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Special Report on

Australian Industrial Relations Commission

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Arbitration in Constraint: The Role of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission in the Award Simplification Test Case This study examines the role of the Australian Industrial relations Commission (AIRC) in conducting the Award Simplification Test Case. This case required the AIRC to make a determination of section 89A � Allowable Award Matters � of the Workplace Relations Act 1996 , the federal industrial relations legislation of the newly elected Howard government. Before this time, the AIRC had conciliated and arbitrated industrial disputes to produce federal awards containing a comprehensive array of employment ...
The AIRC replaced a previous system of industrial courts, which broadly speaking, was engaged in the same functions, but with superior independence and powers than the AIRC.
From the stockcamp to the convent – Sonia Smallacombe's unsung ...
This is part one of a guest post from Sonia Smallacombe and is the text of her NAIDOC speech given at the Australian Embassy on 8 July 2010. One of the themes of this year’s NAIDOC celebrations was “Unsung Heroes.” In this speech Sonia gives tribute to her own personal unsung heroes that have sustained her through her life. Sonia is currently a Social Affairs Officer with the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues based in New York. Her main area of work is around Indigenous issues and the Environment. Sonia is a member of the Maramanindji people from the Daly River area. She is the eldest of 11 ... market research, surveys and trends
Australia, South Australian Industrial Relations Commission
|about=The South Australian Industrial Relations Commission (the 'SAIRC') was established under the ''Fair Work Act 1994'' (the 'FWA').  Its role is to establish enforceable conditions of employment and assist with the prevention and resolution of disputes between employers and employees in South Australia.  The SAIRC deals with disputes with both formal and informal hearings, depending on the nature of the dispute. |about=The South Australian Industrial Relations Commission (the 'SAIRC') was established under the ''Fair Work Act 1994'' (the ... market research, surveys and trends


$220 Million, 300-Worker Queensland Coalmine Will Tap One of ...
has picked a location in coal-rich Queensland for the Hail Creek Coal Project, a US$220 million, 300-employee mine that will extract coking coal. Sitting 53 miles (85 km.) west of Mackay in Australia's Nebo Shire region ( ), the site places the operation squarely atop one of the world's largest coking-coal deposits: Queensland's Bowen Basin, which holds ore that traces back to the Permian period - some 280 million years ago.         When completed, the Hail Creek mine will produce an annual output of 5 million tons (5.5 million metric tons) of coking coal, which assists in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Australia's national wage case: no solution for the working poor
The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) is calling for an increase of $26.60 per week for about 1.6 million low-paid workers in the annual national wage case currently underway before the Australian Industrial Relations Commission (IRC). After tax, the claim would shrink to just $17. The national wage case has always been touted as the vehicle for improving the lot of the low-paid. In reality, it has proven to be a mechanism for ensuring that workers on low wages undertake no independent struggle to improve their situation. Despite the fact that every year the IRC hands down amounts that are far short of even the pittances ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
IR monkey wrenches Abbott, population perishes on Gillard
IT IS only week one, but already on the election obstacle course Tony Abbott has been singed as he tried to cremate WorkChoices, and Julia Gillard has found herself haunted by Kevin Rudd and Mark Latham. As they prepare to face each other in Sunday's debate, neither can be completely satisfied with their policy performance. He has looked unconvincing on workplace relations; she sounded hollow on population. Abbott had to combat the impression that he would bring back WorkChoices, so he promised on the campaign's opening day that a Coalition government would not amend Labor's industrial relations legislation in its ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Unions deflect anger over Labor's prosecution of South Australian construction ...
The trial of South Australian construction worker, Ark Tribe, on charges of refusing to answer questions from the federal Labor government’s building industry watchdog, resumed yesterday in the Adelaide Magistrates Court. Hundreds of workers in Adelaide, about 2,000 in Sydney and a similar number in Melbourne rallied in support of Tribe, who faces up to six months in jail. In Sydney, workers also demanded that employers pay site allowances on the large Barangaroo building site on Sydney Harbour. They marched through the city, from the Sydney Town Hall, to the offices of the Barangaroo project’s head contractor, Bovis Lend Lease. market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Australian Industrial Relations Commission: Adapting or Dying?
Throughout most of the 20th century, the Australian Industrial Relations Commission. (AIRC) played a key, central role in the industrial relations system . ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Jan 4, 2010 ... General Counsel of the Airline Industrial Relations Conference (“ .... Future of Worker-Management Relations (the “Dunlop Commission”), the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Research with Human Subjects at the AIRC
The Advanced Imaging Research Center (AIRC) provides a multidisciplinary ... Relation of the AIRC Protocol Review Committee (PRC) to the IRB at UT ...
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Human Resources: workchoices, australian workplace agreement ...
I don't really understand the concept of workchoices at all. So i was wondering if you could help me understand, what it effects. Also if there are some websites that might be useful in answering these questions could you please give them to me? Thank you so much. Answer JAS, I  HAVE PROVIDED  YOU SOME  INFORMATION. I  HAVE  ALSO  PROVIDED  THE  WEBSITES, AS  REQUESTED. I  WOULD  REQUEST  YOU -to  keep  an  eye  on the  current  session of  the  australian  parliament where  the  '' ...
WikiAnswers - What is appropriate role of Government in industrial ...
1. Direct involvement (absolute necessity, laws & regulations) · Provide infrastructure · Security - safe environment (tourists & locals), attract crime, anti - terrorism, stability,... What is the role of the government in a economic system ? TO ALLOW THE FREE MARKET TO EXERCISE AS MUCH CONTROL AND INFLUENCE WITHOUT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT INTRUDING ESPECIALLY IN THE AREAS OF TAXATION AND REGULATION. What are the roles of government .? This is definately a debatable issue. However, here's my take: It is the government's role to evaluate the issue of immigration through the lense of the people's will, the lense ...