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Special Report on

Business Valuation and Taxes

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There is often more money in dispute in determining the discounts and premiums in a business valuation than in arriving at the pre-discount value itself. The new Second Edition of Business Valuation Discounts and Premiums brings together the latest collective wisdom and knowledge about all major discounts and premiums and how to use them in arriving at a business's value. 472 pages By Shannon P. Pratt (Author), Alina V. Niculita (Collaborator) View Table of Contents and Appendix A View Table of Contents and Appendix A (PDF) Updated with new legal, financial, and compliance material, the Fifth Edition of Valuing a Business ...
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Business Valuation, DLOM and Daubert
21 David Laro and Shannon Pratt, Business Valuation and Taxes 283 (2005). .... rate directly, the average high is 4.0 percent per year and the average .... In Table 3, companies with market capitalizations exceeding $10 billion had an ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Judicial View > Court Cases > > Adjusted Pink Sheets Used for ...
timothy riddiough opportunities arise"); see also july 25 valuation hr'g tr. 75:1-2 (riddiough plaintiff's lawyer only the evening before riddiough's courtroom testimony, and market because they produce low reported earnings relative to their cash flow.").40 past seven years and maintains a large net operating loss carry-forward. id. at 21. unrealistic in his projections as to this part of the business. he took a three-year (docket item 93). prior to this litigation, first hartford treated richard kaplan's opinion, "reflect[s] the riskier nature of fhc's development business as compared ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
New Jersey makes it tough to stay in New Jersey
A WEALTH of reasons to leave the state?" (Business, Page B-1, May 20), which compares New Jersey to other states, particularly Florida, is misleading at best. New Jersey has two minor tax advantages: slightly lower gasoline prices and no tax on clothing. Beyond that, New Jersey compares poorly. A resident of Florida has his base property tax established at the time of purchase. But for tax purposes, $50,000 is deducted from that initial price. Thus a Florida resident who pays $400,000 for a home is taxed at $350,000. Generally speaking, the tax rate is 2 percent of the assessed valuation and for a homesteaded resident the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Another border issue
By now everybody should know tax increases are in their future. When thinking about tax increases people usually think about Federal income taxes rather than the myriad of state taxes to which they are subjected. But states budgets have been stressed by the recent recession and state governments are looking for money too. This past week I bumped into a long time friend that sells larger ticket consumer products in Arkansas. The subject of the conversation gravitated toward Arkansas taxes, specifically sales tax. A large number of people buy the products my friend sales, but not from him, but from out-of-state competitors so they ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Business Valuation Syllabus Spring 2010
David Laro and Shannon P. Pratt, Business Valuation and Taxes: Procedure, Law & Perspective. (Wiley 2005). Recommended Readings: ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Internal Revenue Manual
SSA Correspondence, Minister Waivers, and Application for Exemption from Social Security and Medicare 4.19.7  IMF Automated Underreporter (AUR) Technical System Procedures 4.19.8  CAP (CAWR Automated Program) Technical System Procedures 4.19.9  FCP (FUTA Case Processing) Technical System Procedures 4.19.10  Examination General Overview 4.19.11  Examination Classification of Work 4.19.12  Centralized Files and Scheduling 4.19.13  General Case Development and Resolution 4.19.14  EITC/Revenue Protection Strategy 4.19.15  Discretionary Programs 4.19.16  technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Second Annual Business Valuation and Tax Conference (For lawyers ...
Second Annual Business Valuation and Tax Conference. (For lawyers, accountants, appraisers, and experts). Friday, October 9, 2009 ...
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Tax Law (Questions About Taxes): Required Professional Training ...
Individual Income Tax, Business Income Tax, Partnership Income Tax, Estate Tax, Gift Tax, Tax Planning, Business Valuation, Divorce Tax. I can't answer legal questions as I am not an attorney. Experience 10 years of Federal and State tax preparation for high-net worth individuals, including a major international accounting firm. Organizations AICPA, FICPA, NACVA Education/Credentials Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting Major)- University of Miami (FL);Master of Science of Taxation, University of Miami (FL) Awards and Honors Certified Public Accountant*, Certified Valuation Analyst, Accredited in Business ...
Google Answers: Capital Gains tax strategies for Selling a Business
Capital Gains tax strategies for Selling a Business Please list top 10 strategies to defer or shelter capital gains from sale of a small business, along with a short summary of each strategy so that I can further research the strategy. Summary: Computer Graphics Studio Sole Proprietor 10 years in business Married Filing Jointly/One Child Sale Price 300,000 Asset Allocation Equipment 50,000 -- Ordinary Income Goodwill/Customer List etc 250,000 -- Capital Gains No mention of Non-Compete covenant as that's ordinary income, and I don't want to be paid as a consultant because the tax rate for ...