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Special Report on

Commercial Agency Law

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Omani law governing agency relationships contains provisions which are favourable to local agents and which may lead to unexpected results for uninformed foreign companies. The Commercial Agency Law was last amended by Royal Decree in 1995. Although these amendments reduced the previous “choke hold” that Omani agents had on overseas principals, the amended law retained the right of agents to claim for compensatory damages upon termination and non-extension in certain circumstances. It is therefore advisable to only appoint an agent after extensive due diligence has been conducted on the proposed agent’s ...
to create a legal relationship with a Third Party. Succinctly, it may be referred to as the relationship between a principal and an agent whereby the principal, expressly or impliedly, authorizes the agent to work under his control and on his behalf. The agent is, thus, required to negotiate on behalf of the principal or bring him and third parties into contractual relationship. This branch of law separates and regulates the relationships between: Agents and Principals; Agents and the Third Parties with whom they deal on their Principals' behalf; and Principals and the Third Parties when the Agents purport to deal on their ...
Jumping into the UAE Market as a non-UAE/GCC National « UAE laws
In these turbulent times, have you thought of either expanding your business into or setting up a new company in a fresh, expanding market such as the Emirate of Dubai or Abu Dhabi or other Emirate in the UAE?  The UAE offers several vehicles for company formation through which foreign nationals can set up a business. The vehicle which you choose may depend on inter alia the business activity, length of time you wish to operate in the UAE, liability and ownership issues, as well as minimum capital and visa requirements.  Furthermore, one might consider whether one wants to operate onshore or offshore for a variety of reasons ... market research, surveys and trends
The Commercial Agency law in Kuwait
The basic premise for carrying out business in Kuwait is identified in the Articles 23 and 24 of the Kuwaiti Commercial Code. Article 23 provides that non-Kuwaitis can not engage in the commercial activities in Kuwait without having a Kuwaiti partner whose equity holding is at least 51%. Article 24 provides that a foreign company can not establish a branch in Kuwait and it may not engage in business activities in Kuwait except through a Kuwaiti agent. The following ways define how a foreign individual or entity may enter the market and carry out business in Kuwait:• Establishing a company • Concluding a joint venture ... market research, surveys and trends


Law Office of Howard L. Stovall | What's New
The United Arab Emirates – despite its general reputation for free trade and limited government regulation of business – traditionally has had the most onerous ‘dealer protection’ law in the Arab Middle East. In the past year, however, pro-competition (or anti-monopoly) sentiment within certain UAE government circles resulted in enactment of a new federal law and two Ministry of Commerce resolutions that collectively reflect a weakening of those ‘dealer protections’. This memorandum summarizes some of the more significant aspects of current UAE commercial agency and distributorship ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
cwc gulf international > working for business in saudi arabia
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the UK�s 23rd largest export market, with exports worth £1.6bn. It is one of the UK�s largest trading partners in the Middle East and our largest export market in the region. The UK is Saudi Arabia's joint 4th largest investor. Saudi Arabia owns about one quarter of the World's ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Obama signs sweeping bank-reform bill into law
WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- President Barack Obama on Wednesday signed into law the most historic shakeup of the regulation of U.S. banks since the Great Depression, placing new fees and limits on the nation's biggest banks, imposing new restrictions on the $450 trillion derivatives market, and crafting a major new consumer-protection division for mortgage and credit-card products. Dissecting the new bank rules Key points in financial reform bill: Create a tough Volcker Rule forcing big banks to sell hedge funds New transparency, reporting and capital rules for derivatives Liquidation mechanism for big ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Wells Fargo second-quarter profit beats expectations
Co. said its second-quarter profit declined 3% from the year-earlier period, but its results well exceeded Wall Street expectations and increasing demand gave it a brighter forecast. The giant San Francisco bank earned $3.1 billion, or 55 cents a share, compared with $3.2 billion, or 57 cents a share, for last year's second quarter. Revenue fell 5% to $21.4 billion from $22.5 billion on falling demand for consumer loans. The better-than-expected results — Wall Street's consensus was 48 cents a share — were released before trading began Wednesday. Shares quickly rose nearly 6% to $27.60 but closed with a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


complaint, MET relied heavily on the commercial agency Law No. 4 (1986). MET argued that the law prohibited a franchisor from appointing more than one ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
secured party in a commercial credit transac- ..... appropriate law enforcement agency; and. (III) if the alleged offender notifies the private ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Midler v - Bette Midler, Plaintiff-Appellant, v. Ford Motor ...
commercial, the agency contacted Midler's manager, Jerry Edelstein. .... action she may have at common law; the statute itself implies that such common law ...
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Law school graduate, Juris Doctorate (J.D.) Degree; Over 25 years of experience throughout the United States in bankruptcy law matters (Chapters 7, 11, and 13 of the United States Bankruptcy Code) primarily representing individual debtors with consumer debt or small businesses; Experience has included all aspects of debtor/creditor relations. Experience FREE BANKRUPTCY HELP. If you are being sued, if your home is being foreclosed, or if you are being harassed by bill collectors, filing for bankruptcy may be a quick and inexpensive solution.. The mere filing of a bankruptcy will operate as a federal court order (it is ...
Evaluating Commercial Insurance Agency | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn
What are some of the key qualitative and quantitative factors you look at, when evaluating a book of commercial insurance business of an independent agent? For example: number of clients, their risk rating, premium amt, commission %, retention rate, loss ratio etc. Are there any ratios reflecting "depth" of the policies and their clients? For example a client with BOP, worker's comp, group health and a bond would seem more valuable, and less susceptible to leave, than a client with just commercial auto and term life. Also what is a common multiplier used to evaluate commercial book of business based on gross commissions? ...