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designed to help troubled homeowners will benefit consumers without hurting the industry.  It would allow consumers with bad home loans to get help from the bankruptcy court.  If you haven't read it already, there is a strong push to stop the catastrophic foreclosures created as a result of sub-prime lending practices.  Better to keep people in their homes then deal with the fall out that would put further pressure on the economy. By putting in place new bankruptcy legislation to aid those in distress, there are opportunties as it's fair to say the process will require legal assistance.  The record ...
The main economic sectors of the country are tourism, tea export, apparel, textile, rice production and other agricultural products. In addition to these economic sectors, overseas employment contributes highly in foreign exchange, most of them from the middle-east. Since becoming independent from Britain in February 1948, the economy of the country has been affected by natural distasters such as the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and a number of insurrections, such as the 1971 , the 1987-89 and the 1983-2009 civil war . The parties which ruled the country after 1948 did not implement any national plan or policy on the economy, ...
10 Articles on Managing Email | Productivity501
Though email was intended to make our lives easier, sometimes it does just the opposite! This article provides a list of suggestions that would be helpful to anyone that feels slightly buried by the mountain of messages lurking in the corners of their inboxes. Sharepoint: Managing Access Request Emails -Shankar’s Musings At times, programs dealing with email can become slightly confusing because of the convolutions one must go through to work with them. This article offers some helpful advice for those that need a few tips dealing with access request emails. Managing Email Stress -Nicky Jurd Sometimes, though we know what ... market research, surveys and trends
Can Debtors Afford Bankruptcy? Finding Low-Cost Bankruptcy | Word City
There appears palpably within the air, one ominous further burden for the common closely indebted American debtor and client in at this time’s dire nationwide economic situations who may perhaps see his solely recourse for some aid, in filing bankruptcy: discovering low-price chapter, discovering low-value chapter you can afford. That means, in essence, a non-lawyer pro se alternative. The most recent figures simply released by the Administrative Workplace of the U.S. Chapter Courts on the February 2009 bankruptcy filings, made one important actuality crystal clear to almost every one, specifically, that the speed at which ... market research, surveys and trends


Build A Solo Practice, LLC: The "Falling-Down" Profession?
At the Chicago office of Perkins Coie, partners recently unveiled a “happiness committee,” offering candy apples and milkshakes to brighten the long and wearying days of its lawyers. Perhaps this will serve as an example to other firms, which studies show lose, on average, nearly a fifth of their associates in any given year, in an industry in which about 20 percent of lawyers over all will suffer depression at some point in their careers. Last year, Cravath, Swaine & Moore tried a more direct approach, offering associates an added bonus of as much as $50,000, on top of regular annual bonuses that range from $35,000 to $60,000. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Chuck Newton: Research
If you think less of me for that statement, fine.  If you want to discount my writing on other aspects of the practice of law, that is okay as well.  Because, I think we know that the most conservative among us are an excluding and dismissive bunch by nature. Sure we can define the wedge issues as being the difference between pro-choice and pro-life (please do not call it pro-abortion because that is often not accurate), or the sanctity of marriage issues such as whether gay marriage is an abomination or a civil rights issue.  (On the latter issue I think religions get what they deserve given the age old desire ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
What rights creditors have in a business bankruptcy case
When one of your customers files for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you’re not only losing a customer, but, in many cases, you’re losing whatever assets they might owe you, and even what they’ve most recently paid you for products or services. “Even when there are no assets in the case, the creditor has the right to participate in the bankruptcy proceeding, ask questions of the debtor, find out about the debtor’s financial affairs, and find out what happened to the debtor’s assets,” says Larry McClatchey, director and chair of the Creditors’ Rights & Bankruptcy practice at Kegler, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Poorest debtors get Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing assistance for free
Surviving on $606 a month in Social Security disability payments, Tanya Sims owes thousands of dollars to credit card companies and has three payday loans totaling $980, all more than two years old, that she can't pay off. "I have a ticket (from Social Security disability authorities) to work," said Sims, 39, who also supports a disabled son. For three years, she was a part-time inventory taker in stores and warehouses, but no more. "It's just hard to find a job right now," she said, as she waited for a briefing on the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process at Memphis Area Legal Services last week. Nine ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


providing bankruptcy pro bono services. Since publication of its “Starter Guide” in 1995, ... Bankruptcy and the Collier Bankruptcy Practice Guide. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Northern Counties Bankruptcy Practice, Revised 01/01/2010 | United ...
Ordinarily, ex parte applications shall be submitted electronically and without oral representations by counsel.  However, if a request is unusual and counsel feels the need to explain or justify it to the Court, he or she may request that it be called in open court at the conclusion of any law and motion or relief from stay calendar. If time is critical, the Court may convene specially. Counsel are reminded that all rules concerning notice of ex parte applications (e.g. FRCP 65(b)(2), FRBP 4001(a)(3)) are strictly enforced. 2.  OBTAINING CALENDAR DATES The court issues hearing dates several months in advance.  Generally, law ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Pro Bono Bankruptcy Project |
The Rutgers University School of Law - Camden Bankruptcy Pro Bono Project is one of several initiatives that make up the Law School's Pro Bono Program. The central mission of the entire Pro Bono Program is to provide legal resources which address unmet needs in the surrounding community, with a focus on the city of Camden, and to establish a pattern for future professional involvement in community service. The Program thus serves the dual goals of ameliorating some of the problems in the community of which the Law School is a part, and assisting law students in the development of fundamental lawyering skills. The Bankruptcy ...
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Bankruptcy Law: Tax refund & EIC, bankruptcy exemptions ...
Personal and small business bankruptcy. Mr. Bayer has successfully handled thousands of bankruptcy cases. You can view his personal web site at: Experience Leon is a Certified Specialist in Bankruptcy Law by the State Bar of California, and has been a practicing Bankruptcy lawyer for 31 years. Publications Author, ?The Essentials Of Chapter 13,? Daily Journal Report, December 18, 1987. Contributing Editor, Basic Bankruptcy, California Practice Handbook, Matthew Bender 1992, 1993. CEB Consultant, CEB-Personal and Small Business Bankruptcy Practice in California, 2003. Education/Credentials B.A., J.D.
WikiAnswers - Can a Sole Proprietor file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy ...
Sure. But why? The fact that you have to ask such a basic thing means your probably NOT really capable of getting a good result, and in fact may end up not jut a bad one but a criminal one, handing it by yourself and not understanding what something actually need expert assistance plain and simple. Note: this text is the reason for the question: "An entity which is not an individual may not appear in bankruptcy court unless represented by an attorney authorized to practice under Local Rule 9010-3." == ans == And your failure to understand that most simple and basic of rules.....even more simply exlpained ...