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CIN Legal Data Services

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"Your commitment to improving your product and reactions to customer comments has been very much appreciated. As long as I do bankruptcy work, you have my commitment." — Marta Gold, Esq. Track prospective clients with FREE software from EZ-Filing! Enroll your clients in Debtor Education from your office, monitor their progress, and receive electronic completion certificates. Click here to learn more about FREE Ticket-in/Ticket-out Software. "I only wish I had spent more time researching software when I first committed to your competitor's product. I began to be concerned when they announced their program to import ...
indexes over 80 important worldwide business-oriented journals, newspapers, and related periodicals that reflect recent events in the chemical industry. Principal coverage of CIN includes: government and society; market data; resources and resource use; people information; products and processes, organizations and institutions; and unit cost and price information. to find current information on the chemical industry. to see the list of abbreviated titles of journals indexed in the database. to search for companies of interest:       S CO=YANGZI PETROCHEMICAL? to search for industry/company events:   ... market research, surveys and trends
Pretexting, Legal Ethics and Social Networking Sites |
Facebook, MySpace and other Social Networking Sites (SNS) are rich sources of incriminating, exculpating, impeaching and mitigating evidence. 1 Yet, investigations that lead legal professionals into SNS raise questions about the ethical implications of surreptitious research. While there are ethics opinions and court decisions about pretexting in the real world, 2 there is scant authority on the virtual approach, which has only recently begun to be addressed. The ethical limits of how far an attorney, and by implication investigators and researchers, may go is being debated with precious little guidance outside certain specific ... market research, surveys and trends


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The Rhode Island Bankruptcy Court recently dealt a blow to the credit card companies and a big victory for working families facing debt problems. In Re Burbank, BK No. 08-11620, Chapter 13, UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF RHODE ISLAND, 401 B.R. 67; 2009, Decided OVERVIEW: The Chapter 13 trustee's objection to the deduction of ownership expenses for two vehicles on which the debtors owe no secured debt, and the deduction for mortgage payments on two parcels of real estate the debtors intend to surrender were nonetheless deductible against projected disposable income under 11 U.S.C.S. §§ ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
million homeowners, or about 10.3 percent ... 11.4 percent in January 2008, the housing ... user since 1994 Sponsored by: CIN Legal Data Services ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


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Feb 18, 2009 ... Due Diligence Products from CIN Legal Data Services, a division of. Credit Infonet—Via the Due Diligence menu you may order, for a fee, the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
MEDLINE/PubMed Data Element (Field) Descriptions
This document describes the major elements (or fields) found on the MEDLINE display format for PubMed MEDLINE records. Some elements (e.g., Comment In) are not mandatory and will not appear in every record. Other elements (e.g., Author, MeSH term, Registry Number) may appear multiple times in one record. Some of the elements on this list are searchable fields in PubMed. For searching instructions, see the Search Field Tags section of PubMed Help . This document is supplementary information, to be used in conjuction with PubMed Help . For news about changes to MEDLINE/PubMed data, please see the NLM Technical Bulletin . ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Keep your eyes open for reductions in coverage rates. If the credit plan involves more than one creditor, only one set of disclosures shall be given, and the creditors shall agree among themselves which creditor must comply with the requirements that this regulation imposes on any or all of them. Any attorney's fees and other expenses incurred by lender in connection with borrower's bankruptcy or any of the other aforesaid events shall be additional indebtedness of borrower secured by this instrument pursuant to paragraph 8 hereof. Will we really have to move and downsize, so that we can pay this off, or is there a ...
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WikiAnswers - What is a functional objective
In a corporate planning sense, an "objective" is usually a statement of a desired directional change or improvement in some characteristic (usually performance related) of a business/organization or functional area of a business. A functional area of a business/organization is generally a part of the organization that contributes to its overall operations in some characteristic way and is usually represented by a functional unit. A functional unit may or may not contribute directly to the sales/output of the business/organization (for example, accounts, salary payments and personnel services are generally functional ...
Is there a way to verify information on a company in India ...