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Special Report on

Comparative Industrial Relations

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The Impact of Founder Professional Education Background on the Adoption of Open Science by For-Profit Biotechnology Firms , 2010 Dube, Arindrajit, Freeman, Eric, Reich, Michael: Employee Replacement Costs , 2010 Elfenbein, Hillary Anger, Eisenkraft, Noah, Ding, Waverly: Do We Know Who Values Us? Dyadic Meta-Accuracy in the Perception of Professional Relationships , 2010 Fligstein, Neil, Goldstein, Adam: The Anatomy of the Mortgage Securitization Crisis , 2010 Fligstein, Neil, McAdam, Doug: Toward a General Theory of Strategic Action Fields , 2010 Gleeson, Shannon, Bloemraad, Irene: Where Are all the Immigrant Organizations? ...
and became Prime Minister. It thus was the second-longest government under a single Prime Minister, with the longest having been the second Menzies Government (1949–1966). As has been the convention with Coalition governments, the leader of the Liberal Party , John Howard , served as Prime Minister , whilst the leader of the National Party served as Deputy Prime Minister . Three Nationals leaders served in this capacity: Tim Fischer until 20 July 1999, followed by John Anderson until 6 July 2005 and then Mark Vaile . Two senior ministers also served in single roles for the duration of the Government— Peter Costello as Treasurer ...
[iws] eiro: industrial relations in eu member states 2000-2004 [3 ...
This report presents a comparison of national industrial relations systems in the EU25, exploring the differences between individual systems and their effects on the economy. The report is based on the more detailed findings of a research project entitled 'Quality of industrial relations: Comparative industrial relations country profiles in the EU Member States', commissioned by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions. The report summarises findings from the country profiles of the industrial relations features observed among each of the 25 EU Member States, which were compiled as ... market research, surveys and trends
Submit Papers, Research Volume, and Session Proposals | LERA E ...
The Labor and Employment Relations Association announces a call for international and comparative employment issues papers for consideration of a new “best paper” award. The Award has been established in conjunction with the Industrial Relations Center at the University of Minnesota to honor retiring professor and long-time member of the LERA, James G. Scoville. The Scoville Best Papers Award, awarded for the best contributed paper on international and comparative employment issues will offer an annual cash prize of $500 and a plaque. The first award will be made in January 2010 at the 62nd LERA Annual Meeting; Professor James ... market research, surveys and trends


The australian workplace industrial relations survey and ...
The focus of much of the recent comparative industrial relations literature has ..... 122500 workplaces employing over 4.3 million workers; and .... public and private sectors, with only 1 percent of the former having no union cover- ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Total employment declined by 3 percent to 8.5 million in 1998 as the number of .... International Survey of Courses in Comparative Industrial Relations', ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
US Military Bases on Guam in Theoretical and Global Context
The island of Guam is a most remarkable place of cultural distinctiveness and resourcefulness and of great physical beauty.  The Chamorro people who have lived here for 4000 years also have an historical experience with colonialism and military occupation more long-lived and geographically intensive, acre for acre, than anywhere else in the Pacific and perhaps even in global comparative scale (Aguon 2006).  It is today embroiled in a debate over when, how, or if the United States military will acquire more land for its purposes and make more intensive use of the island as a whole. This military expansion has been ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
CNH Improves Revenue and Operating Profit in Second Quarter 2010
Net Sales increased 10.7% to $3.9 billion -- Operating Profit improved 105% to $330 million -- Construction equipment segment posts first profit since 2008 -- Second quarter EPS before exceptional items at $0.59 per share -- Probable upgrade to FY guidance at the end of Q3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Quarter Ended Percent (US$ in millions) 6/30/2010 6/30/2009 Change ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Net Sales of Equipment $ 3,938 $ ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


This paper develops a cultural model of comparative industrial relations theory ... The central challenge facing comparative industrial relations theory and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Have the 1980's changed U.S. industrial relations?
Comparative Industrial Relations, A Trans-Atlantic. Dialogue (Washington, Bureau of National Affairs, 1984), pp. 56-70. 12Paul Weiler, "Promises to Keep: ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Comparative Industrial Relations Home Page
This is the Comparative Industrial Relations Home Page for Le Moyne College. It serves as the home page for IRL 420 and IRL 421, Comparative Industrial Relations Systems I and II. Here you will find general information and links relating to industrial relations and human resource management in a variety of countries around the world as well as international institutions relating to employment. However you will also find information relating directly to the IRL 420 and 421 courses including course syllabi, essay materials, lists of terms relating to the various countries and issues covered in the courses, exam ...
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WikiAnswers - What are the differences between the American ...
The Industrial Revolution was a period in the late 18th and early 19th centuries when major changes in agriculture, manufacturing, production, and transportation had a profound effect on the... What does the industrial revolution have to do with the European imperialism? The industrial revolution gave the Europeans the technology and the wealth to be in a position to overpower less technologically advanced society's. When was the Industrial Revolution ? It was 1760-1850, almost 100 years of revolution Who was the american to contribute to the Industrial Revolution ? I would point to Henry Ford. He began the assembly line. ...
Will US-Russia improving relations have expected results ...
USA relations with Russia are sometimes friendly, sometimes adversarial. Setting aside US differences during the Cold War, is Russia now a friend or an enemy? Will this have expected economic and security impact? My layman thoughts are... Doug L., Rob M., Nan L - thanks for your comments. Cleopatra - appreciate the economic data and details on trade context, does add more color to the issue Douglas B. - assume it's hard/too early to measure foreign policy results for Pres. Obama considering the reduction of arms could well take years as both sides couldn't be expected to make anything but gradual ...