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Special Report on

Big Legal Mess

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Waymon "Gusman" Jones loved gospel music. Especially, he loved the rich stirring sounds of the quartets he heard as a farm boy in rural Georgia, then in his adopted hometown of Savannah, Georgia, where he set up his Gusman Record Shop. From his passion came an indispensible legacy of gospel song. Between 1961 and 1978, Waymon Jones recorded and issued a stream of essential recordings by the Golden Stars of Greenwood, SC, the White Family Singers of Savannah, GA, the Six Voices of Zion of Columbia, SC, the Flying Clouds ...
A Deep Blue Rusty Taco - | HONKEY TONKS, HEARTACHES ...
Jack Oblivian & The Tennessee Tearjerkers/Mannequin Men, The Lone Ranger of Love/Sally, Scion/Vice Records Split 7" Carissa's Weird, Die/Sharin' A Hole, Eleven Sixteen Music 7 " The Dirtbombs/Davila 666, Secret Code/Alverez, Scion/Vice Records Split 7" Jon Wayne, Texas Funeral, Third Man Records LP black vinyl Ramblin Jack Elliott, Bull Durham Sacks and Railroad Tracks, Reprise Records 1970 White Label Promo LP The Golden Boys, Scorpion Stomp #2, Hook Or Crook CD The Golden Boys, Do the Electric Wolfman, Alien Snatch Records CD The Golden Boys, Whiskey Flower, Emperor Jones LP Teenage Lovers, Number ... market research, surveys and trends
Harlan T Bobo, John Paul Keith y Jack Oblivian (Sala Tropicana ...
Cuatro m�sicos de Memphis, tres repertorios con vocalistas diferentes y un �nico objetivo: mostrar la m�sica norteamericana de los �ltimos 50 a�os. Harlan T Bobo, bajista de Viva L'American Death Ray, presenta su tercer trabajo en solitario, 'Sucker'. Por su parte, John Paul Keith fue con 'Spil and Thrills' una de las mayores sorpresas de 2009 al unir el primer rock'n'roll con el sonido de las guitarras Telecaster, transitando con naturalidad entre el surf, el rockabilly, el swamp y el country. Por �ltimo, Jack Oblivian es una leyenda viva que form� en los noventa junto a Greg Cartwright la ... market research, surveys and trends


James Cameron (Titanic)
and an enormous sense of relief is apparent on James Cameron's tightly drawn face. And why not? After three years of relentless toil, his $200 million gamble is no longer just the most expensive movie ever made--it's his favorite, and the critics seem to like it as much as he does. Suddenly, nobody seems to care whether Titanic will earn its money back. Cameron, the acclaimed action auteur of Aliens , True Lies , and the Terminator movies, has used modern special effects technology in the service of good old-fashioned storytelling to make something new out of the best-known disaster tale of the century. Leonardo ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Big Get-Even
—sits alone at a piano onstage in the dark, empty theater. He plays leisurely, but he is focused and listening carefully. It is sound check and something isn’t quite right. The monitor is popping. To test it, Toussaint plays loudly. “There’s a certain girl I’ve been in love with a long, long time,” he sings, the piano thundering in front of him. “What’s her name? Can’t tell you, no no.” Toussaint stops mid-song. He leans into the stage lights, his ringed hand above his eyes, peering out into the darkness for the soundman, who is adjusting levels on the board in the booth by ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Lindsay Lohan a 'fidgety mess' hours before jail
LOS ANGELES — Troubled Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan was a "fidgety mess," a magazine said just hours before she was due to be locked up Tuesday for 90 days for parole violations in her 2007 drunk driving conviction. Lohan, 24, broke down in tears July 6 when the judge ordered her placed behind bars, but it is unlikely she will serve out her full sentence in a Los Angeles detention facility due to her nonviolent crime and similar preceding cases of Hollywood stars who served a mere fraction of their time. The Disney star broke the terms of her parole for missing seven classes of a 90-day, in-patient substance ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Sideshow: Janet Jackson new face for Blackglama
in a pert new short 'do and furs up to her nostrils. PETA, of course, had a mink about it. With reason: Janet's been on record against real fur in photo shoots. Too bad, PETA! That was then, this is cash! Girl's gonna be in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and W, and on a big Times Square billboard. Meantime, Pamela Anderson , who takes off her clothes if you say, "Money," has a startling new PETA ad, in which the Anderson bod is marked out in butcher cuts, "Rump," "Breast," etc. Sorry, no loin. "All Animals Have the Same Parts - Have a Heart. Go Vegetarian," it says. What, no Pam cutlet? No Pam brisket? No Pam ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


2009 Blues Matters interview
Via subsidiary label Big Legal Mess, Far Possum would return to their roots - reissuing Willem's debut collection and giving him the platform for a ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
WSJ: Obama's Gitmo Mess -
On his second day in office, President Obama ordered the Pentagon to mothball Guantanamo within one year, purportedly to reclaim the "moral high ground." That earned applause from the anti-antiterror squadrons, yet it is now causing all kinds of practical and political problems in what used to be known as the war on terror. This mess grew even more chaotic this week, when Democrats refused the Administration's $50 million budget request to transfer some of the remaining 241 Gitmo detainees to a prison likely to be somewhere in the U.S. and perhaps to a new one built with taxpayer dollars. "What do we do with ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
David Isenberg, "Iraqi oil: One big sticky mess," Asia Times ...
While antiwar protesters chant "no blood for oil", most informed commentators assume that the United States is at the point of no return regarding a future war with Iraq. Thus, the real question is, whither the future of Iraqi oil. There are many views on this and it is not yet clear exactly what will happen. But what is evident is that there is keen interest in increasing Iraqi oil production as soon as possible. For whose benefit is yet to be determined. But first, some facts on Iraqi oil, taken from an analysis by the Center for Cooperative Research. According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), in ...
  1. profile image Necros_hun @angiespotter I'll be right there with you, with a big knife. They killed Boston Legal, they won't mess with Cara, I mean, LotS too. :D
  2. profile image saibharadwaj @twilightfairy & legal way especially on twitter. Internet itself is a big mess & twitter deals in seconds not minutes :)
  3. profile image CHRISVCB @Nick_Edin Yep! Which stage of the great big mess that is legal education are you at?
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My husband beat me and I am not sure if I should go to the police ...
My husband has an internet girlfriend and he was talking to her in front of me and I told him not to talk to her anymore and to leave the house if he continues. I want a divorce. We don't have kids. When he was packing to leave he beat me and I have 2 big bruises, a bloody cut, and a finger that is black and blue. My mother says not to call the cops because it will complicate things and make a big legal mess. We don't have money for lawyers. She talked to my mother-in-law and they are scared I will call the police and that my husband will have a felony, lose his job, have to be bailed out, etc. My parents ...
What's the most viral iPhone app you have seen and why? | LinkedIn ...
In the UK, probably the ipint. The whole point of the ipint was that you showed it off to your friends whether they were iphone users or not. posted July 8, 2009 Site Manager at Wayne State Student Business Assistance Center see all my answers I'd say "Bump". I use a Blackberry personally, but when I hear someone ask about an app, I usually suggest it and they love it. Saw it demonstrated at a wedding this spring, and everyone there at the reception had the app or left with it. It's simple, engaging and functional. posted July 8, 2009 Business Development. Mobile & Online (based in Singapore) see all my answers ...