. Members of the Division of Student Affairs believe that learning, ...
Outsmarting Those Financial Sharks
Just when you, the entrepreneur, thinks it's safe to get back into the financial waters � it is. Whether testing the waters with a toe or taking the plunge to really put that small- to medium-sized business in high gear, CAPS Interactive has changed the rules and is knocking down financial barriers. Named master broker for venture capital by the American Cash Flow Association , CAPS Interactive is expanding to offer more help for accountants, bankers and other service providers seeking equity funding for their clients. CAPS Interactive's boutique approach in obtaining hard-to-get financing is robust, ...
Am I legally divorced?
at any rate during my legal separation which lasted over 6 months, I became very close to a male friend. We kept our relationship appropriate (never and kind of sexually contact) etc. My divorce hearing was March 19 2007 and the judge decreed our divorce final. my attorney is terrible and there has been a lot of beating around the bush- it has been 45 days since the divorce was finalized and I STILL have not received a signed copy of our decree. So am I legally divorced since the judge said so? Or do I have to have sealed and signed paperwork for it to be legal? the reason I am asking is- my male friend and I have fallen very ...