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Special Report on

Belarusian Labour Law

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Belarus is a source, destination, and transit country for women, men, and children subjected to trafficking in persons, specifically forced prostitution and forced labor. The majority of identified Belarusian victims were females forced into prostitution abroad, including in: Russia, Germany, Poland, other European countries, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, and the UAE. There were reports that women from low-income families in Belarus' regions were subjected to forced prostitution in Minsk. Belarusian men, women, and children continued to be subjected to forced begging, as well as forced labor in the construction industry and ...
but households headed by same-sex couples are not eligible for the same legal protections available to opposite-sex couples. Same-sex sexual activity was legalised in Belarus in 1994, however lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights in Belarus are still severely limited.
Belarusian Girl a hero in Italy! Belarusian girl a hero in Italy ...
Belarus is building a social security economy, a state for people, Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko told today’s press conference for representatives of Ukrainian mass media. “We abandoned all the ‘-isms’ and are trying to use life as a point of view, to build a state for people, where life will be comfortable”, said the head of state. “We manage it to a large extent and cannot manage many things yet. There are issues to address in every sphere, but we will deal with them. We have the resolution to overcome barriers and capacity to do it. We know how to do it”, stressed Alexander Lukashenko. According to the president, ... market research, surveys and trends
Aliaksei Lapitski: 'This is not a lawsuit, but a political lynching!'
Vitebsk human rights activist Leanid Svetsik has been punished by the system with the greatest fine of 34 million rubles on charges, which were immediately used by the official state media for fomenting resentment and hatred, further discrimination of the Belarusian society. In this case, the target of a company of discredit appeared to be an active in its relations with the UNCHR Vitebsk human rights activist, an activist of the Belarusian civil society, whose very honorable mission of a human rights activist was damaged.  In this regard, we decided to ask a few questions to Aliaksei Lapitski, human rights activist from the ... market research, surveys and trends


Liberalisation of Foreign Trade
Liberalisation of foreign trade is one of the key lines of the economic policy of the State, which improves the country�s position in the system of international division of labour, expands sales markets, increases productivity and improves wellbeing of the people. Given all this, the main goal for the development of foreign trade activities of the Republic of Belarus at present is increasing effective cooperation of the country with the global market. To this end, the following is required: improving the system of management of foreign trade activities; developing a new export ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Social Policy and Labour Policy
The main goal of the social policy in the Republic of Belarus is ensuring a stable increase of the standard of living of the people and conditions for development of human resources. The State should create conditions allowing Belarusian citizens to ensure their economic wellbeing through their labour and implement social commitments in relation to disabled people and families rearing several children, people unable to work and low-income population groups. To this end, it is envisaged: �         To ensure growth of real monetary incomes of population as a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Internet Providers Urge to Annul the Requirement to Transfer the Servers in ...
The Belarusian hosting providers addressed collectively to the Ministry of Communications and information, and also to the Intelligence and Analysis Center (IAC) under the president of Belarus. The address is about application of Alexander Lukashenko's decree № 60 of the Internet and the Ministerial council decision № 644. The hosting providers urged to annul the requirement to transfer the servers in Belarus. Besides, the Belarusian hosting providers proposed in the collective address to lower the prices for the external traffic to Central European level, to allow the Belarusian hosting providers to service the physical ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Belarusian Labour Law – Stuck in Transition
Belarusian Labour Law – Stuck in Transition. Yaraslau Kryvoi. Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus. (E-mail: ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Ethnic groups (1999 census): Belarusian (81.2%), Russian (11.4%), Polish (3.9%), Ukrainian (2.4%), Jewish (0.3%), other (0.8%). Religions (2004 est.): Eastern Orthodox 80%, Catholic 14%, Protestant 2%, other (including Autocephalous Orthodox, Jewish, Muslim, and Krishna) 4%. Languages: Belarusian and Russian (official). Education: Literacy --99.6%. Health: Infant mortality rate (2009 est.)--6.43/1,000. Life expectancy (2009 est.)--70.63 years (men 64.95 years, women 76.67 years). Work force (4.3 million as of December 31, 2005): Industry --34.7%; agriculture and forestry --14%; construction --7.9%; transportation, communications technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Comparative Criminology | Europe - Belarus
While archeological evidence points to settlement in today's Belarus at least 10,000 years ago, recorded history begins with settlement by Baltic and Slavic tribes in the early centuries A.D. Belarus has been inhabited since prehistoric times, and the first recorded settlements date back to the 6th century AD. With distinctive features by the ninth century, the emerging Belarusian state was then absorbed by Kievan Rus' in the 9th century. Belarus was later an integral part of what was called Litva, which included today's Belarus as well as today's Lithuania. The princes of Kiev ruled Belarus until the ...
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The partnership proved profitable for the Poles and Lithuanians, who played a dominant role in one of the most powerful empires in Europe for the next three centuries. The Nihil novi act adopted by the Polish Sejm ( parliament ) in 1505 transferred most legislative power from the monarch to the Sejm. This event marked the beginning of the period known as " Nobles' Commonwealth " when the state was ruled by the "free and equal" Polish nobility ( szlachta ). The Lublin Union of 1569 established the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth as an influential player in Europe an politics and a vital cultural entity.By ...