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Can we trust voting computers?

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With the presidential election less than 10 months away, a statistically significant portion of voters may accidentally vote for the wrong candidate on electronic voting machines because they find the displays confusing, according to results of a five-year study conducted by three universities. The study, conducted by the universities of Maryland, Rochester and Michigan, found that 3 percent of people voting electronically selected a candidate they did not intend to choose. While much of the attention to electronic voting machines has been on the security issues involving the machines' software and how the systems are ...
Vote » Blog Archive » Another Example of the 1 Minute E Voting ...
Use internet voting with independent validation. The problem with this system is that does not make use of redundancy verification systems. Even our current elections fail to provide a means for voters to verify their vote. Would you rather have proof of validation or proof of anonymity? oculist2020 Says: July 18th, 2010 at 2:10 pm I would absolutely … I would absolutely support eletronic voting if…electronic recall were passed into law with it. The Electoral Colledge was founded in our Constitution for the purpose of keeping those two guys with shotguns in the movie Deliverence out of office. But as a remedy for ... market research, surveys and trends
Beer and Cleaning Products: OK, so we've got our first voting ...
What would any voting system be without a little bit of controversy? Because I don't hide from mistakes (even though this one appears to be a glitch in the system), time to come out with it. At midnight last night, the Elite 8 polls closed in the Jessica Biel Memorial Child Starlet Bracket. I was not in front of my computer when they did, but I was following on my BlackBerry to see how things turned out, mainly because three of the four polls were still extremely close in the final hours and minutes. At exactly midnight, the polls closed and revealed the final scores: Since one of the polls ended in a tie, obviously we ... market research, surveys and trends


Black Box Voting - America's Elections Watchdog Group
Without elections, we aren't free people. And if election results can't be verified by the public, we don't know if we are free. That was the message delivered by Black Box Voting founder Bev Harris, when she visited DeLand to address election activists. Harris has gained national fame, crisscrossing the United States many times since 2002 to investigate election fraud and failures of electronic voting systems. Electronic machines, including computers and scanners, count more than 80 percent of the votes cast in the United States in county, state and federal ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Diebold-SEC Fraud Settlement Reached: Former Voting Machine Maker ...
WASHINGTON — The Securities and Exchange Commission is pursuing fraud charges against three former executives of ATM maker Diebold Inc. after reaching a $25 million settlement with the company on Wednesday. The SEC filed civil charges against former Diebold executives Gregory Geswein, Kevin Krakora and Sandra Miller, alleging they manipulated the company's books to meet earnings forecasts from 2002 through 2007. Geswein was a chief financial officer, Krakora was a controller and finance chief, and Miller was director of corporate accounting. Through their attorneys, Geswein, Krakora and Miller disputed the SEC's ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
First Click, Maryland -- All rise for slots
On Tuesday, the battle over Maryland's largest planned slots casino -- which could be its most lucrative by far -- will land squarely in front of Maryland's highest court. On the surface, the issue before the Court of Appeals is whether Anne Arundel County citizens should have the ability to second-guess their County Council in November on a zoning law required for the 4,750-machine casino at Arundel Mills mall to move forward. Lawyers for the casino's developers, Baltimore-based Cordish Cos., successfully argued in Circuit Court that the zoning measure should be seen as part of an appropriations package and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Old style ballot box facing electronic poll threat
HONG KONG — They held elections within days of each other: The Philippines, a lively democracy where politicians get shot dead in the street and Britain, the rock solid 'mother of all parliaments'. But the Asian state's quick-fire digital vote made the European nation look more like a grandmother as its citizens stuck to the old style of dropping bits of paper in battered old boxes. It was hoped electoral automation in the Philippines would cut rampant cheating, where ballot boxes went missing or were stuffed with fake votes and local officials sometimes simply fiddled the results themselves. There was also ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Nedap/Groenendaal ES3B voting computer
Oct 6, 2006 ... (The “We do not trust voting computers” foundation) .... this is quite literally the type of lock we can open with a bent paperclip. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Trustworthy Voting: From Machine to System
can use to boot the precinct's voting machines. The point of hashing and encrypting the entire voter file is .... voting token into the reader. The computer then looks up .... is honest?” the answer is usually, “Trust us.” We anticipate ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Can We Trust the Machines? | NYU Livewire
As Chris Tengi watched his colleague conduct a security analysis on voting machines, he noticed that the key to one of them looked similar to a key he had at home. �I�d been carrying this key around that probably opened a file cabinet or the access panel of a VAX computer some 20 years back,� said Tengi, a technician at Princeton University. His old key unlocked the voting machine. The same key, he discovered, could be purchased online, and could unlock office furniture and hotel mini-bars. That was two years ago. Such issues have long since been taken care of, claim manufacturers of that machine, who vouch for the reliability ...
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