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Banking law and legal advice

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Preeminent Treatise - This is recognized by scholars and practitioners as one of the leading authorities on a specific subject. Banking Law is in a state of flux, resulting from the failure of several banks in 2008, so this guide was created for students conducting introductory research in the area of banking law . This resource, while not comprehensive, provides a listing of the more important, current and relevant materials available in this subject area. For further assistance, call the Library's Reference Desk at 202-662-9140 , or send e-mail to . Bank and Corporate Governance Law Reporter
industry, and government restrictions on financial activities by banks have varied over time and location. The current set of global standards are called Basel II . In some countries such as Germany , banks have historically owned major stakes in industrial corporations while in other countries such as the United States banks are prohibited from owning non-financial companies. In Japan , banks are usually the nexus of a cross-share holding entity known as the keiretsu . In France , bancassurance is prevalent, as most banks offer insurance services (and now real estate services) to their clients. The most recent trend has been ...
Alternative Law Careers: What To Do If You Don't Want To Be A ...
You took the LSAT and after getting accepted to law school,  worked hard over three years reading, studying, writing and researching.  You spent night after night doing the tremendous preparation necessary study for and pass the bar exam.  After, Juris Doctor in hand, you tried your hand a career as a lawyer.  You worked for the city, the state or you started off at a firm.  Hours after hours of grueling research and late nights writing reports and motions.  Or perhaps you went into private practice.  You advertised, hung your sign, waded into the brutal courtroom litigation process.  You gave it your best shot, but when all is ... market research, surveys and trends
The Banking Commission's key recommendations : UK Financial News ...
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Three years later, bankruptcy law fails to quash filings
Three years after the advent of sweeping U.S. bankruptcy law changes designed to limit bankruptcy cases, the number of people filing for protection from creditors has risen sharply over the past several months. More troubling: The faltering economy, credit crunch and housing bust are likely to push even higher numbers of families into bankruptcy come 2009, predict consumer advocates, economists and bankruptcy experts. What's new: Three years after dramatic changes in bankruptcy laws made it more difficult to file for protection from creditors, bankruptcy cases are on the rise. Bankruptcy experts expect ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Is the Banking Industry in Decline? Recent Trends and Future ...
At the end of 1992, C&l loans totaled $597.6 billion and ..... United States declined 43 percent, from 24970 to 14207. Major banking legislation was ..... advice about securities. Today, similar arguments .... these issues, removal of legal restrictions on .... “FDICIA and the Future of Banking Law and Regulation? ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Banking Commission's key recommendations
Banks should each have “living wills” as part of a system that allows bank failure but not at the taxpayer’s expense. The living will should “ensure that within any banking group the core deposit and lending functions and the payments system are ring-fenced, with their own separate balance sheet, liquidity and funding mechanism”. The document should be public. 2 Depositor protection A “new class of deposit should be created, with a 100pc guarantee, that invests only in ‘safe’ assets”. The £50,000 protection limit should be extended to financial brands. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Feds Didn't Do Enough To Avoid 'Poisonous' AIG Bailout And Now Changing Story ...
Despite the many options it had, the team led by current Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner chose to bail out ailing insurer American International Group Inc. and its Wall Street counterparties to the eventual tune of more than $182 billion, a decision that continues to have a "poisonous effect on the marketplace," according to a new Congressional report . The move to pay firms like Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Deutsche Bank AG, and Societe Generale SA 100 cents on the dollar to extinguish contracts on sophisticated financial products with AIG, "transforming highly risky derivative bets into fully guaranteed payment ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Electronic Banking Law & Com m erce
Electronic Banking Law. & Commerce Report. West Legalworks. 395 Hudson Street, 6th Floor ... legal or other professional advice, and this publication ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
OCC: Legal and Regulatory
The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, established in 1863, is a bureau of the Treasury Department. Comptroller of the Currency is appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate for a term of five years. The Office's principal function is the supervision of the national banking system. A staff of over 1,800 bank examiners performs the statutorily required regular examinations of more than 1900 banks subject to the Comptroller's supervision. The Chief Counsel of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) supervises approximately 130 attorneys in the Washington headquarters and in the four ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Depends on what you mean by "contact". You cannot get a divorce from someone without giving notice. Notice is usually done by... Is there a way a man and woman can get a civil union or domestic partnership that gives them the same rights as a married couple in PA? YES! marriage is a civil union that a man & woman enter unto. Apparently in 2003, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania... If you marry outside of a Community Property state and then move in together as husband and wife are you exempt from the debts of the partner that were incurred before wedding? No, you do not become responsible for debts incurred ...