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Special Report on

Arts Education Partnership

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Commonly referred to as the Nation�s Report Card, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is the only continuing, national measure of the academic achievement of America�s public and private schools. For 40 years student performance has been measured in the following subjects: reading, math, writing, science and geography. The 2008 NAEP Arts Assessment, or the 2008 Nation�s Arts Report Card, is the fifth NAEP assessment in the arts. The next NAEP arts assessment is scheduled to take place in 2016. How was the information collected? The 2008 NAEP Arts Assessment was given to a nationally representative sample of ...
etc. and design applied to more practical fields such as commercial graphics and home furnishings. Latest trends also include photography , video , film , design , computer art , etc. Historically art was taught in Europe via the atelier Method system where artists' took on apprentices who learned their trade in much the same way as any guild such as the Masons ( stonemasons or goldsmiths etc.). The first art schools were established in 400 BC Greece as mentioned by Plato . During the Renaissance formal training took place in art studios . Historically, design has had some precedence over the fine arts with schools of design
Supporting Effective Arts Education Programs
Periodic musings on arts, culture and creative economy issues from the Chief Cultural Officer of the City of Philadelphia. You can also follow me on Twitter at Philadelphia has traditionally (at least for the last couple of decades) provided all its grant funding of the arts through the Philadelphia Cultural Fund - an independent 501c3 funded by the City - as general operating support. This year, the Cultural Fund's Board agreed to allocate a portion of its grant funds - $350,000 out of $3.2 million - to for the first time make project support grants, specifically grants for arts programming ... market research, surveys and trends
Philadelphia, June 15, 2010 – Today, Mayor Michael A. Nutter and the Philadelphia Cultural Fund (PCF) proudly announced the first recipients of the organization’s newest, landmark grants program – the Youth Arts Enrichment Grants – created to support projects and programs that use the arts to enrich the lives of young people both in and outside of school. The inaugural round of grants, totaling $357,700, was awarded to nine youth-focused organizations whose goals include: Providing high quality arts instruction, training and participatory experiences that serve those young people most in need, who are unlikely to have ... market research, surveys and trends


THE AEP WIRE NEA Survey of Public Participation in the Arts ...
Jan 27, 2010 ... 40 percent in previous years to 35 percent in the latest survey. ... million adults said they downloaded, watched, or listened to music, .... The Arts Education Partnership was founded in 1994 and is supported by the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Base” for details) rose 24 percent, from $167.9 million to $208.8 million. This gain (unadjusted for ...... Arts Education Partnership and the President's ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Proposal for an All Day Concert
"Breaking the Cycle Starts with Awareness" there is simply not enough being done to stop abuse in any form. That is what we plan to do stop it by talking about it changing laws,speaking out. ( I-Newswire ) June 15, 2010 - Proposal for All Day Concert “New Hope for the New Year” January 2011 We are a California based foundation planning an all day concert at the Santa Monica Civic Center. This project will be directed to: • inner city children • foster care • children attending Free Arts • Boys and Girls Club • Safe Passages as well as other at risk children's groups not identified at this time. Our mission is to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
For students, ringing bells all mean liberty
At National Liberty Museum, Dy'mon Pendelton (left), 11, and Michael Maguire, 12, of Kenderton School, with their bell. Another decorated Liberty Bell, from Beeber Middle School, is at top. Posted on Thu, Jul. 1, 2010 By Nicole Lockley Inquirer Staff Writer The fourth floor of the National Liberty Museum was filled with the sounds of ringing cell phones and beeping text messages Wednesday. "Freedom comes with a choice," one message said. The prepaid phones were not owned by anybody there at the museum but instead linked to a structure called B.O.B., also known as Birth of a Bell, one of five Liberty Bell recreations by ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Arts Integration Frameworks, Research Practice »
the Arts Education Partnership (AEP) published Learning. Partnerships: Improving Learning in ... the Arts (Arts Education Partnership, 2002). These two ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
I join with the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, and the Council of Chief State School Officers in applauding Sandra Rupert and the Arts Education partnership for putting this session together. Thank you, truly. A preacher came home one Sunday and said, "I preached a great sermon today." "Oh," his wife responded. "What was it about?" "It was all about how the rich should give to the poor," the preacher answered. "Oh," said his wife. "And were you very convincing?" "Well," the preacher said. "I sure convinced the poor ." Since taking this job eight months ago, I feel a lot like that preacher: I spend an awful lot of time ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Critical Links: Learning in the Arts and Student - Critical Links:
The Arts Education Partnership is a national coalition of arts, education, .... The Arts Education Partnership urges education decision makers to attend to ...
If I have a partnership business how do I divide the net income of ...
If I have a partnership business how do I divide the net income of 150,000 if one partner devotes full time and the other parnter dvotes half time? 4 months ago Member since: March 06, 2007 Total points: 19411 (Level 6) You should address that in the partnership operating agreement. Don't have one? GET IT DONE! Did both partners put in the same amount of money? Who brings in the customers/clients? Law firms, accounting firms, etc. have operating agreements that will pay a fixed amount each month based on the work of the partner and the remaining income is then split based on who brought the client to the firm. The ...
WikiAnswers - Example of a general partnership business
A good example would be a dentist office where two licensed densits partner together to open a dentistry office. Together they share profits and liabilities of the dental clinic. copy/paste: Partnerships are created when two or more persons or corporations decide to associate for the purpose of carrying on business under one business name. Liability for debts and responsibilities of the Partnership can be apportioned evenly between all partners (a 'general' partnership) or unevenly between a main partner and a number of limited or junior partners (a 'limited' partnership). Some jurisdicitons (such as Ontario) ...